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Upgrading Your Windows and Doors in Whitby: What You Need to Know?

To increase the market value of your home and make it more comfortable, consider replacing your windows and doors in Whitby.

However, before you decide on any changes, it is worth knowing how to prepare for such a repair and to whom you can entrust the work.

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Things You Should Know Before Replacing Windows and Doors in Your Home

Getting permits

Contact the local building department to know if you need a permit for the work.

Usually, permission is required when replacing dormers, as well as installing new windows and doors that change the layout of your home. For example, if the current window and door openings are changed to a different shape and size, and if they are installed in a part of the wall where there were no similar constructions.

Repair schedule planning

To prepare for the replacement of windows and doors in Whitby, you need to decide how many windows and doors you plan to replace. Their number will determine how many days the repair will take.

If you need to replace just one window or door, the installers may perform the work in a day. Those who plan a capital replacement of all structures, need to allocate approximately 2-3 days.

Note that installation speed and schedule may be affected by:

  • the workload of your contractor;
  • availability of necessary window models and materials for their production;
  • the need for additional repair;
  • adverse weather conditions.

Preparing for installation of windows and doors in Whitby

For the contractors could start work immediately, you need to perform the following preparatory work:

  • Remove blinds and curtains;
  • Remove plants or other items from the window sill that will interfere with the repair;
  • Remove from the premises those art objects or decorations that may suffer from dust, which is an inevitable part of such installation work;
  • Protect the furniture from dust or take it out of the room;
  • Clear the way to each window or door.
  • Make sure that your household is not affected: it is better to take children or animals to a safe place during the renovation.
  • Disable security features if any installed on your windows and doors. Otherwise, they will sound a false alarm.
  • Make sure the contractor has a place to put their equipment.

Before and during the installation

You will get your windows and doors before the installation. While ordering, agree on all the details in the contract and ask to have it in writing.

When receiving your order, make sure that it arrives at you without any damage that may have occurred during the production and installation phases.

Make sure that the product matches the label and certification specified.

Take pictures of the windows in the state you received them. This will help to track damages promptly if they occur during installation.

After installation

Perform the following quality check:

  1. Ensure that there is no gap between the window/door frame and the window sill/door aperture. If there are, the window and door blocks have been installed with distortion, and the installer has to adjust the hinges.
  2. Check how easily your doors and windows open and close. If they open with effort, squeak or jam, they may have been installed incorrectly.
  3. Take the level and make sure the structures are installed properly in height, width and length.

Signs of poor-quality installation that you may notice over time:

  • Draughts;
  • Increased humidity inside the room, mold;
  • Odors and noise from the street;
  • Heat loss;

If you notice one or more of these signs, use your guarantee!

How to Choose a Window Installation Company in Whitby?

Your satisfaction with the installation depends largely on the contractor’s skills.

To find a good specialist, we recommend paying attention to the following points:

  • Location

Ideally, cooperate with a company that has a representative office in Whitby. This way the installers will not spend much time traveling to your home and will be able to pay more attention to the project.

In addition, the proximity allows easy access to the company office to discuss all the nuances of the job.

  • Experience

The longer the brand is known on the market, the better for you as a potential customer.

Companies that have been operating for many years value their reputation and image and therefore will do their best to satisfy all your requests.

  • Reviews

You can check the reputation of the brand by reading the reviews on the website of the company, and on the sites that publish ratings of various companies.

  •  Material

As for windows, it is best to buy vinyl products. It is a practical, visually attractive and energy-saving material that will please you with its quality and affordable price.

Steel or fiberglass is usually used for door production. Both materials feature high wear resistance, good energy efficiency and stylish appearance.

  • Warranty

Make sure you understand all the nuances of the guarantee provided.

Clarify its duration and what exactly it covers. It will also be useful to know whether it is possible to transfer the guarantee to new owners in case of the sale of the property.

Ready to order windows and doors in Whitby? We recommend cooperation with the popular Canadian company Vinyl Light Windows and Doors. The brand has been known on the market for more than 14 years, and has managed to improve many houses in your region.

The company works with high-quality energy-saving materials: by installing such door and window structures, your home will become even more comfortable and pleasant for life!

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