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KPSC Login | Thulasi PSC Login

Hello, my wonderful readers! On behalf of the state of Kerala, KPSC Thulasi handles hiring for positions in the civil service. It chooses applicants for various administrative and civil service positions in different departments of the Keralan government. Enlistment and selection of candidates for various state government jobs via pre-determined assessments, interviews, and other selection techniques. Prompting the public authority on issues related to the enrollment rules plan, strategy for determination, and other related issues. Leading various departmental tests and advancements for government officials. Learn more about KPSC Login and Thulasi PSC Login in our blog below!

What is KPSC Thulasi? | KPSC Login 

The KPSC Thulasi is led by a Director and individuals appointed by the Kerala Legislative Assembly. The Director and members serve for six years or until they reach the age of 60, whichever comes first. Additionally, the commission has a Secretary who is responsible for the commission’s administration. Exams for new hires are held annually by KPSC Thulasi. The OTR system is available on the commission’s website for candidates to apply. The OTR framework enables the option to enroll just once and submit applications for numerous tests run by the KPSC Thulasi.

On its website, the commission also posts notices about job openings, exam schedules, and results. It has territorial offices in various state locations to assist with the enrollment cycle and handle complaints from applicants. Selection of qualified candidates for various government jobs in Kerala depends heavily on KPSC Thulasi. By choosing deserving candidates, the effective selection process guarantees that the state’s administration runs smoothly.

Details | What is KPSC Thulasi? | KPSC Login 

The Keralan government introduced the Thulasi PSC Kerala Portal program. The Thulasi PSC will help unemployed people throughout the state and open up new opportunities for young people. PSC thulasi will be useful for students and aspirants training for positions in the Civil Services and other government positions, including Divisional Officer, Account Assistant, Municipal Secretary, Police Assistant, Panchayat Secretary, and others.

The KPSC’s mission is to educate unemployed youth about available government jobs and opportunities. Once you have created an account on the Kerala PSC Thulasi website, you can quickly search for positions in the public sector. In this article, we have tried to cover all KPSC-related information, including Thulasi PSC Kerala OTR profile modifications, registration, and login for Kerala psc thulasi. To learn more about PSC Kerala thulasi, kpsc thulasi login, and other related subjects, give this article a thorough reading.

The KPSC Thulasi’s administrative center is in Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram’s state capital. In the organization, there are fourteen District Offices and three Regional Offices. Its main duty is to select candidates for direct hiring into various government positions at Thulasi PSC Kerala gov login. Visit the Kerala PSC homepage on the official website to view all notifications.

Exam Name Kerela Public Service Commission (KPSC Thulasi)
Conducting Authority   Government of Kerela
Kerala psc official site
Mode of Test   Online/Offline

Kerala PSC Thulasi (KPSC thulasi) Overview | kpsc login

Web Portal Title  KPSC Thulasi 
Official Website
Launch Year  2012
Mode of Application Online 
State Government  Kerala Government 
Registration Fee  Nil 
Purpose Generate employment

Build an all-inclusive online platform for Kerala government recruitment. 

For the better reach of government job hiring and examinations for Kerala citizens. 

Age Eligibility  21-50 years 
Documentation  Having any government-issued ID card like Aadhar, PAN card, PEN Card, Driving license, and Electoral Card/Voter ID card is a necessity. 

Possessing a Bachelors’s or Masters’s degree from an accredited college. 

Category  Registration 
Beneficiaries  Unemployed Job seekers in Kerala 
Registration Status  Active 

Overview kerala psc login | kpsc login

The Kerala Scheme Portal, also known as the Kerala PSC Thulasi Portal, is a sizable governmental online community. It was created to increase the visibility and accessibility of open government positions to the best candidates. You can fill out the application for several job openings announced by the Kerala government by visiting and applying for the position there without having to pay any registration fees. 

The Kerala government’s action favoring Keralite job seekers to combat the rising unemployment rates is commendable. If we examine the origins of Psc in India, we will discover that they date back to 1924. Since then, India’s provincial administrations have had complete control over it. Punjab and Madras were two of the first cities to assume control of this state-level hiring. 

Sub Inspector, Field Officer, Tradesman, and Treatment Organizer are just a few of the numerous positions covered by the Kerala Psc Thulasi recruitment. At Kerala PSC Thulasi Login, applying for any of the positions mentioned above is surprisingly simple. 

The Kerala PSC application process was previously conducted offline before establishing this online platform. It used to take a long time because it was an offline process. Users had to use a Windows PC or a Mac to log in at first because mobile browser logins were not supported when it was first launched in January by the Kerala PSC thulasi enlistment. 

KPSC Thulasi Functions 

  • Through the notification services offered by psc thulasi, the Kerala government announces its requirements for a specific position. They use SMS and email services to notify people about specific openings. This is an exclusive service for registered users. 
  • The KPSC Thulasi job portal connects Kerala-based job providers and job seekers. Both the associated parties get mutual from it. 
  • India’s PSC Thulasi assists candidates with managing their profiles. Even better, you can alter or modify your job application by periodically updating it. You must create an account at thulasi psc log in to my profile to do that. 
  • It updates the Kerala PSC thulasi portal’s registered users each month on the schedule of exams for the newest job openings in Kerala. Thanks to this, they have an advantage in preparing for the exams on time. 
  • In Kerala, it simplifies the procedure for hiring government employees. The Kerala PSC thulasi portal covers all the minute details of the application process, including submitting the application form, downloading the hall ticket, and checking results. 
  • Kerala Thulasi offers a centralized location for managing job applications. 

Kerala PSC Thulasi Registration Process 

This section will explain the entire application process, from applying to a posted hiring to verifying the application within the deadline at the Kerala PSC thulasi portal. You must complete a one-time registration process to access the Kerala psc thulasi login features. Here are a few simple instructions for creating an account on the Kerala PSC Thulasi Login Page. To use any portal’s features and services, you must first register. The Kerala PSC registration procedure is straightforward; follow the instructions below to sign up on the KPSC Thulasi portal.

Application Step-by-step

  • Open the Kerala PSC website at You will be directed to Kerala PSC’s home page.
  • The menu for logged-in users can be found on the home page, and the user can select “New Registration” from the menu beneath it.
  • To register yourself, select that option. A new page with a registration form will then load.
  • The portal will now request your information to start the registration process.
  • You must enter the following information if you are filling out the form on behalf of yourself: Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Father’s Name, Mother’s Name, Religion, Cate, Reservation group, ID proof, ID proof details, Adhar Number, and Mobile number.
  • You must create a user name and password for your Kerala Thulasi PSC account in the following step to log in later. It is advised to keep these credentials in mind or to write them down for future use. (You will get an SMS with your KPSC Login Credentials).
  • The access code must be entered, and the declaration must be checked off to complete the form submission.
  • To finish registering, click the “Register” button.
  • You will now receive a “Congratulations” message and be able to access a “Login” button to access your Kerala Thulasi PSC account and finish creating your KPSC My Profile page. 

How To Log Into KPSC Thulasi My Profile Login? | kpsc thulasi login my profile page

Are you trying to get a job in the Kerala government service? Through their online application portal, Thulasi, the Kerala Public Service Commission (Kerala PSC) has made it easier for candidates to apply for openings. You can create your profile and submit your application for various positions with just a few quick photos. Here, we will walk you through the process of creating a record of the Thulassi stage used by the Kerala PSC and how to use it. Follow the steps below to apply.

Follow the instructions below to log into your account on the Kerala PSC website:

  • Activate your system and join a reliable network.
  • Open the website at by searching for Kerala PSC in your browser.
  • When you access the Kerala PSC website at, you will be directed to the following page, where the Kerala PSC home page will show up on your screen.
  • The menu for logged-in registered users is available on the home page.
  • You must enter the “User ID” and “password” you made when creating your account on the portal. 
  • The user is then prompted to enter the access code in the designated field after providing the correct Id and password.
  • On the same screen, the access code can be found.
  • The user must click the “Login” button once all the information has been correctly entered.
  • After logging into his account, the user will be taken to the following page.
  • The user will have access to all of the portal’s services.

KPSC Thulasi OTR: How To Fill KPSC Thulasi Login My Profile Page?

Kerala PSC issues numerous job announcements each year. And you might find that you qualify for a lot of job openings. Therefore, in most cases, you must complete a separate application for each position you wish to apply for. Maintaining multiple records for the same applicant for various positions is a hassle for you and the KPSC Thulasi. 

KPSC Thulasi developed One Time Registration as a solution to make things simple for everyone. You can create a My Profile page using the KPSC Thulasi Login and enter all of your information in one application form. Additionally, you can apply for as many jobs as you would like using this KPSC Thulasi application form.

Let us now look at how to complete the KPSC Thulasi Login My Profile Page.

  • Visit Kerala Thulasi, the Kerala Public Service Commission’s official website.  
  • Go to the login section on the right of the home page and enter your KPSC Thulasi Login Information.
  • You can access your KPSC Thulasi Profile by entering the access code and clicking the “Login” button.
  • The system will prompt you to enter your personal data, communication data, photo, and signature, as seen in the image below.
  • Accurately complete all the information on the job application form for any job notifications available on KPSC Thulasi because this is an OTR.
  • Then, you must upload a digital copy of their signature and photo in the appropriate sizes.

Photo and Signature Upload

  • The image must be 150 x 200 pixels and not larger than 30 Kb. Take the photo with a visible face in a front facial pose, and the background should be light. Candidates can change the image size using paint or any other photo-editing software.
  • The maximum size for the Signature should be 30 Kb, with a minimum size of 150 x 200 pixels.
  • Verify all the information you entered by previewing it.
  • Once every detail is ready, click on the “Submit” button to complete your One Time Registration of KPSC Thulasi i.e., your My Profile page. 

From this point forward, you can use this Time Registration (OTR) wherever you want to apply for a job posted in the KPSC Thulasi Login portal. 

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Conclusion | KPSC Login | Thulasi PSC Login

The Kerala Public Service Commission’s (KPSC) Thulasi has benefited the entire state’s population in several ways. The KPSC Thulasi organizes exams and registers candidates for various state government jobs, resulting in job openings for Keralans, particularly young people. When choosing candidates for government jobs, the KPSC Thulasi uses a fair and merit-based selection process. It has become easier to choose the most qualified and deserving candidates based on their performance by requiring candidates to take a written exam and interview. The KPSC Thulasi website details potential employment opportunities, exam schedules, study guides, and other pertinent information. As a result, it is now simpler for the general public to access information about government jobs and study for exams. The KPSC Thulasi’s transparent hiring process has assisted in avoiding nepotism and corruption when selecting candidates for public employment.

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