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DiSTI’s Simulation & Virtual Training Solutions Redefining Aviation Training Standards


DiSTI has stood at the forefront of transformative advancements for over three decades, charting an impressive journey through its unwavering dedication to innovation in virtual training solutions. Esteemed across a diverse array of verticals—including Aviation, Technology, Automotive, Defense, Industrial, Medical, and Space—DiSTI’s expertise is not just recognized but celebrated for pushing boundaries and redefining the realms of possibility. 

This remarkable legacy is built on a foundation of exceeding customer expectations, where each solution is meticulously tailored to meet its clientele’s specific needs and interests. At the heart of DiSTI’s aviation innovations lies GL Studio®, a testament to the company’s pioneering spirit. GL Studio®’s HMI software development tools are game-changers that facilitate the rapid prototyping of complex avionics displays. This capability ensures seamless interaction within training simulators and production aircraft, marking a significant leap forward in the efficiency and effectiveness of aviation training and operational support. Through GL Studio®, DiSTI continues to elevate the standards of excellence in HMI design, solidifying its position as a leader in the industry.

Challenges Of Traditional Training Methods 

While traditional aviation training provides a foundation, it often struggles to adapt to individual learning styles and realistically simulate complex malfunctions. This translates to longer training times, lower knowledge retention, and, ultimately, a less prepared workforce.

These limitations highlight the critical need for innovative training solutions. Enter virtual training methods – a revolution in aviation training. Unlike traditional approaches, virtual training offers adaptability, scalability, and realism that bridges the gap between classroom learning and real-world scenarios. Through immersive simulations, trainees can safely practice rare or complex situations, fostering deeper understanding and knowledge retention. This shift towards technologically advanced virtual training solutions in the aviation industry cultivates a highly skilled and adaptable workforce prepared to meet the evolving demands of modern aircraft.

DiSTI’s GL Studio®: Revolutionizing Interactive Training And Aircraft Systems

In today’s aviation industry, ensuring a highly skilled and prepared workforce is paramount. Yet, traditional training methods often fall short, leaving technicians underprepared for the complexities of modern aircraft. Here’s where DiSTI steps in. DiSTI leverages a revolutionary data-driven approach to the training, delivering an immersive and adaptable experience that bridges the gap between classroom learning and real-world scenarios.

Unrivaled Excellence In Avionics Development

For those dedicated to achieving the pinnacle of safety-critical development within avionics, GL Studio® stands out as the quintessential choice. Engineered with precision for DO-178C compliance up to Design Assurance Level A, GL Studio® has earned its place as the go-to HMI (Human-Machine Interface) software development tool among global industry leaders. Its aircraft and spacecraft adoption across the aerospace sector underscores its reliability and excellence. 

Key Features of GL Studio® include:

  • DO-178C Compliance: Tailored for the highest safety-critical development standards, ensuring reliability and safety in avionics applications.
  • Global Adoption: Trusted by industry leaders for mission-critical applications in aircraft and spacecraft worldwide.
  • WYSIWYG Environment: This environment simplifies the design process with a “What You See Is What You Get” interface, allowing for the direct creation and manipulation of graphics.
  • Intuitive Geometry Creation: Offers tools for drawing, grouping, ordering, and texturing, eliminating the need for writing complex graphical code.
  • Real-Time Interaction: Facilitates the development of highly interactive 2D and 3D geometries, enhancing the user experience and operational efficiency.

Virtual Instrumentation: Elevate Your Simulation And Training

By leveraging advanced virtual technologies, organizations can create a diverse range of simulation and training devices that surpass traditional methods in flexibility, scalability, and effectiveness. Virtual instrumentation opens up a new realm of possibilities, from initial design concepts to fully immersive training experiences, facilitating unparalleled accuracy and realism in a controlled, safe environment.

Key Applications of Virtual Instrumentation:

  • Rapid Virtual Prototypes: Accelerate the design and testing phase with virtual prototypes that can be rapidly iterated, reducing time to market and enabling thorough testing without the need for physical prototypes.
  • Repeater Panels: Enhance operational training with virtual repeater panels replicating real-world control systems, providing a cost-effective solution for complex system training.
  • Embedded Displays: Integrate high-fidelity, interactive displays into virtual environments to simulate real-world interfaces, improving user interaction and experience.
  • Instructor Training Aids: Empower instructors with sophisticated training tools that offer dynamic, scenario-based training capabilities and adapt to various learning objectives and styles.
  • Instructor Operator Stations: Equip trainers with advanced control stations that manage simulations, monitor trainee progress, and adjust scenarios in real-time for effective learning outcomes.
  • Desktop, Part-task, And Full Mission Trainers: Virtual instrumentation supports various training needs from basic skills acquisition to full mission rehearsals, allowing for scalable solutions that address specific skill gaps and operational requirements.

Scene Graph Integration: Universal Compatibility

GL Studio® enables creators to design cockpit and instrumentation content once and seamlessly integrate it across various OpenGL or DirectX scene graphs. This universal adaptability accelerates development cycles and enhances consistency across platforms.

  • Unity & Unreal: Integrate with the leading game engines for unparalleled visual quality and interactivity.
  • Lockheed Martin Prepar3D: Ensure compatibility with this immersive Virtual Training environment for aviation.
  • MAK VR-Vantage / VE-Engage: Adapt to these versatile simulation platforms for comprehensive training scenarios.
  • Presagis Vega Prime: Leverage this powerful visualization tool for realistic environmental simulations.
  • Rockwell Collins EP: Integrate with advanced avionics and simulation solutions for authentic experiences.
  • OpenSceneGraph: Utilize this open-source graphics engine for high-performance, real-time rendering.
  • Genesis RT/RTX: Ensure smooth integration with this framework for real-time visual simulation.
  • Bohemia Interactive Simulations: Compatibility with this leader in military simulation and training solutions enhances tactical training realism.

Flight Simulators: The Pinnacle Of Realism And Accuracy

Experience the ultimate in-flight training with Level D-qualified flight simulators. Designed to replicate real flight conditions with unmatched precision, these simulators offer pilots immersive training experiences that closely mimic the sensations and challenges of actual flying.

Instrumentation: Precise replication of aircraft instrumentation for authentic training experiences.

Full Motion Trainers: Advanced full-motion platforms that simulate real-life aircraft movements and responses.

Flight Training Devices: High-fidelity devices that offer realistic flight scenarios for various training stages.

Reconfigurable Cockpit Trainers: Versatile training solutions that can be adapted to mimic different aircraft types, enhancing pilot adaptability and skill.

Key Benefits of DiSTI’s Advanced Aviation Simulation & Training

DiSTI’s advanced virtual simulation & training solutions provide an immersive, realistic learning environment that significantly enhances the trainees’ ability to retain and apply knowledge in real-world scenarios. 

Pre-Built Virtual Cockpits: Jumpstart Your Simulation Projects

GL Studio’s ready-to-use virtual cockpits offer a swift start for simulation projects across fixed-wing, rotary, and land vehicles. These turnkey solutions minimize development time and costs, easily integrate with minimal effort, and allow for customizable content to meet unique project needs. Each package includes a Windows DLL or Linux SO, .NET Controls, GL Studio Design File, and essential textures and behaviors, streamlining your development process.

Enhancing Skills And Safety With Immersive Virtual Training

GL Studio’s simulation cockpits deliver an unmatched immersive training experience with realistic 2D and 3D displays, boosting training effectiveness. Users can acquire and refine basic and advanced skills through comprehensive simulations, ensuring proficiency and safety. The platform offers a risk-free environment for practicing emergency and routine scenarios, aiding in risk identification and mitigation. This holistic training approach improves skill levels, safety, and operational efficiency.

Dive Into Realistic Training With DiSTI’s Library Of Cockpits

DiSTI offers an unparalleled selection of pre-built cockpits through our GL Studio integration, ensuring you have the perfect platform for any aviation training need.  Explore virtual cockpits for a wide range of aircraft and helicopters:

  • Aircraft: Train on industry workhorses like the A320, B737-MAX, and C-130E/H alongside advanced trainers, including the T-1 and F-15.
  • Helicopters: Master helicopter operations with our library, which features the AH-64 Apache, Bell 412, CH-47 Chinook, and a comprehensive selection of Black Hawk variants.

Simulation & Training Solutions Reshaping The Future Of Aviation Industry

DiSTI, a leader in aviation industry virtual training solutions, is here to transform how your workforce learns, and this includes:

  • Interactive 3D Learning: Dive into realistic scenarios replicating real-world challenges, enhancing understanding and retention.
  • Customized Training Modules: Tailor your training to fit specific needs, ensuring a highly effective and relevant learning journey.
  • Global Accessibility: You can train from anywhere worldwide, breaking down geographical barriers and opening up new possibilities for remote education.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Minimize expenses related to traditional training methods while maximizing educational value and operational efficiency.

Discover a world where learning is boundless, and prepare your team for the challenges of tomorrow with confidence and expertise. 


In today’s rapidly evolving aviation industry, ensuring your workforce possesses the most up-to-date skills and knowledge is critical for maintaining safety, efficiency, and a competitive edge. DiSTI’s Advanced Simulation & Training Solutions provide a powerful answer to this challenge.

DiSTI isn’t just keeping pace with the aviation industry; it’s exceeding expectations. Its virtual simulation and training solutions go beyond simply excelling in training. They offer solutions designed to address the unique needs of each aviation sector. Whether you require comprehensive pilot training for the latest aircraft models or effective crew resource management simulations, DiSTI’s expertise can best fit your specific requirements.

DiSTI’s Advanced Simulation and Training Solutions leverage the transformative power of Virtual Reality (VR) technology. Imagine your pilots training in a hyper-realistic, virtual cockpit environment, practicing emergency procedures or instrument landings in complete safety. Envision technicians receive step-by-step guidance on intricate repairs through interactive 3D visualizations. 

In addition to DiSTI’s GL Studio, a diverse array of VR solutions is available to craft immersive, precision-driven training experiences that transcend conventional approaches, nurturing enhanced knowledge retention, refined skillsets, and remarkable training efficacy. These encompass:

  • VE Studio®: Providing a premier platform for developing virtual maintenance training, VE Studio delivers unparalleled realism and effectiveness.
  • VE Mentor™: Simplifying the creation of both classroom and hands-on training, VE Mentor™ empowers trainers to optimize learning outcomes effortlessly.
  • DiSTI Schoolhouse™: Leveraging the learning management system (LMS) of your preference, DiSTI Schoolhouse facilitates rapid deployment at scale, ensuring seamless integration with existing training frameworks.

Don’t just train your workforce; empower them with the future of aviation excellence by investing in DiSTI’s Advanced Simulation & Training Solutions to gain a competitive advantage.

Explore DiSTI’s website to discover a world of innovative training possibilities.  Contact [email protected] today and join the forefront of aviation training with DiSTI.  Together, we can revolutionize your training programs and empower your team to soar toward a future of unparalleled success.

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