Transportation Technology Firm Rand McNally hit by cyberattack

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Recently the firm, Rand McNally has suffered cyberattack and is currently working on restoring its network functionality. Rand McNally is a Chicago-based transportation technology firm founded in 1856. It provides leading route mileage optimization and fleet management software to carriers, shipping companies, and third-party logistics providers. The firm also owns a cloud-based telematics platform and distributes connected vehicle technology, consumer travel, and education products it produces.

Initially, the firm detected some disruptions in certain portions of the computer network and therefore it conducted an immediate investigation about the incident. The investigation included taking certain systems offline and working with computer forensic specialists to determine the nature and scope of the event. 

Although Rand McNally made no official statement regarding this, the cyberattack currently affecting its systems shows all the signs of a ransomware attack starting with large-scale operational disruption and the ongoing efforts toward network restoration.

Rand McNally has sent notifications to all its customers informing personal information of customers data have not been affected owing to the cyberattack. The company has also expressed its sincere apologies to all its customers for all the inconvenience and it has been working very hard to restore the functionality of its systems

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