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Vanilla Gift Card Activation Overview

Hello, my wonderful readers! Vanilla Visa Gift Cards are usable online and everywhere that accepts Visa debit cards in the United States and the District of Columbia. These prepaid gift cards perform debit card functions. You can swipe your card at the point of sale either as “debit” and enter your PIN or as “credit” to make a purchase. We will discuss Vanilla Gift Card Activation in this blog post and everything related to it.

The Basic Vanilla Visa Gift Card

The Vanilla Visa Gift Card is a good choice if you’re looking for a gift for a forthcoming special occasion.

  • The card ranges from $20 to $500 and is available in $20 increments.
  • There are no additional fees, and the money never expires.
  • According to the cardholder agreement, activation fees range from $4.95 to $9.95, depending on how many cards are activated and how much money is spent on them.
  • The cash-back feature at the register and ATM withdrawals are unavailable to cardholders, which is a bummer. Vanilla Visa Gift Cards are also non-reloadable and non-refundable after purchase.

Ask for a replacement card by contacting customer service. Your cardholder agreement determines the fee.

The Types Of Vanilla Visa Gift Cards

Two more prepaid Visa cards are available from Vanilla Visa! They are:

One Vanilla | vanilla gift card activation

The Vanilla Visa Gift Card’s features are identical to those of the OneVanilla Prepaid Visa Card, also available in Spanish. It is not reloadable or modifiable and is made for everyday use.


The MyVanilla Personal Reloadable Visa Card is a money-managing device intended to be a plastic substitute for a conventional bank account instead of a gift card. The holder’s name is printed on this card, which is unique compared to other Vanilla Visa products, and it can be reloaded using Vanilla Reload or Walmart Rapid Reload. The top reload limits daily and monthly are $2,500 and $5,000, respectively.

The following advantages are also included, in addition to the free direct deposit:

  • Online bill payment: The card supports automatic and recurring payments.
  • Access to ATMs: Domestic transactions have a $1.95 fee. For international transactions, the fee is $4.95. A $0.75 fee will be assessed if the card is declined.
  • Card-to-card transfer: Transfer funds between all Vanilla Visa products. $500 daily and $2,000 monthly are the maximum transfers allowed.
  • FDIC Insurance: Bancorp Bank, a member of the FDIC, insures the card’s balance.
  • Point-of-sale cash back: Over-the-counter cash-back transactions are subject to a $1.95 fee.
  • Alerts via text and email: You can sign up for alerts via text and email regarding account updates.
  • Direct deposit: You can request that your employer send your paycheck directly to your card if they offer direct deposit.

No monthly fee is charged, but if the card isn’t used for 90 days, a $3.95 dormancy fee will be charged. In addition, a $0.50 fee applies to all signature and PIN purchases. Your card will be charged a $6 replacement fee if lost or stolen. The card can be canceled, the balance liquidated, and a paper check is mailed to you for a fee of $9.95.

How to Vanilla Gift Card Activation?

Vanilla gift cards have always been challenging to activate. There are not only several options available to you, but they are also simple options. The choice of which you like best is entirely up to you. The alternatives are:

Activate your gift card online

Visit the Vanilla Balance website to activate your gift card for Vanilla online. Enter the number boldly printed on the front of your gift card into the website’s login box, then click “activate.”

Call Customer Care

Calling Vanilla’s customer service representative is another option. Reach them at 0333 600 22 44. Ensure you have your card before making the call because they will need the details to activate it.

Ask A Cashier

This choice is for any time you are actually inside a retail establishment. When you buy a vanilla gift card, you can verify before you leave the store that the cashier has activated your card while on duty. After completing this, you can start using your gift card right away.

Managing Your Vanilla Visa Cards

Call 800-571-1376 to speak with customer service if you require more help. You may also install the MyVanilla app to manage your account while on the go.

Vanilla Gift Card Activation

If you buy it in a store, the cashier can activate the card for you at the register. Before making your first purchase, you must online register your zip code and PIN. As mentioned before, there can be an activation fee. Activated at the point of sale, MyVanilla Visa cards are also good up until you get and activate your customized item.

Checking the Balance

View your Visa Vanilla Gift Card balance in several different ways:

  • Call 800-571-1376 (Vanilla Gift), 877-770-6408 (One Vanilla), or 1-855-686-9513 (MyVanilla) to order over the phone.
  • Utilizing the mobile app
  • Using your card’s number, expiration date, and CVV code online. Log into the MyVanilla online portal to complete this enquiry.

Where to Purchase Vanilla Visa Cards

Numerous thousands of merchants across the nation, including: 

  • Walgreens
  • Walmart
  • CVS Pharmacy
  • 7-Eleven
  • Dollar General

For a complete list of places to buy these cards, visit the company’s Retail Locations page.

How To Use Vanilla Gift Card Activation 

To use Vanilla Gift Card Activation, follow the given steps:

  • Ensure the Vanilla Gift Card balance exceeds the full purchase price, including taxes.
  • A hold of up to 20% over the purchase price is necessary for some transaction types. For more details, refer to your Cardholder Agreement at (/cardholder agreement). (
  • Choose “Credit” or “Debit” as the payment method; never choose “Gift Card.”.
  • Put your credit card or debit card details in the Payment Method section.
  • Please fill in your name and address in the Billing Address section.


Choose the card that best suits your needs before deciding whether to purchase it. To completely understand the costs and restrictions associated with Vanilla branded cards, read the fine print. In this blog, we talked about Vanilla Gift Card Activation and its various related topics! 

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