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HWC Portal Daily Entry: Portal for Ayushman Bharat Benefits

The Ayushman Bharat Health and Wellness Centres (AB-HWC) Initiative is a program aimed at improving healthcare access and services in India. It focuses on establishing wellness centers nationwide. It aims to deliver comprehensive and quality healthcare to all citizens, especially in rural and remote areas. The HWC portal daily entry facility allows crucial and routine tasks to be completed efficiently.

The HWC Portal Login serves as an online gateway that allows healthcare professionals and staff working at these wellness centers to access and manage essential information related to patient care and center operations. It acts as a secure and centralized platform to streamline daily tasks and data management.

Significance of Daily Entry on the Portal:

Daily Entry on the HWC Portal is a crucial and routine task for the healthcare workers at these centers. It involves recording and updating vital information about patient visits, treatments, and medical services provided daily. 

This practice ensures that accurate and up-to-date data is available for analysis and decision-making, leading to better healthcare outcomes. By performing the HWC Portal Daily Entry diligently, the centers can track progress, identify trends, and tailor healthcare services to cater to the specific needs of their communities.

Navigating to the AB-HWC Portal:

To start using the HWC Portal Daily Entry, you first need to navigate to the AB-HWC Portal website. This can be done by opening a web browser on your computer or smartphone and typing in the web address provided by the Ayushman Bharat Health and Wellness Centres (AB-HWC) initiative.

Once you have entered the web address (URL), you will be directed to the AB-HWC Portal’s homepage. On this page, you will find important information about the portal’s purpose and features. It provides any updates or announcements related to the daily entry process.

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User Registration and Account Creation:

Before you can begin the HWC Portal Daily Entry, you must register and create an account on the AB-HWC Portal. This process is essential for ensuring that only authorized personnel, such as health and wellness center staff, have access to the portal and can submit daily entries.

  • To register, you typically find a “Sign Up” or “Register” button on the portal’s homepage. 
  • Click on this button, and you will be directed to a registration form. 
  • In this form, you must provide some essential information, including your name, email address, contact number, and the health and wellness center you are associated with.
  • Once you have filled in the required details, you will be prompted to create a secure password for your account. It is important to choose a strong password that includes a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters to ensure the security of your account.
  • After completing the registration form and setting up your password, submit the information, and your account will be created. You may receive a verification email or a confirmation message to ensure that the provided email address is valid.

Once your account is verified and created, you can use your login credentials, such as your email and password, to access the HWC Portal Daily Entry. Simply click on the “Login” button on the portal’s homepage. You will be directed to a login page where you can enter your credentials.

By successfully logging in, you will gain access to the HWC Portal Daily Entry interface, where you can record and submit the required data regularly. It is important to remember to log out of your account after each session. It helps to maintain the security of your data and prevent unauthorized access.

Daily Entry Overview

The HWC Portal Daily Entry is a crucial aspect of the Ayushman Bharat Health and Wellness Centres (AB-HWC) initiative. It involves regularly recording essential data on the AB-HWC portal by the health and wellness center staff. This data includes various health-related information, service details, and patient records. Daily Entry ensures that the portal stays updated with the latest information from the centers, facilitating better healthcare management and analysis.

Key Data to be Recorded

During the HWC Portal Daily Entry, health and wellness center staff must record vital data related to their daily operations. This includes information about the number of patients seen, types of services provided, medicines dispensed, and any specific treatments offered. Additionally, details about the demographics of the patients, such as age, gender, and location, are recorded to gain insights into the healthcare needs of the community.

Benefits of Regular Daily Entry:

Regular Daily Entry on the HWC Portal offers several significant benefits:

  1. Accurate Data: By recording data daily, the information in the portal remains up-to-date and accurate. This ensures that health authorities and policymakers can make informed decisions based on reliable data.
  2. Real-time Monitoring: Daily Entry allows for real-time monitoring of health and wellness centers’ activities. This helps in identifying any issues or challenges promptly, enabling timely interventions.
  3. Trend Analysis: With consistent data entry, trends and patterns in patient visits and health conditions can be identified. This assists in understanding prevalent health issues and planning targeted healthcare programs.
  4. Performance Evaluation: Daily Entry enables the evaluation of health centers’ performance over time. It helps in recognizing high-performing centers and providing support to those needing improvement.
  5. Policy Formulation: The data collected through daily entry serves as a valuable resource for policymakers in formulating effective health policies. It provides insights into the effectiveness of existing programs and the need for new initiatives.

How to Perform AB HWC Portal Daily Entry Online

To complete the AB HWC Portal Daily Entry for the HWC Daily Report, follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the Official AB-HWC Portal

Begin by accessing the official AB-HWC portal by opening your web browser and typing the URL provided as

  • Click on the AB-HWC Option

On the portal’s homepage, look for the “AB-HWC” option and click on it.

  • Provide State, District, and Categories

Once you click on AB-HWC, a new page will appear. Here, you need to enter the name of your state, district, and relevant categories.

  • Obtain AB-HWC Details

After filling in all the required details, you will have access to complete information about the total number of AB-HWC centers in your chosen state and district.

  • Urban and Primary Health Center Information

Additionally, the portal will provide details about your selected state’s urban primary health center and primary health center.

Utilizing Daily Entry Data

  • Analysis and Reporting:

The HWC Portal Daily Entry data plays a crucial role in the analysis and reporting of healthcare services provided under the Ayushman Bharat scheme. Through regular data entry on the portal, health authorities can collect a vast amount of valuable information about the health and wellness centers’ functioning.

By analyzing the data, authorities can identify the number of patients served, the types of treatments offered, and the most common health issues citizens face. This data helps evaluate the overall effectiveness of the Ayushman Bharat initiative and its impact on public health.

  • Identifying Trends and Patterns:

The HWC Portal Daily Entry data allows health professionals to identify trends and patterns in the healthcare services provided. By studying the data over time, they can spot recurring health issues, seasonal trends, and areas where specialized medical attention is required.

For instance, if there is a consistent rise in the number of patients with a particular ailment, authorities can address it promptly and allocate resources accordingly. Identifying such trends helps efficiently manage healthcare resources and provide targeted assistance to those in need.

  • Decision-making and Policy Formulation:

Data collected through HWC Portal Daily Entry plays a vital role in making informed decisions and formulating effective healthcare policies. The insights gained from the data analysis can guide policymakers in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the Ayushman Bharat scheme.

By analyzing the data, policymakers can assess the areas where the healthcare system needs improvement and allocate resources accordingly. This data-driven approach ensures that decisions are evidence-based, leading to better-targeted interventions and improved healthcare outcomes for citizens.

Furthermore, the data can be used to evaluate the impact of existing policies and make necessary adjustments for continuous improvement. Regular monitoring and analysis of the HWC Portal Daily Entry data ensure that the Ayushman Bharat scheme remains responsive to the changing healthcare needs of the population.


The HWC Portal Daily Entry: Portal for Ayushman Bharat Benefits article sheds light on the significance of the HWC online portal in providing access to the Ayushman Bharat health scheme benefits. Through the AB HWC Portal Daily Entry, health and wellness centers gather crucial data that facilitates analysis, reporting, trend identification, and informed decision-making.

By utilizing this data effectively, policymakers and health authorities can evaluate the scheme’s impact, identify areas for improvement, and formulate evidence-based policies to enhance healthcare services for all Indian citizens. The HWC Portal emerges as a valuable tool, empowering the healthcare system to address the population’s diverse needs better and make substantial strides toward a healthier nation.

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