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Coinbase Vault: Exploring the Security Measures

Newcomers and seasoned investors alike continue to worry about their money in the volatile world of cryptocurrency. Because of the recent boom in the value of digital assets, exchanges like Coinbase have shot to prominence thanks to their intuitive designs and extensive offerings. Coinbase Vault, one of the service’s standout features, provides users with a safe place to store their digital currencies. In this piece, we’ll examine the inner workings of the Coinbase Vault and evaluate its security features to see if it’s as safe as it claims to be.

What is Crypto Vault?

A crypto vault is an offline storage facility for digital currencies. An improvement over a crypto wallet, a crypto vault is a service provided by an exchange or other reliable source that stores your coins and digital money offline. When learning how to invest, knowing where to put your money is crucial for avoiding financial disaster.

Your cryptocurrency will be protected in a “cold wallet,” which is a hardware wallet that is not online. Your cold wallet is analogous to the safe in which you keep your valuables and official papers; it contains the vast majority of your crypto assets.

You can store your money in a crypto vault if you don’t want to utilise a hardware wallet. Tokens held in a hot wallet on a third-party website are generally safe, as they are protected by the vault’s administrator.

Token shares can be stored in a vault, but removing them will require the consent of many other owners. Compared to wallet withdrawals, vault withdrawals are more discreet and offer an additional layer of security. Therefore, it is recommended that you maintain both for varying needs

Customers with an active Coinbase account have access to a secure storage facility. Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE), and LiteCoin (LTC) are all examples of this. All these currencies and more are accepted in the Coinbase Vault.

Similar services may be offered by alternative Bitcoin exchanges. One may consider Gemini’s Custody service a digital safe deposit box.

How does Coinbase Vault Work?

A crypto vault’s primary function is to safely store substantial quantities of bitcoin over extended periods of time. You’ll need a safe place to store your tokens as you learn how to acquire bitcoin.

Tokens can be kept in a hot wallet or on an exchange for quick and simple access during trading and transactions, but long-term storage is best handled in a cold storage wallet, such as a safe. It’s analogous to the choice between depositing money in an easily accessible bank account and locking it away in a safe deposit box, where it will be more difficult to retrieve the funds.

Coinbase stores 98% of your funds offline in actual vaults and safe deposit boxes worldwide. In addition, the Coinbase Vault prioritises withdrawal delays and allows for the addition of security elements before approving a withdrawal.

Coinbase Vault also allows you to invite additional owners. If you jointly own crypto assets, you can establish procedures to ensure that only one owner can liquidate their holdings with the approval of all other owners.

Just like setting up a crypto wallet with Coinbase is free of charge, so is setting up a Coinbase Vault. You may see details about the vault in your account’s portfolio. Transferring funds from your Coinbase wallet to your vault is simple, and you can even give out your vault address so that others may send you tokens.

Is Coinbase vault safe?

Your coins are secure in the Coinbase vault. The organisation takes the security of its customers’ information very seriously and has installed several safeguards. Coinbase Vault also places a premium on consumer security. 

The organisation has implemented all of the safety measures required to keep your property secure at all times. The organisation has staffed up with security professionals to protect the wellbeing of its clientele. 

The site is monitored by an in-house security staff who are accessible around the clock to look into any unusual user behaviour. It has teamed up with external security firms to double-check that every precaution has been taken.

Two-factor authentication and a protected user interface are only two of the safety features the platform offers.

In the event of a hack, Coinbase cannot steal your bitcoins since it cannot access your private keys. Therefore, even if there were a security breach, they could not get their hands on your Bitcoins stored in the vault. 

Only if you lose access to the two-factor authentication credentials generated by Google Authenticator or another 2FA software on your phone will they be able to access your bitcoins stored in the vault.

Two-factor authentication necessitates the use of a code delivered to your mobile device. The code won’t be sent if you don’t input the right password. 

Therefore, even if there is a security breach, the attacker cannot steal your bitcoins unless they also manage to get their hands on your phone and use the Google Authenticator app.

Your bitcoins in Coinbase Vault are safe because only you can access the two-factor authentication codes delivered to your phone through Google Authenticator or another 2FA app.

Your bitcoins in the Coinbase Vault are safe because only you have access to the two-factor authentication codes given to your phone through Google Authenticator or another 2FA app. There are two things to think about while implementing 2FA:

One, your password ought to be robust and difficult to guess. A minimum of 5 characters including both upper and lower case letters is required. It shouldn’t be anything you can look up in a dictionary or a common name.

Ensure your phone is safe and you have full access to it. Your phone might be hacked in several different methods, including but not limited to:

  • Theft or loss of your phone
  • As in the case of a house invasion, someone obtains access to your phone physically.
  • A third party intercepts your phone call using a computer or mobile device that they have compromised with malware. 
  • Malware on your computer or phone allows an intruder to access your phone from a distance.
  • An unauthorised third party obtains your Google Authenticator app’s password and then uses it to take over control of your mobile device.
  • If someone were to obtain your Google Authenticator app’s password, they might use it to take over the app on another user’s device and bypass their 2FA protections. 
  • If someone were to obtain your Google Authenticator app’s password, they might use it to take over the app on another user’s device and bypass their 2FA protections.

Should I Use Coinbase Vault?

Keeping your bitcoins in Coinbase Vault is a good idea. If you are concerned about the safety of your bitcoins or would like to take preventative measures, this is a great choice. The bitcoins you save in Coinbase Vault are safe and secure.

Setting up recurring payments and monitoring your spending are just two of the many Coinbase Vault tools that make keeping track of your money simple. Coinbase Vault, for instance, employs cutting-edge encryption to safeguard your trades.

It’s simple to use and doesn’t need you to give up control of your bitcoins. To keep your bitcoin safe and accessible from any location, you may utilise Coinbase Vault.

Businesses can only do with Coinbase Vault and its convenient cryptocurrency storage and management features.

This implies that you may safely spend and invest in cryptocurrency without worrying about losing or having it stolen. Coinbase Vault also provides a free key, which makes it simple to begin working with cryptocurrency.


Because to its multi-signature authentication, time-delayed withdrawals, offline storage, geographical dispersion, and insurance coverage, the Coinbase Vault may be seen as a safe choice for holding your bitcoins. Remember that no security mechanism is infallible, and that user education and good habits go a long way towards protecting your digital possessions.

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