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Do I need a Separate Family Health Insurance if my family is already covered under a Corporate Health Insurance

Health is the most important aspect of one’s life. In today’s world, as one chases professional success and fulfillment, they tend to forget the importance of taking care of their own health. This negligence results in serious health complications overtime. This situation gets even worse when the finances for health are not planned for much earlier. This is why owning health insurance is an absolute must and prudent step. It saves time, and eliminates the angst of arranging for a huge sum when something unforeseeable happens. But luckily for corporate employees working in certain sectors such as IT, they have the option of availing of a family health plan that insures the entire family. But a worthy question to ask here is whether one should get a family health plan despite owning a corporate health insurance. In this blog you will get the answer to this particular question, and also get to know about the health insurance schemes offered by Chola ms health insurance. 

Corporate health policies can be considered a boon, as it takes up the job of providing coverage not just for the employee but their family as well. This can be beneficial for employees working in companies as they do not have to pay high premium amounts to other insurance providers, and can also cut down on the research that usually goes into finding the right insurance provider. While this is highly useful, it cannot be one should be cautious enough to have proper backups. These policies also have certain limitations of their own. 

Limitations of Corporate Health Policies:

Since a Corporate health insurance is not the primary means through which one avails of an insurance scheme, it is bound to have some limitations that one needs to be aware of. 

Limited Coverage Amount:

The coverage amount provided by Corporate health policies are usually fixed. This means that one cannot extend that amount to spend on serious and grave health complications. 

Job Change or Loss:

While it is convenient to enjoy the perks of a corporate health policy, it might not always continue to be the case especially when one decides to switch jobs. In such a case, the policy becomes nullified. This might practically leave the family without any insurance if they have not already arranged for something else in place of this. 

Customization Options:

Customization is not an option when it comes to corporate health plans. This can come at a disadvantage to many. 

The Role of a Family Health Plan:

A family health plan is useful if one of these above situations were to take place. It provides one protection, and the benefits of customizing the amount of coverage and other things as per the needs of the family. Chola MS health insurance has many insurance policies that one can make use of based on their needs and goals.  

Family Health Plan at Chola MS Insurance:

Extended Coverage:

Chola MS Health Insurance has wide range of health insurance schemes. We encourage you to consider one that can cover an entire family without having to compromise on the needs of a particular individual. This is even more pertinent if one is suffering from a prolonged illness. 

Cashless Hospitalization:

At Chola MS Health Insurance, we provide cashless hospitalization at a vast network of hospitals. This feature simplifies the claim process for customers. Do check for the network strength as it ensures that you receive timely medical attention from a reputed institution which is also conveniently located and without financial stress.

While owning a corporate health insurance scheme is certainly a good option to lean on, it cannot be the only source of insurance for a family. This is why a Family Health Plan can come as a boon during times of need. Make a smart choice by investing in such plans and experience the benefits of well thought out insurance coverage. 


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