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How to use artificial intelligence to create content?

The quality of the content on your website is one of the most important ranking criteria. Why invest so much effort and money in this? Let artificial intelligence tackle your everyday tasks since it’s the twenty-first century! Serpstat team has developed machine learning-based automated tools. Let’s now examine their capabilities. 

No matter the type of content, the following requirements are always present: 

  • logical structure;
  • uniqueness; 
  • topical theme;
  • thorough coverage of the subject;
  • grammar and stylistics.

 Additionally, you should create effective meta tags – Title and Description – so that readers can seek solutions in your text by searching for them. 

Quality content creation demands a significant amount of resources and time, but it yields positive results in high conversions, increased traffic and visibility, customer feedback, etc. 

The secret to enhancing productivity and achieving worthwhile goals is to adhere to a well-organized strategy and optimize each step.

This article’s objective is to examine how using Serpstat Content analysis tools can automate daily tasks for content development and optimization. The tools are based on the potent autoregressive language model GTP-3.

Let’s create an article together so you can understand how each tool functions. The primary phases in creating an article are: 

  • topic research;
  • selecting keywords; 
  • determining a structure;
  • writing the text;
  • double checking and editing the text;
  • adding multimedia;
  • adding meta tags. 

Topic discover

To begin with, you must learn more about the topic. In this case, enter a keyword into the search bar and choose a search area to discover the essential characteristics of your subject as well as related keywords, their level of demand, and their popularity. Go to the Keyword selection report to choose suitable keywords for a particular subject. 

Here can be found the list of generated keyword variations that can appeal to your audience. 

The report displays the competing websites’ top-100 Google rankings for semantically related keywords to the subject of the analysis. This data will enable us to research relevant keywords and generate fresh concepts for upcoming articles. 

For instance, “guitar playing” is the topic. Using the data, you can see that users are looking for guitar tabs for beginners, the simplest tabs, well-known tunes, and lessons—but not specifically for “playing the guitar.” 

Consider the report’s mentions of Volume and Keyword Difficulty. The terms “keyword volume” and “keyword difficulty” indicate the level of competition for a keyword to rank in the top 10 in organic search, respectively.

keyword volume

It is best to provide a keyword list after the topic analysis. Use the Related Keywords report in this instance. The top 20 Google SERP results for the given search region are included in this report together with all semantically related keywords. 

The topic relevancy will boost by using report keywords in the text, which your readers may discover swiftly. 

Notice! The text will lose its semantic significance if these keywords are overused, which will hurt its ranking in search engines.

ranking in search engines

The keyword list for the post will be expanded with one additional report, namely, Search Suggestions and queries. You can discover all the search engine suggestions that are relevant to your search queries. For instance, the search engine would suggest keyword variations like “guitar chords, tunes, stings, pricing, courses” when you enter the keyword “guitar”. 

This information can be used to create an article title. It can also be used to enhance the text structure and conclude a content plan. 

Using the questions submitted by actual users from the SERP, the Search questions mode simplifies the creation of the FAQ section of the article.

FAQ section of the article

Competitor analysis 

Analyzing competitors is another way for performing topic research. By looking at keywords and the quantity of relevant keywords on a website, the Top Pages report will demonstrate the pages with the highest traffic. 

Competitor analysis

Use filters to select pages for analysis that are more targeted; for instance, it may contain “blog.” 


How to generate content fast 

Look into tools that will help with quick and simple content writing after selecting the topic and creating a list of keywords for the piece.

Article generation tool

The title of the article will be assisted by a keyword list based on the topic discovery. Use the keyword from prior reports that best describes the report when creating the title; this will allow artificial intelligence to create the entire report from scratch. 

Enter your API token from your profile and the article title in the tool after going to the Content Analysis section — Article generation. Done! 

Check out my well-structured piece on “Guitar tabs for beginners,” which is broken up into paragraphs and headers that make sense.

Guitar tabs for beginners

Every time you use the tool, you’ll get a unique set of results that will help you optimize the article’s structure. By doing this, copywriters may create PRDs and SEO text more quickly. 

Compared to starting from blank, using ready text makes the process much more approachable.


Text paraphrase is another technique for creating fresh content. Earlier, we determined which pages received the most traffic by examining the Top pages report’s theme. Choose a page from this list and the suitable text to use. 

Copy it, then paste into the Paraphrasing Tool. Don’t forget to add your profile’s API token. The program will automatically create the additional text without sacrificing any of the original topic’s content. 

The uniqueness percentage is shown below.

uniqueness percentage

The quality of the information that benefits readers and the topic’s relevancy are what constitute unique content, not merely the number of unique words in a sentence. Although search engines don’t require high-quality metrics, poor text uniqueness will make it more difficult to rank at the top of the SERPs due to its flaws. Considering the advantages of highly original texts for readers, such as their usefulness, accuracy, and distinctiveness. All of these factors increase conversion rates, lower bounce rate, and lengthen the time spent on the website. You therefore receive excellent SEO articles.

Check the spam level

The following step is to check for spam and overused keywords. Such keywords can be found with the help of the Bag of Words tool. Copy the text for inspection, paste it into the relevant field, and then run the analysis. In a short while, you will get the result! 

spam level

The tool calculates the frequency of the text’s keywords and shows the results in a table. Correct your text by identifying the overused and underused keywords. 

You can also add text to the tool by changing the source to “From URL” and including a link to a page on your website. Doing so will allow you to receive a report on the volume of keyword spam.

Use your blog’s most popular keywords as tags or categories. You can enhance navigation, preserve the cohesive and coherent order of categories, and lengthen visitors’ average time on the website by tagging articles. Alternatively, you might use them as filters when looking for certain items. 

Another use for this tool is to quickly comprehend a text’s main idea or to examine customer reviews on websites like G2 or Product Hunt.

Keywords extraction

So now that the article is completed, we must analyze its relevance to the chosen topic. Given that it uses artificial intelligence, the Keyword Extraction tool will present a list of the most essential keywords in this case. Additionally, you can obtain such a list for any page to rapidly comprehend the primary text’s subject or track the rank dynamics in the Rank tracker. 

Depending on your task, configure the extraction settings appropriately: 

  • number of words in a keyword;
  • number of keywords to display;
  • the level of relevance to the added text;
  • remove stop keywords.

Keywords extraction

Rank tracker

Quickly check the keyword list with the Keyword batch analysis tool after downloading the result. Data about customer demand will be available, and you will be able to track changing metrics and assess the actual situation. 

Keyword batch analysis tool

Once the article is published, the pages of your website can track this keyword list in real-time using the Rank Tracker tool and the chosen search area. Add the keyword set from the Keyword extraction report to a new project and use the expected URL.

Rank Tracker tool

Title and Description Optimization

Let us optimize the meta tags on your pages after the primary task has been completed so that future readers may find the text more quickly. 

An essential component of on-page SEO optimization that improves search rankings is meta-tag optimization. These meta tags give the search engine the necessary details about the page to finish the snippet. 

Writing relevant meta tags that respond to customer queries about the page’s content is the responsibility of an SEO specialist. 

Create meta tags quickly with the help of the Title generation and Description generation tools! They use the text summary to create the meta tag text. 

To generate meta tags:

  • click on Content Analysis and the related tool in the sidebar;
  • add text up to 1 000 characters that describes a page;
  • click “Generate”;
  • get ready meta tag.

Title and Description Optimization

Title generation

Title generation

Description generation


Apply content analysis tools to develop techniques for automating each step, this will make each stage of your daily tasks simpler. The tools will be useful to anyone who interacts with text, including website owners, copywriters, editors, SEO experts, and anyone else who produces content. 

Keep in mind that, in addition to SEO optimization, your website’s major reviewers will be your visitors, clients, and readers. No matter what kind of content you are producing, it must be unique, relevant, and informative. An ongoing cycle of text updates raises user confidence and enhances the resource’s desirability.

You don’t need to pay any other services because the platform offers all the features you require in one place. Examine the competition in your sector, research keywords and search queries, and edit your content to maintain its originality. 



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