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my.boost | How To Activate? More

Hello, my wonderful readers! Let us talk about my.boost! You may need a new SIM card if switching wireless providers or upgrading your smartphone. Activating a new SIM is different from getting a new SIM, though, as the latter process involves more steps and can be difficult without a proper guide. As a result, we have created a handy guide to assist you in activating your Boost Mobile SIM so that you can use it immediately with the fewest possible delays.

To give you some context, Boost Mobile is a wireless service provider based in the US and a division of Dish Wireless. The parent networks of T-Mobile US and AT&T are used by Boost Mobile, founded in 2001, to offer services to its users. Additionally, the business currently successfully serves more than 8.55 million customers.

What is Boost Mobile? | my.boost

The mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) Boost Mobile provides a selection of prepaid plans with durations ranging from one month to one year. The service provider uses the cellular networks of AT&T and T-Mobile. Your service may be on one or more networks depending on your location, device, and plan. 

The annual plan from Boost Mobile costs just $8.33 per month, making it one of the most affordable options. These more affordable plans, though, will only function on some phones. In addition, a one-time $25 activation fee is not disclosed online if you bring your phone.

You should stop by a Boost Mobile store first to ensure your phone is compatible with the plan you want to buy before buying a new device or ordering a SIM card.

Plans and Pricing | my.boost

Boost Mobile offers ten different prepaid plans, with prices varying according to plan length. While you can buy a plan for one month at a time from Boost Mobile, you can also pay for three or twelve months in advance. 

The current Boost Mobile plans are listed below, along with the monthly price and data allotments. You’ll also see the plan length and total due at each billing cycle.

Monthly Data Mobile Hotspot Monthly Price Plan Length Total Due
Unlimited (30GB high-speed) 12GB $25 12 months $300
Unlimited (30GB high-speed) 12GB $30 3 months $90
Unlimited (30GB high-speed) 30GB $60 1 month $60
Unlimited (30GB high-speed) 12GB $40 1 month $40
Unlimited (30GB high-speed) None $25 1 month $25
5GB 5GB $14 12 months $168
5GB 5GB $15 3 months $45
5GB 5GB $15 1 month $15
1GB 1GB $8.33 12 months $100
15GB 15GB $20 12 months $240

Taxes and Fees

Unlimited talk and text are included in every Boost Mobile plan. Many allow you to share your data using a mobile hotspot. However, unless otherwise stated, your monthly data allowance is used up when using a mobile hotspot. Depending on the plan you purchase (see table above), speeds will begin to decrease if you purchase an unlimited plan once you have used a certain amount of data.

The plans offered by Boost Mobile do not include international features, but they can be purchased separately. The $5/month “Todo Mexico Plus” and the $10/month “International Connect Plus” roaming add-ons are two examples. You can review Boost Mobile’s global offerings on the company website. 

You can combine and stack Boost Mobile’s prepaid plans to create a multi-line family account. Multiline discounts vary by plan, but you can check out the full details of Boost Mobile’s Family Plan online.

Compared to other MVNOs, Boost Mobile has affordable rates on several plans. However, 5G phones may or may not support it if you are looking for a more affordable plan. A Boost Mobile employee in the store showed me a brand-new phone that was compatible only with $50+ monthly unlimited plans. This is why you should visit your nearby Boost Mobile store to determine which plan will work with your device if you bring your phone to the network rather than ordering a SIM card online.

How to activate my.boost

Before you begin, you will require the following:

  • On the back of your SIM pack, you can find your SIM’s serial number.
  • An Australian driver’s license or learner’s permit, a Medicare card, an Australian passport, or an international passport with a valid Australian visa are all acceptable forms of identification.

 Simply go to activate and follow the instructions to activate your SIM.

  • Simply choose “Keep existing number” during activation if you want to keep your current phone number. To ensure you have access to the phone number being transferred, an SMS will be sent to you.

Till you have finished filling out the activation form, kindly keep your old SIM in your phone.

After submitting the activation form, you will get an email and SMS confirming your activation has started.

Within four to twenty-four hours of activation, your number should be functional. If you submit a request after hours, including on a Sunday or a federal holiday, it will be handled the following business day. You can continue using your current number with your old provider if you keep it up until the transition to us is complete.

You will get an SMS or email notification when your Boost SIM is activated letting you know that your Boost Mobile service is available for use. 

Activating Boost Mobile SIM Online

Keep your SIM card close by because you will need it when activating your Boost Mobile SIM online, so be sure to do so before deciding to do so. Once you have it, proceed by performing the following actions:

  • Start by visiting Boost Mobile’s official activation website.
  • Enter the ICCID number for your Boost SIM card now. You can locate the ICCID, a 15-digit code, on the back of your SIM card or in the retail package that your SIM card was shipped in. Once done, hit ‘Continue’.
  • The device ID, also referred to as the phone’s IMEI number, must then be entered. If your phone has a removable back cover, you can find the IMEI number thereby removing the battery. If not, you can also find it on the retail package, in the “About Phone” setting in the phone’s settings, or on the back of the phone. 
  • After you have entered the device ID, you’ll be greeted with a new page asking you to choose your mobile number. You will only be able to select the first three digits, while the company will provide the last four digits.
  • Once done, you must add your mobile number to your Boost Mobile account. If you already have a Boost Mobile account, proceed to sign into it. However, if you don’t, you can always open a new account. By opening up a Boost Mobile account, you’ll be able to buy/change monthly mobile subscription plans while also enjoying many other benefits.
  • Finally, you can submit your request for SIM activation.

Activating Boost Mobile SIM via Phone

You can activate your Boost Mobile SIM over the phone by dialing 833-50-BOOST (833-502-6678), which is the helpline number. On weekdays, business hours are from 4 AM to 8 PM PST, and on weekends, they are from 4 AM to 7 PM PST.

You can also activate your SIM using the online chat feature on the official Boost Mobile website if you would like.

You can make payments, update your account information, and so much more with the assistance of live chat agents. The same hours as before apply to operation.

Activating Boost Mobile SIM via Official Stores

Be sure to use the company’s store locator website to find one close to you before deciding to activate your Boost Mobile SIM in person.

You can find the closest one by entering your location or zip code. Keep your mobile device, SIM card, and any identification documents with you at all times. Your SIM will be activated on the spot.

Customer Service | my.boost

A phone carrier must provide excellent customer service. Dealing with customer service with phone service providers can be difficult whenever there are long wait times or unhelpful representatives. Unfortunately, Boost Mobile was no exception. 

I got in touch with Boost Mobile via phone and online chat to find out how long I would have to wait for service and what kind of service I would receive.

When I tried to contact Boost Mobile, the automated phone system kept getting stuck in a loop and disconnecting, and I could not use the chat feature to speak with a live agent. Before I was connected to a person, I had to make five separate calls and spend 12 minutes navigating the automated system. I did not have to wait on hold once I navigated the automated system.

However, I had to visit the physical store both times I needed help from Boost Mobile because the agents on the phone could not assist with placing an order for a SIM card or activating my mobile data. 

According to evaluations on websites like BBB and Trustpilot, customer service is an area in which Boost Mobile performs poorly.

Methodology | my.boost

I highlighted the important aspects I would investigate before I started testing phone plans. I could compare phone plans with accuracy and thoroughly understand what to anticipate from the service.

Try each phone plan out, paying close attention to the following main points: 

  • Time Frame: I tested each phone plan for 30 days to gauge the network’s dependability and get opinions on the quality of the service from friends and family. 
  • Signing Up: I signed up for each phone plan myself to record the process of getting started, determining whether a phone is compatible with the plan or if a user should bring their device, finding out how long it takes to get the SIM card, and the activation process.
  • Reliability: I tracked the frequency of dropped calls and undeliverable texts from the tested phone plan using my personal AT&T line as a base.
  • Service: I placed/received at least 15 calls and at least 15 text messages during the month. Using, I also evaluated the phone’s data and hotspot speeds. 
  • Customer Support: Throughout my testing of each phone service, I reached out to customer support via every channel possible to assess which approach was most effective, how long it took to speak with someone, and how helpful the experience was.

Conclusion | my.boost

The activation procedure took a while and was somewhat stressful. Bringing my device required a $25 activation fee. I see how someone could unknowingly buy an incompatible SIM card online, which could cost hundreds of prepaid dollars (depending on the plan). 

I advise purchasing and activating your new service in person at a Boost Mobile location. Having said that, you can reduce your monthly phone bill with Boost if you are purchasing a new phone through the company or if your existing device is compatible with the plan you would like to select.

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