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Charging Your Electric Car: Dos and Don’ts

Electric vehicles (EVs) are rapidly becoming a staple on roads across the globe, offering an eco-friendly alternative to traditional petrol and diesel cars. With the rise in EV adoption, understanding the nuances of charging your electric vehicle is crucial for both new and seasoned EV owners. In essence, charging an EV is not just about plugging it in; it involves a series of best practices and considerations to ensure your vehicle’s battery remains healthy and efficient over time.

This article aims to guide you through the essential dos and don’ts of EV charging, helping you navigate the complexities of electric car maintenance. Additionally, we will explore the best EV charging apps in the UK, providing you with the tools you need to locate charging stations easily and manage your charging sessions effectively. Whether you are a new EV owner or looking to refine your charging habits, this guide will equip you with the knowledge to make the most of your electric vehicle.

Dos of EV Charging

When it comes to charging your EV, adopting the right habits can significantly impact the efficiency, longevity, and overall performance of your car. Here are the key best practices to follow:

  • Charge Between 20% and 80%: One of the most effective ways to maximise your EV’s battery lifespan is by maintaining its charge level between 20% and 80%. This practice helps avoid the stress and potential damage caused by completely discharging and fully charging the battery. Lithium-ion batteries, which power most EVs, have a finite number of charge cycles, and keeping the charge within this range can help preserve these cycles, extending the battery’s life.
  • Use a Smart Charger: Enhancing your charging experience at home with a smart charger can offer significant benefits. Smart chargers are designed to operate during off-peak hours, which not only reduces electricity costs but also utilises lower tariffs, making EV charging more economical. Additionally, smart chargers often come with features that allow you to monitor and control charging sessions via a smartphone app, providing convenience and flexibility in managing your EV’s charging.
  • Plan Your Charging Sessions: For those embarking on long journeys, planning your charging stops is essential to ensure you never run out of power. Utilising an EV charging app can be incredibly helpful in locating available charging stations along your route. These apps often provide real-time information on the status of charging points, including their availability, charging speed, and cost, enabling you to make informed decisions and plan your stops efficiently.
  • Regular Maintenance: Regular maintenance of your EV’s charging cable and port is crucial for safe and efficient charging. Over time, these components can exhibit indications of damage or wear and tear, such as loose connections or fraying cables, which could potentially lead to charging inefficiencies or safety hazards. Conducting periodic checks allows you to identify and address any issues promptly, ensuring that your EV’s charging system remains in optimal condition.

Don’ts of EV Charging

While there are several best practices to follow, it is equally important to be aware of the don’ts of EV charging. These guidelines help prevent common mistakes that could compromise your EV’s performance and battery health. With that in mind, here is what to avoid:

  • Avoid Regular Fast Charging: Fast chargers are a boon for quick top-ups, but frequent use can accelerate battery wear. Reserve fast charging for long-distance travel or emergencies.
  • Do Not Let the Battery Fully Deplete: Consistently draining your battery to zero can significantly reduce its lifespan. Aim to recharge once your battery level approaches 20%.
  • Do Not Ignore Charging Etiquette: Public charging stations are shared resources. Be mindful of others by unplugging and relocating your car as soon as it is charged, making room for the next user.
  • Avoid Charging in Extreme Temperatures: Batteries are sensitive to extreme temperatures. Charge your EV under moderate conditions to avoid putting additional stress on the battery.

List of the Best EV Charging Apps in the UK

In the rapidly evolving landscape of EVs in the UK, having access to reliable and user-friendly EV charging apps is essential for a seamless driving experience. Below is a list of the best EV charging apps in the UK, each with its unique set of features designed to cater to the needs of EV owners.

App Features
Bonnet Provides access to multiple charging networks across the UK, offering transparent pricing and the ability to manage charging sessions easily.
Zap-Map A comprehensive app that allows users to find charging stations, plan routes, and share updates on charger availability.
PlugShare Offers a global database of charging stations, with user feedback and the capability to filter by charger type and network.


The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, as the EV market continues to evolve, staying informed about best charging practices and utilising the latest technology will keep you ahead in the sustainable driving game. By following these guidelines, you can maximise your EV’s efficiency and lifespan. Additionally, leveraging the best EV charging apps in the UK will make finding and accessing charging stations hassle-free, enhancing your overall EV ownership experience. 

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