May 27, 2022
Chrome extensions Blogs | IEMLabs

Recently, researchers and experts at Kapersky have detected that popular Google Chrome Extensions have been used to play videos in user’s browsers and increase the view counts. More than twenty Browser extensions have been used by the culprits to use chrome on user’s devices with malicious intentions.

 The attackers secretly played videos on the users’ browser as their main motive was to create traffic to the videos. Attackers played the videos with the chrome extension when the user was actually using the browser so that the eventual slowing down of the computer does not get highlighted but users could hear the sound of videos in background.

 Kapersky have warned all the users about such dangerous Chrome extensions that have been used for malicious purposes. In order to prevent such malicious activities, users must install security solutions that detect threats in Google Chrome and other browsers. If some malicious plug-in is detected then those plug-ins must be deleted to ensure security of devices.

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