Wednesday, May 29, 2024 : Do You Have To Pay rs 89 Per Month To... : Do You Have To Pay rs 89 Per Month To Use Instagram- Is it true?

Hello, my lovely readers! We all like using social media. Be it because we want to increase our social reach, talk to our friends, or because we are bored and are scrolling through the reels feature of Instagram, I clock around 7 hours per day on the app. What if I told you that you have to pay a specific price per month to have the privilege of using Instagram? According to “ : Do You Have To Pay rs 89 Per Month To Use Instagram” by, you have to pay 89 rupees per month to use Instagram. In this blog, we will talk about if this news is true, the starting point of the subject matter, and the Badges feature.

The True Story

If you read article “ : Do You Have To Pay rs 89 Per Month To Use Instagram,” and you’re wondering if you must pay to use Instagram, the short answer is no. A free account can be created, and you can then start posting pictures and videos. There are some features, though, that does cost money. You must pay to run advertisements, for instance, on Instagram. And there is a small setup fee for opening a shop on Instagram if you want to sell goods there.

Instagram can be used without costing any money. If you’re just starting out on the platform, wait to commit money. : Do You Have To Pay rs 89 Per Month To Use Instagram: How did it start initially?

The original subject matter started in November 2021 when the head of Instagram stated that the app was considering a subscription-based model. After that, it was spotted by Techcrunch that the AppStore listing of the Instagram app has gotten an in-app purchases tab. 

The in-app purchases have been revealed as the Badges feature that has been added. Content Creators can also pay money to put ads on the app.


You can support creators while watching a live video on Instagram by using the badges feature. An emoticon (heart) is displayed next to your name in the comments when you buy a badge during a live video.

After purchasing Badges

  1. Throughout that live, badges will remain next to your name.
  1. In the comments section during that live, your hearts are highlighted.
  1. For up to 90 days, the creator of that live video can see a list on which your Instagram name is listed.
  1. Your question will be highlighted to the creator if you ask one while the live stream is still going on.
  1. A creator may pin your comment if you participate in the live chat and leave a comment.

How to buy Badges during an Instagram live? “ : Do You Have To Pay rs 89 Per Month To Use Instagram”answers!

A button will be available in the bottom menu, next to the live comments, for creators whose badges are enabled. You may also see a prompt to “Buy badges to support @creator”.

Purchasing a badge for Instagram Live:

  1. In a live event, click the user’s profile picture.
  1. Tap the Badges icon to the left of the live.
  1. To choose your badge, tap the quantity.
  1. Just follow the on-screen instructions in the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).
  1. Submit a comment.
  1. Click Send.


In this blog, we talked about Instagram going subscription based as talked about in “ : Do You Have To Pay rs 89 Per Month To Use Instagram” by We briefly discussed the true story of the matter and how the story originated. We also talked about Badges. It is a way for content creators to monetize their Instagram live. It is also a way for other users to support their favorite content creators.

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