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PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Check | Get Full Insight

Hello, my wonderful readers! Today, let us talk about the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Check! The recipients of the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana eagerly anticipate the arrival of the 14th installment. Farmers who qualify and are in need have already received 13 installments under the government program.

Everyone is now curious as to when the fourteenth installment will be released. The 14th payment is anticipated to be made by the second week of August. Read the article below for more information on PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana. 

pm kisan status beneficiary status check | pm beneficiary status

Mobile numbers play a crucial role in the PM Kisan beneficiary list check. Therefore, a mobile number is required as one of the credentials for those who have registered for this Yojana and want to know if their name has been added to the beneficiary list or not. A registration number, Aadhar card number, and PM Kisan Beneficiary Status By Mobile Number are required in order to access the beneficiary list’s details. According to the plan, farmers who own land but fall under a certain income and land category will need financial assistance. They receive an annual payment of Rs 6000 in their accounts. The 6000 rupees are paid in three installments over the course of four months. For farmers who make a modest to low income, this program is a good financial aid. 

Read the table below to learn more about this yojana’s specifics:

PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana: A  scheme by Government of India
Financial support for: Needy Farmers
Number of installments paid till now 13 installments
Installment due 14th installment
Per installment payment Rs 2000
Category Government Scheme
Annual payment to each farmer Rs 6000

What is Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi? | pm kisan samman nidhi check

A government program called Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi (PMkisan) was enacted on February 24. It is a central sector program that receives all of its funding from the Indian government, and the beneficiaries—known as PM Kisan Beneficiaries—have their money directly deposited into their bank accounts.

This program aims to advance the welfare of farm families and strengthen the nation’s agricultural industry. The plan has been successful since its inception in 2018. The article contains information on the PM Kisan 14th Installment Date.

The PM Kisan Yojana’s 14th installment will soon be available. By visiting, farmers can check the status of A qualifying farmer would receive $2,000 via Direct Benefit Transfer into their bank account under the Yojana. in – Highlights | pm kisan samman nidhi check

Yojana Name Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi (PMkisan)
Country India
Total Beneficiary 11 Crore
Installment Amount ₹2000
Total Amount (Annually) ₹6000
Purpose Financial support to eligible farmers
Official Website

How To Check PM Kisan Beneficiary List And Status With Mobile Number?

Checking the PM Kisan Beneficiary Status will be simple if you have your mobile number. However, as it will be helpful, you must only use your PM Kisan Beneficiary Status By Mobile Number. However, you must log on to the official website using these credentials to learn more about the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana, including its details, beneficiary list, and status. Detailed instructions are provided below.

Step 1:

Access the official website at

Step 2:

Check the KYC information now to ensure you have completed everything for 2023.

Step 3:

Visit the Status Check link now.

Step 4:

If you plan to use PM Kisan Beneficiary Status By Mobile Number, enter your mobile number and any other necessary information before submitting the form.

Step 5:

You will receive an OTP to your mobile number. With the assistance of this OTP, you can continue.

Step 6:

The information and the beneficiary list will be available. You will also be on this list if your name has been approved. So, while checking the list, you will know about your status.

Step 7:

You will receive Rs 2000 as the installment in your account if your name appears on the list.

You want to learn your status for the 14th installment, and the beneficiary list has been released. As a result, you must verify the situation and comprehend it. 

If someone prefers not to check the PM Kisan Beneficiary Status By Mobile Number, they can use their Aadhar card and registration numbers. It will be necessary for each of them to visit the official website. The table below will give you an idea of the various methods to check the beneficiary information for PM Kisan.

For PM Kisan beneficiary details and status via mobile Mobile number
Other ways to check the status With Aadhar card and Registration number
For PM Kisan beneficiary details and status via mobile Mobile number

Understanding Krishak Bandhu and Its Importance for Farmers

The West Bengali government launched the Krishak Bandhu welfare program to help farmers and their families with financial needs. A pension component and an insurance component are both included in the scheme.

Farmers are protected against risks under the kisan Bandhu insurance component, including crop failure, natural disasters, and their demise or disability. On the other hand, the pension component offers farmers retirement financial security.

The Krishan bandhu net scheme is crucial for farmers because it offers a safety net in the event of unforeseen circumstances like crop failure or natural disasters. It also guarantees farmers financial security in their later years, which they frequently worry about.

The Key Benefits of Krishak Bandhu for Farmers in West Bengal

West Bengal’s Krishak Bandhu program provides farmers in the region with a number of significant advantages:

Financial Assistance:

Through the program, farmers receive financial support that enables them to maintain their agricultural operations despite facing financial challenges. This help is essential for addressing various farming needs, including buying seeds, fertilizer, and equipment.

Crop Insurance Coverage:

Crop insurance is available to farmers under Krishak Bandhu. If pests, illnesses, or calamities destroy crops, farmers will be compensated. Thanks to this, farmers can continue their agricultural endeavors without suffering serious financial setbacks, which helps them make up for their losses.

Death and Disability Benefits:

For farmers, the program also provides death and disability benefits. If a farmer passes away or becomes disabled, their family will be provided with financial assistance through the program. This guarantees that the farmer’s family will not be left in a precarious financial situation and that they can maintain their way of life.

Loan Subsidy:

Krishak Bandhu offers loan subsidies to farmers, facilitating their access to credit for costs associated with farming. Farmers’ financial burdens are lessened as a result, and they can also apply for loans with better terms, which encourages the expansion and growth of the agricultural industry.

Pension for Elderly Farmers:

The program allows seniors to receive a monthly pension. Senior farmers who may no longer be actively farming but still need assistance with daily needs and medical costs can rely on this pension for financial security.

These crucial advantages of Krishak Bandhu significantly contribute to West Bengali farmers’ general welfare and monetary security, ensuring their prosperity and defending their interests. Through the krishak bandhu status check, farmers can frequently monitor their financial situation.

What If Your Name Is Not There In The Beneficiary List?

Your pm registration is only accepted if your name appears on the beneficiary list. In that case, there may be problems with the registration process, you may need a proper KYC, or you may need to be qualified for the scheme. Therefore, you can contact the appropriate authorities to learn what went wrong and why your name is missing from the beneficiary list.

Given the information above, it is obvious that farmers with mobile phones can easily sign up for the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana. It will help them to get that extra support.

Important Links About PM Kisan Beneficiary Status By Mobile Number

Official Website Click here
Our Homepage Click here

Download PM Kisan Mobile App

  • On your phone, launch Play Store.
  • Click the search field.
  • After entering PMKISAN GoI, hit the search button. 
  • The PMKisan official app will now appear. To download the app to your smartphone, click Install.
  • By clicking on this link to the PM Kisan mobile app download, you can also download the app right away. Status | pmkisan beneficiary status

On the official online portal, farmers who have signed up for the PMKS Yojana can check the status of their 14th installment. The federal government makes a lot of effort to guarantee that funding is provided to the agriculture sector across the nation on time. Only farmers who meet the requirements and dire need financial assistance are eligible for this subsidy. Mayors from panchayats and municipalities are also disqualified by this initiative. By visiting the website, farmers can check the status of the website.

Officers and clergy members who work for active or closed departments are also ineligible. Those whose names are not on the list must complete their profiles and upload the pertinent papers. Please remove the profile if it has any inconsistencies or errors.

How to check the PMKisan Status 2023? | pm kisan samman nidhi check

To avoid any unforeseen difficulties, Qualifying Farmers should complete the KYC process before the installment date is announced. To check PMKisan status, adhere to these steps.

  • The official website for the PMKisan yojana is available at
  • Click “Know your status” to access it.
  • After entering your Registration number and captcha code, click “Get Data.”

How to Know Your PM Kisan Registration Number:

  • Visit the PMKisan yojana’s official website at
  • Go to “Know your status” and click.
  • Click “Know Your Registration Number” after that.
  • Choose “mobile number” or “Aadhar number” depending on how you want to obtain your registration number.
  • Click “Get mobile OTP” after entering your mobile number or Aadhar number and the captcha code.
  • Type in your mobile OTP, then press Enter.

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Conclusion | pm kisan samman nidhi check

The PM Kisan Samman Niddhi Scheme provide qualified farmers with a payment of Rs. 6000 annually, has been successful in uplifting agricultural families, and the benefit of being a PM Kisan beneficiary would be very significant in a farmer’s life. As the government protects them financially, this benefits farmers who qualify as PM Kisan Beneficiaries. This Scheme offers the farmer a sense of dependability and is safe and secure. The eligible participants, or PM Kisan Beneficiaries, benefit from this, making the PM Kisan Samman Niddhi Yojana a government of India initiative that is currently running successfully.


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