PowerZure: – To assess #Azure security, use the #PowerShell framework.

You are currently viewing PowerZure: – To assess #Azure security, use the #PowerShell framework.

PowerZure is a PowerShell project that evaluates and exploits resources in Microsoft’s Azure cloud infrastructure. The requirement for a framework that can both undertake reconnaissance and exploitation of Azure, #AzureAD, and the accompanying resources led to the creation of PowerZure.

What is the purpose of PowerShell?

While PowerShell usage has decreased in the offensive security market as defensive technologies and solutions have advanced, this project does not contain any malicious code. PowerZure takes advantage of misconfigurations rather than faults in Azure.

Disclaimer: The intended use for the tool is strictly educational and should not be used for any other purposes

Download Link: https://github.com/hausec/PowerZure

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