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Five Google Classroom Extensions That Make Google Classroom Even More Awesome!

More than 2 billion people use Google Chrome for surfing, exploring, and communicating information. Chrome is a search engine and a colossal pool of help for instructors and learners. But the benefit of Chrome in education is more comprehensive than digging for information. 

As an educator, you must include using a planner to plan your lessons and hours consumed in the classroom. A physical planner supplies you with the functionality to organize better. Similarly, Chrome presents miscellaneous classroom extensions to deliver different functionalities to educators and students.

A Google attachment is like a schedule or an application that can be established and operated simultaneously on the Chrome browser. One attachment can assist you in planning, while another can be utilized to share files or feedback with students. There are many Chrome attachments available catering to the varying requirements of educators. 

After extensive analysis of miscellaneous Google educational tools, educators – A Google For Education Partner Company – have gathered the most valuable Google Classroom Extension for teachers. The analysis supported finding out the most accustomed tools by educators in the classroom and how teachers apply these tools in the teaching-learning cycle. Here are 7 of the best Google Classroom Extensions teachers can utilize to improve the teaching-learning procedure.


After extended hours of training, no teacher glances forward to ordering long paragraphs of review on tests and projects. But grading, review, and feedback are crucial to a teacher’s job. What if you can discover a tool that can reduce the feedback approach?

With the Beep Audio review extension, you can document your feedback and vacate the links on Docs, Gmail, or Google Classroom. As its motto says, “Type Less, Say More,” this is an extreme Google Classroom Extension for feedback.


All teachers reached across students daily who needed assistance completing the assignment as they ignored applying a formula or a new approach. This shows holds in submissions and even hinders the education process. What if educators could document the resolutions on their screens and communicate the answers immediately with the students? Appears like a dream? Not anymore. 

Screencastify is the most helpful screen recording device on the internet. Operating the application or the Chrome extension works best for recording, editing, and transmitting video instructions or tutorials. 

Teachers can begin creating videos in minutes utilizing Screencastify. These videos can then be transferred with a Watch page that lets you follow the witnesses and count open-ended interactive queries.


Are you that one teacher accountable for all the writing-related positions in your school or college? Or do you like to operate Google Docs somewhat of reporting everything manually? Most educators utilize tools like Google Docs to accomplish all the typing work, and even students tend to use such tools to write and present assignments. 

Despite proofreading hundreds of terms, our writing requires a proper grammar check, and writing flawlessly needs completing at least ten mistakes in a 500-word essay. This is why Grammarly is such a widespread tool for all writing tasks. 

Grammarly attachments for tools can be added to the Chrome browser. You can own writing while Grammarly will consider the editing part. Red lines are used for mistakes, and blue lines are used for suggestions. With Grammarly, there is no requirement to proofread, as you can revise your document while writing it.

Read & Write

Teachers generally utilize Google Chrome for researching, reading, and handwriting. The read & Write Chrome attachment is the perfect combination of every help you will require to improve your reading and writing on the Chrome browser. 

The Read&Write Chrome Extension supplies different functionalities for learning. Here’s what you can accomplish with this Chrome Extension.

  • Utilize text-to-speech, and you can listen to any document. Each word will be read aloud, and users can even operate dual-color highlighting for marking the text. 
  • Use a textual and a pictorial dictionary to find the definitions of words while reading. It can help pupils and teachers to increase their vocabulary alike.
  • Dictate operates the text-to-speech characteristic, and you will never have to stress about typing long documents.
  • Use the word projection tool for word guidance while you type.

Many different characteristics are available for sweetening homework and writing by operating the Read&Write Chrome Extension.

Google Input Tools

There need to be more infusion tools for restricted languages. Teachers of provincial languages and vernacular language lecturers and students require special input instruments. For teachers and speech learners, Google Input Tools are the enchantment wand. This Chrome extension delivers virtual keyboards for over 90 languages, a transliteration instrument for over 30 languages, and even penmanship information for over 40 languages.


Computers are excellent tools for any language. But what about those complex Mathematics equations? How does one position those complex Math troubles in a document? The equation is ideal for developing mathematical equations, quizzes, and writing directions on a digital file. 

Teachers and students can use Equatio to either class or even handwrite any mathematical presentation or equations without straining too much time and labor. For instance, when you order an expression like sq, it will portray an impartial root as it apprehends what the users mean to type. It can even attend to audio schooling and type the proper formula or expression, ignoring the insides like “um” and “hmm.”


Annotating is an essential part of learning in the classroom, and a blank textbook without annotations typically signifies the textbook is unread. With the Kami attachment for Chrome, teachers and pupils can collaborate inside and further the classroom.

Kami delivers everything a student and an educator ought to teach and understand. From text-to-speech tools to annotating components, you can get everything in one attachment. Destroy paperwork in the classroom and relinquish interactive learning patterns using the Kami Chrome attachment.


Chrome extensions for the classroom can create understanding fun and straightforward. Teachers must endeavor to comprehend how to operate these extensions and other valuable learning aids to enhance teaching-learning. There is a massive pool of help in the form of Chrome extensions that can assemble education a seamless experience even from foreign corners of the world.


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