May 26, 2022
Roanoke Blogs | IEMLabs

Roanoke College has postponed their spring semester by almost a month as a cyberattack has impacted files and data access. It is a private liberal arts college located in Salem, Virginia, with approximately 2,000 students. The semester was delayed in order to ensure that all network outages that the college is currently experiencing are resolved.

The College website is currently operational, but some areas are not working due to the need for user logins to access certain functions. While the College has not specifically stated what type of cyberattack they suffered, based on the information posted, it highly likely that they were hit with a ransomware attack.

In a series of updates, the college warned its staff and students not to use their computers on the campus network or access their email and other Office 365 applications as they have not been identified as a “safe environment” at this time. It is unknown how long the restoration process will take to complete. But the concerned authority is trying their best to¬† restore the damages.

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