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PICME Login: Pregnancy and Infant Health Tracking Portal

Hi Readers! It is no surprise that even maternal healthcare systems have been revolutionized by coping with the latest technology to build a safer atmosphere for both mother and child. One such innovation is the Pregnancy and Infant Cohort Monitoring and Evaluation (PICME) program, which aims to provide comprehensive services for pregnant women and infants in Tamil Nadu. In this blog, we will help you to know more about Picme login and its guide to the registration process. This blog will also let you know how this portal became beneficial in this fast-paced world of lifestyle and healthcare. 

What is PICME Login in?

The Government of Tamil Nadu has taken a significant step towards improving maternal and child health with the launch of PICME in 2008. This PICME login in, is an innovative platform that provides essential information and support for expecting mothers and parents. PICME is a digital initiative to ensure the well-being of pregnant women and children by offering access to vital health resources and services. PICME login is a secure online platform the Government of Tamil Nadu created to empower pregnant women and parents with valuable information and resources related to pregnancy and child health. By logging into the PICME portal, users can access personalized health records, antenatal care details, immunization schedules, and other essential information to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy and early childhood.

Why Should You Use PICME Login?

Are you an expecting mother or a new parent looking for reliable health information and support? PICME login is the perfect solution for pregnancy and child health needs. By utilizing the PICME platform, you can track your pregnancy progress, receive timely notifications about antenatal care visits, access immunization schedules for your child, and receive personalized health tips based on your specific needs. PICME login offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for anyone to navigate and access vital health information conveniently.

The Features and Services Offered Through PICME Login

In Tamil Nadu, the PICME program offers a wide range of features and services to support pregnant women and ensure the health and safety of infants. Some of the key services include:

Antenatal Care Tracking: 

Through the PICME portal, pregnant women can schedule regular check-ups with their healthcare provider to monitor the progress of their pregnancy. This includes tracking weight gain, blood pressure, and fetal development to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Postnatal Care Services: 

After giving birth, new mothers can continue to access healthcare support through the PICME program. This includes monitoring recovery, providing breastfeeding support, and ensuring that both the mother and the baby are adjusting well to their new life.

Infant Health Records:

 One of the most valuable features of the PICME login stage program is the ability to maintain accurate and up-to-date infant health records. This includes tracking growth milestones, immunization schedules, and any health concerns that may arise in a child’s early years.
By providing these comprehensive services through a user-friendly online platform, the PICME program aims to empower pregnant women and new mothers to take charge of their health and ensure the best possible outcomes for themselves and their babies.

PICME Registration Online: How do you create a PICME login account?

Pregnant women may now pre-register online by following the steps below:

  • Visit the official website of
  • You will be redirected to the Pre-Registration of Pregnancy, where the applicant’s details.
  • As an applicant, you need to fill in the necessary details like your name, spouse’s name, residence details like the village/city, and preferred day to visit along with the Aadhar no.
  • Enter the email id and the mobile number.
  • Following your decision, the names of the Village Health Nurse (VHN) and Urban Health Nurse (UHN), as well as the Primary Health Center and Health Sub-Centre, will be shown. You now need to let the VHN/UHN know your preferred time and day for a meeting. Upon submission of your number, an OTP will be given to the registered mobile phone. Input the OTP in the designated field.
  • Fill in the CAPTCHA information as it appears in the picture. After that, click Save to store the data you submitted.
  • Once confirmed, you will get an email and SMS of acknowledgment from the server’s end.

How do you get the Rch ID Number Check Online? 

  • To create an RCH ID on your own, click the link on the website.
  • This is a Self-registration step for PICME stage login. 
  • Enter the Aadhar number of the expected Mother.
  • Upload the image of the mother using the correct file format.  
  •  After inputting the necessary data, you can generate your own RCH ID. Your local Village Health Nurse or urban health nurse will receive all the information for additional follow-up.

PICME Number Check Online

PICME full form: Pregnancy and Infant Cohort Monitoring and Evaluation Login portal

With the initiative of the Tamil Nadu government as a component of the National Health Mission, this PICME number has been introduced. With This new PICME login, the Tamil Nadu Government is designed to track the requirements and problems experienced by pregnant women as well as to ascertain the state’s pregnant population. To promote safe and institutional delivery, the expectant woman is given a 12-digit identifier called the PICME number (RCH ID). Pregnant moms’ details can be easily seen at any level using the RCH ID number check online. The government’s aim is also to provide medical and financial benefits to all expecting mothers of TN. 

A Birth Certificate Is Indeed Important For a Child!

A birth certificate is a super important paper that proves a baby was born. It’s like a special ID card but for little ones! Here’s why it’s so essential:

Proof of Who You Are

A birth certificate tells the world your official name, birthday, and where you were born. This is needed for many things, like getting a driver’s license later on.

Belonging to a Country

Sometimes, a birth certificate helps show you belong to a certain country. This is important for things like traveling.

School and Doctor Visits

 When you go to school or see a doctor, they might ask for your birth certificate to ensure everything is right for you.

Getting Special Help

Some programs help kids and families, and sometimes they need a birth certificate to see if you qualify.

Inheriting Things

 If you’re lucky enough to inherit something cool, a birth certificate might be needed to prove you’re part of the family.

So, that’s why a birth certificate is a big deal!

Why PICME stage birth certificate is essential? 

Get Help for Moms in Need

There’s a program called Dr. Muthulakshmi Reddy Maternity Benefit Scheme that helps pregnant women facing financial difficulties. Registering online at PICME login makes it easier to get this help.

Fast Ambulance Service

In an emergency, registering online allows hospitals to send an ambulance to pick you up quickly.

Easier Birth Certificate

The birth certificate registration system is linked to PICMElogin, so getting your baby’s birth certificate is easy!

Here are other ways to register for PICME Login

  • E-Seva Centres: Visit your nearest E-Seva Centre for free registration help.
  • Call Centre (102): There’s a toll-free number (102) where you can call and register your pregnancy over the phone.
  • Government Hospitals: Head to your local government hospital and register with the nurse to get your PICME number.

What’s an RCH ID?

Once you register, you’ll get a unique 12-digit number called an RCH ID. This ID helps the government track your pregnancy and ensure you get the necessary care.

Here’s why the RCH ID is important for Picme.login

Track Mother’s Pregnancy

The Public Health Department uses this rch ID number check online to monitor your health throughout your pregnancy.

Birth Certificate Needed

Even if you deliver at a private hospital, you’ll need an RCH ID to get your baby’s birth certificate.

So registering for a PICME number is super important! It helps you get benefits, faster ambulance service, and makes getting a birth certificate easier.

Verification Documents Needed for PICME Login in

There are a few essential documents an expecting mother of Tamil nadu must carry for verification of the new PICME login:

  • Aadhar Card (for both you and your partner)
  • Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
  • Passport Photos
  • Bank Passbook or recent statement
  • Doctor’s Prescription (if any)
  • Medical Reports (if any)

Once verified, you’ll receive a green health card. Keep this card handy and present it at the hospital when your delivery is done. 


PICME login is a valuable initiative by the Government of Tamil Nadu to promote maternal and child health in the state. By utilizing the PICME stage platform, expecting mothers and parents can access essential health information, resources, and support to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy and early childhood. Take advantage of the PICME login today to empower yourself with the knowledge and guidance to navigate the beautiful journey of pregnancy and parenthood.

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