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Protecting Your New Home In The Cloud

Consider cloud migration to be like relocating to a new house. The thought of leaving the familiar is daunting, but the prospect of a large new house makes it all worthwhile. Yes, migrating to the cloud is a major endeavor, but you will not miss your on-premises solutions once you’re there.


Of course, cloud migration isn’t going to be a one or two-day affair, so you’ll need to prepare ahead of time to ensure a seamless and safe transfer. A good security strategy should be an important component of that plan.


Cloud Security Basics


The goals of cybersecurity remain the same for on-premises and cloud environments, but the tactics change. As a result, you can’t expect the same on-premises security strategy to function in the cloud.


It’s natural to feel overwhelmed while making major shifts or adjustments. You may have more questions than answers at this time. Given the issues that security teams face today, such as too many false-positive alarms, new vectors for attacks, insufficient resources, and more stringent compliance requirements, it might appear to be a daunting task.


How To Simplify Cloud Security


One of the most critical considerations, when you migrate to the cloud, is adopting the CSPs’ strategy towards cloud security, which adheres to the shared responsibility paradigm. While CSPs are in charge of securing the service, it is critical to remember that you are in charge of the settings and ensuring that whatever data flows in and out is secure.


Many cloud products were originally designed with security in mind. Cloud service providers (CSPs) such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure handle essential concerns such as infrastructure security.


Make sure you engage with a cloud security company that can meet all of your unique security requirements. You’ll need a collaborator and a package that includes:


  • Improved visibility throughout the whole infrastructure


You wouldn’t depend on a front door cam to see what’s going on in the backyard, so don’t go with a solution that just shows you a portion of the image. With more access points, endpoints, and networks to secure than ever before, it is critical to have comprehensive visibility from a single platform. Using a platform solution reduces time spent piecing together the puzzle by providing the complete picture at once for faster detection, protection, and response.


  • Compliance management


With so many constantly shifting elements and additional access points in the cloud, staying on top of compliance is critical to avoiding GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS fines and ensuring app security. Consider a system that can help you meet compliance needs both now and in the future.


  • Automation, automation, automation


It is critical to choose a security solution with substantial automation to assist your company in simplifying and scaling cloud migrations. Automation of as many operations as feasible, from normal maintenance jobs to executing compliance checks to API interaction with other solutions in your environment, will lessen the stress on your security team and provide you with greater awareness of real-time threats.


Security From A Single Platform


You can make a seamless and confident shift to the cloud if you have the right security plan and solution in place.


Trend Micro Cloud OneTM is a cloud security services platform that offers protection at every stage of your cloud migration journey, as well as protection for hybrid (datacenter and cloud), multi-cloud environments, and services. The platform includes seven expert-protected solutions for workload security, container security, file storage security, application security, network security, open-source security, and compliance and governance for your cloud infrastructure.


As you plan your cloud migration, make it a top priority to figure out how you’ll manage security ahead of time. After all, you wouldn’t hire a contractor to work in your new home without first screening them. The same is true for your cloud home.



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