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Top 5 AI Tools to Overcome a Creativity Block

For some time now, a common misconception has misguided many. To most people, artificial intelligence (AI) is posed as a creativity killer. With so many AI tools around us, they’ve surely made our work a lot easier.

However, many people perceive these tools as a nifty shortcut to get the work done. But, that’s hardly the case. Yes, AI tools have made everything around us so simple and easy, yet, it may be wrong to think of them as a shortcut.

Instead, most AI tools encourage out-of-the-box solutions, enabling people to be more creative in different aspects of their lives.

The purpose of this article is to introduce some AI tools that rarely make you dependent on them. Instead, they’re unsung heroes, specially designed to empower us.

Without any delay, let’s get started.

  1. ai
  2. NightCafe
  3. Runaway
  4. Uizard
  5. Forecast
  6. Bottom Line

Content writers, copywriters, or ghostwriters often have to deal with writer’s block. It may happen now and then, making them unable to come up with exciting ideas.

With, writers can brainstorm as many ideas as they want. Just put some details on what you’re planning to write and ask for suggestions. In no time, you’ll be bombarded with multiple creative suggestions and start working on them. is also helpful for writers to write long-form blog posts and articles. However, it’s better not to pursue it because of its highly robotic tone and language. While the content may be as per your requirements, chances are high that it may lose the human, conversational touch.

So, generative AI tools like or ChatGPT may only be used to generate ideas, instead of whole content.


Hundreds of AI tools let you generate AI images in seconds. However, few very of them allow you to mold those images. One of the finest AI tools that lets you make changes to will is NightCafe.

Simply put up the prompt and leave the rest to the AI tool. Once generated, you can adjust color, make artistic changes, and more. This way, once you’re done editing the image, it may look totally different from the original one

Hold on, NightCafe has more to offer. Most people may find storytelling an arduous task. However, NightCafe makes that easy too. Enter the prompt, and tweak it a little until you get the desired results. Once done, make changes in the video as per your liking. And there, you have it, a full-fledged artistic video ready to catch every eye.

However, make sure you’re assisted by a top-notch internet connection, like Cox.


Because to generate images or videos, you may need a high-speed internet connection. And that is exactly what Cox can provide you with. With speed matching 5G, you can do a lot with Cox’s internet.

To avail their service, visit Cox’s website today. Spanish customers can connect to Cox en español for Spanish customer support.


When it comes to image or video generation, Runaway’s process is similar to most tools designed to generate images and videos.

However, Runaway’s standout feature is its background-removing tool. Creating ease for video creators, they can remove the background of any video, be it generative or an existing one from the gallery.

Automatic subtitles, motion tracking, and essential features like video effects can also be added with Runaway. Also, if you’re running short on ideas, you can get a lot of fruitful insights from Runaway too.


For a long time, web designers have taken refuge in WordPress. Well, there’s no harm in that, but AI tools, such as Uizard are here to save time.

With Uizard, app, and web designers can create attractive designs in a matter of minutes. Simply upload a draft of your app or web page and Uizard will create a mock design of it.

Moving forward, Uizard doesn’t let you restrict the mockup. You can unleash your creativity by exploring different tools and experimenting all you want.

If you’re unable to generate new ideas, you can also upload a screenshot of web pages you like. Instead of copying it, Uizard will design a new page based on the screenshot. Then, you can make changes to it and come up with your final product.


It’s no secret that project management can get messy in no time. With one eye on deliverables and the other on deadline, it may become difficult for project managers to deal with the mounting pressure.

However, Forecast is here to share their burden. Due to increasing pressure, it’s no coincidence that project managers may forget to meet the deadlines. In such cases, Forecast works as their reminder, always updating them about the decreasing time period.

Bottom Line:

Using AI to make our tasks easy is no crime. As for creativity, AI apps and tools can help us brainstorm productive ideas to work on. And excluding these, tons of AI tools are available that may do a lot more than we can imagine. If you have one such AI tool in mind, let us know in the comment section.

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