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How to Turn off Silent mode on iPhone 15 and Previous Models

Hi Readers! The mobile phone is a necessity for most people.  In this connected world, they keep in touch with their relatives, friends and colleagues. The iPhone is one of the consumers’ well-liked brands because of its sleekness as well as having an easy to easy-to-understand user interface. But just as we think we know everything about our gadgets, at some point, when we need to put it in silent mode, we may fail. This guideline blog is intended to help users who do not know how to turn off silent mode on iPhone 15. Whether yours is the most recent type or you still use the previous one, follow these steps and learn more about them.

Understanding How to Turn Off Silent Mode on iPhone 15

The iPhone 15, with its advanced features, continues the tradition of intuitive user interaction. To disable silent mode:

  • Locate the Ring/Silent switch on the left side of your iPhone. This small switch is above the volume buttons.
  • Flip the switch towards the screen (you’ll see an orange strip if it’s set to silent).
  • Once flipped, your iPhone will exit silent mode, and you’ll hear a confirmation ding if your volume is up.
  • For those who prefer a more visual approach or are handling their iPhone multiple times a day, the Control Center offers a quick toggle. Swipe down from the top-right corner of the screen to access it, then tap the bell icon to turn silent mode off and on.

The silent mode in iPhone can be turned off within the following steps

Check the Silent Switch

This is the first step in turning off the silent mode of your iPhone. You can locate the silent switch on the side of your iPhone, just above the volume buttons. The orange color inside the switch indicates that your phone is in a silent mode.

Flip the Silent Switch: 

Just flip the silent switch towards the back of the iPhone. You no longer have the orange color, which means that your phone has exited the silent mode and is ready to give notifications and alerts.

Volume Up: 

Another technique is to use the volume button located at the side of your iPhone. Press the volume up button in order to increase the volume to escape the silent mode.


If flipping the silent switch or using the volume does not help, you can also use the settings available on the iPhone. These can be accessed from the Settings > Sounds & Haptics and make sure the switch is turned off to turn off the silent mode.

Restart Your iPhone:

Switching the iPhone off and restarting can be enough to fix any issues related to silent mode and make it function as usual.

Incorporating Older Models into the Mix: How to Turn Off Silent Mode on iPhone 

How to Turn Off iPhone 13 Silent Mode

Similar to the iPhone 15, the iPhone 13 has a Ring/Silent switch on the side. Flip it towards the screen to deactivate silent mode. You can also use the Control Center method mentioned above.

How to Turn Off iPhone 14 Silent Mode

The iPhone 14 follows the same procedure as its successors. Use the Ring/Silent switch or the Control Center for a quick silent mode deactivation.

How to Turn Off iPhone 11 Silent Mode

For iPhone 11 users, the process remains unchanged. Utilize the physical switch or the software toggle in the Control Center to manage silent mode.

How to Turn Off iPhone 12 Silent Mode

iPhone 12 users can rest assured that the steps to turn off silent mode haven’t evolved since the iPhone 11. The Ring/Silent switch is your go-to solution.

How do you turn off silent mode on an iPhone without a switch?

If your Ring/Silent switch is broken or you’re looking for a software solution, you can turn off silent mode through the Settings app:

  • Open ‘Settings.’
  • Tap ‘Sounds & Haptics.’
  • Under ‘Ringer and Alerts,’ adjust the slider to the desired volume level.

How do you Make Certain Contacts Ring in silent mode?

Sometimes, you want to stay undisturbed even if you know how to turn off silent mode on an iphone. At the same time, they want to remain available for certain people. Here’s how to set up your iPhone to let certain contacts ring even when silent mode is on: Let’s learn about this in the following steps: 

  • Open the ‘Contacts’ app and select the contact you want to allow.
  • Tap ‘Edit’ in the top-right corner.
  • Scroll down and tap ‘Ringtone’ or ‘Text Tone.’
  • Toggle the ‘Emergency Bypass’ switch to on. This allows calls and messages from this contact to make a sound even when silent mode is on.

By following these straightforward steps, you can easily manage the silent mode on your iPhone, whether it’s the latest iPhone 15 or an earlier model. Stay tuned to your device and never miss an important notification again.


So, knowing how to turn off silent mode on your iPhone 15 is essential for staying connected and receiving important alerts. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily troubleshoot and resolve any issues with silent mode on your device. Remember to check the silent mode switch, adjust sound settings, and disable Do Not Disturb mode to ensure that you never miss a call or notification again.
Don’t let silent mode hinder your communication flow – take charge of your iPhone 15 and stay connected with the world around you!

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