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What exactly are Among Us online Game?

Among Us online Games has gone on to become one of the world’s most popular applications. It’s a light game that doesn’t necessitate the most powerful gaming PC, and it can be played on everything from a phone to a laptop to a Mac computer!

Among Us was the most popular game in the world, especially in 2020, during the height of the epidemic. However, the game has shifted and evolved into something more complex. The creators have been steadily adding material to the game, including new clothing modifications, seasonal adjustments, and a slew of hidden Easter eggs.

Of course, when you include Easter eggs in a game, a lot of people become intrigued about the game’s true tale. That has been the case with Among Us since the introduction of the newest maps. People have been curious in the tale behind the little space crew and why they are in space in the first place.

Because Among Us is a completely multiplayer game, there is no plot, but many people have linked the dots from the jobs, Easter eggs, Maps, and gameplay in the actual game. So, without further ado, let’s look at what the Among Us tale may be!

The crewmates of the Among us online game

Before we get into the real tale of the game, we need to discuss about the heroes, or crewmates. Legend has it (and by legend, I mean Reddit…) that they are 3’2 tall and weigh 92 pounds apiece, according to the Submit Scan job. They work for the MIRA organisation, as shown by the term MIRA HQ on one of the in-game maps. We also know why they’re in space! They’re up there investigating extraterrestrial geology and biology, which means they’re looking into alien creatures and their living situations, ecosystems, and planets. We know this because the Upload Data and Process Data tasks have named files within them.

  • specimen data.tiff
  • sminerals data.dat
  • smining finances.png

There are also several more missions in the game that require you to discover diamonds, artefacts, minerals, animal fossils, flora, and even bones! The final thing we know from the Among Us website is that they want to escape the impostors and return to civilisation.

The IMPOSTORS from Among Us online games

By design, the impostors who give Among Us online its well-known moniker and key game mechanics are an enigmatic lot. Apart from the fact that they are just there to murder the crewmates, you won’t know much about them. Many of the killing animations reveal that they are shape-shifting creatures, as does the fact that they have some type of talent that allows them to crawl through vents.

The vent issue might simply be that they are as little as the crewmates, but the crewmates have no reason to crawl through vents. We also know that the impostors are incredibly violent; they have a hidden mouth inside their belly that opens up and a secret mouth within their abdomen that closes.

The most evident source of the impostors is that the crew members’ investigation went tragically wrong when they arrived at Polus. There, they encountered either a parasitic ailment that caused one of the crew members to go rabid or an extraterrestrial life form that mimicked the crew members in order to exterminate them.

In either scenario, the impostors are extremely sophisticated because they can not only appear to do jobs but actually sabotage things like the lights and the arc reactor. According to one notion, the impostors aren’t aliens or parasitic illnesses at all, but simply a paranoid crewmate gone insane. Though this hypothesis does not explain why there may be two or even three impostors, nor does it explain the strange extraterrestrial deaths they inflict on crew members,


The story’s biggest struggle with the impostors began on Polus, where the crew members, dubbed the researchers, first faced the impostors and suffered numerous losses. They did, however, survive after reaching the Skeld, a spaceship they utilized for their intergalactic adventures.

They were astonished to discover that the impostors had followed them onto the Skeld as well! This led to even more casualties. The researchers worked for a group named MIRA, and if we go into the weapons room at MIRA HQ, we can see that the HQ was already aware of the imposter danger and was prepared for an approaching attack.

The MIRA HQ research team, however, was no match for the impostors, as the parasitic monster grabbed control of one of the crew members and manipulated their way inside the facility.


The narrative of “Among Us” is kept very private, almost under wraps, and they don’t talk anything about it. That’s partly why it’s so popular, since if you tell the tale, no one will want to learn more about it. The mystique that Innersloth has established around their game is amazing, and it makes each Among Us free match even more crazily exciting!

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