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How is Voice Technology becoming more widespread in India?

India is currently experiencing a profound shift as voice technology becomes increasingly ubiquitous. With the proliferation of smartphones and the internet, coupled with advancements in natural language processing, voice technology is rapidly gaining ground across various sectors in the country. This transformative trend is not only altering the way we interact with devices but is also shaping the future of communication, accessibility, and convenience.

Hindi is the second-most commonly used language in Google Assistant globally

Voice technology is experiencing an unprecedented surge worldwide, with over 500 million users engaging with Google Assistant every month. What is particularly noteworthy is the role of Hindi, which stands as the second most commonly used language, right after English. This global trend is increasingly reflected in India, where the adoption of voice technology is expanding rapidly.

60% of Indian smartphone users engage with voice

In India, the smartphone revolution has paved the way for a dynamic shift in how people interact with technology. A staggering 60% of users in the country are now leveraging voice assistants on their smartphones. This widespread adoption can be attributed to the convenience and accessibility offered by voice technology, especially for a diverse and multilingual population like India.

Gaana boosts accessibility with Voice Search

One significant barrier to internet access in India is literacy. Recognizing this challenge, Gaana, India’s largest music streaming service, took a pioneering step by integrating voice search functionality into its app. This move was strategically aimed at overcoming literacy barriers among new internet users, allowing them to navigate and explore content seamlessly through the power of their voice.

Vokal answers consumers in their native languages

Vokal, a mobile app, is playing a crucial role in democratizing information access. This app provides answers to common questions posted by consumers, and what makes it stand out is its commitment to linguistic diversity. Vokal caters to users in their own language, ensuring that language is not a barrier when seeking information. This approach not only fosters inclusivity but also aligns with India’s rich linguistic tapestry.

Reverie’s Gopal Suite is engaging non-english customers

Recognizing the linguistic diversity of India, Reverie Technologies has developed an Indic voice suite named Gopal. This innovative suite facilitates businesses in engaging with non-English-speaking customers across 12 Indian languages. Gopal is not merely a tool; it represents a stride towards inclusivity, enabling businesses to connect with a broader customer base in their preferred language.

Dhiyo allows AI-Powered resume creation via voice

In a nation where a substantial workforce is engaged in blue-collar occupations, Dhiyo emerges as a transformative force. This AI-powered voice platform empowers job seekers by allowing them to create résumés effortlessly, just by speaking into their smartphones. By eliminating the need for typing, Dhiyo not only streamlines the job application process but also ensures that technology becomes an ally for those who may face literacy challenges.


The widespread adoption of voice technology is not just a technological trend; it is a transformative force that is shaping the digital future of India. Its impact on various sectors and the daily lives of people is poised to become even more profound.

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