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Can Augmented Reality Devices Replace Traditional Learning Tools?

From floppy to Cloud. Learning is evolving by leaps and bounds.

Technology and device stack is capturing the education industry from left, right and center. It is becoming a larger piece of the pie. Where it was once a lingering promise, the virtual learning paradise is now here, thanks to tech variants like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality in education, and Metaverse.

What has changed? More so, it is the tides that have turned and learning has transformed from a dreary chore into a pedestal which makes reskilling and learning comparatively easier.

With technological tweaks in the educational and learning strata, there is a lot of upliftment that has happened. Conformism is tweaked to an immersive and kind of a euphoric dash of Lala-land in learning. And, it has to be the biggest turning point of the traditional learning board.

There are immensely immersive attributes that the stellar techs like AR are panning out in the learning genre. But, still zoom burnouts are real. So, let’s see if AR technology will catapult the mass learner folks or students to a point where traditional learning patterns will take a backseat?

Let’s explore.

Will Augmented Reality & Ed-Tech take over Traditional Learning?

Well, technologies like Augmented Reality in education have for sure a higher bandwidth of attributes that one can rely on to augment and leverage a better learning. Again, its cemented stance on swapping the traditional learning tools or methodology is arguably shaky.

People have woven traditional learning styles and approaches into their lives, and they are undoubtedly the primary choice for a considerable portion of students. And, this nowhere suggests that there is any lukewarm adoption of Edtech. The edtech norm is picking up in the market as the user base is increasing.

And, if we take into account the traditional learning patterns. There is a symphony and active reliance on the brick-and-mortar form of learning.

On the hindsight, tech based learning can be considered as a backrest and an immersive swap which not just makes learning interesting to some unworldly level. But, it also makes it a winning spot and scratches more than just the surface of explanation for the learners. Let’s see how?

Augmented reality has a plethora of indifferent and unrealistic ways of equipping the students with learning.

How AR Technology makes Learning Comparatively Easier?

  1. Immersive Learning via AR: With Augmented Reality learning has moved past the stereotypical methods. Learning by interacting with the physical and virtual objects has proven to be highly simulating. Morso, it has rightly resulted in long-term knowledge retention.
  2. Expanded the Learning Horizon: The learning concepts are blended with hyper-realistic attributes. Technological facelifts like AR, VR or MR have revamped the knowledge consumption.
  3. Redefined Learning Concepts: Real time learning has overturned the learning game for the education population. The entire scenario from a time blocked learning system at schools is now an open learning ambit for the learners to seek at any time. Over that, the tech advances like extended reality have made it easy to analyze data and accelerate learning exponentially on a virtual basis.
  4. Learning made Attractive: The entire influx of Augmented Reality in education, with  Extended Reality and Mixed reality features grabs and captures the learner’s attention. Indifferent and attractive learning styles to modernize and keep learning fresh for the students.
  5. Augmented Learning Facets: One of the best takeaways of Ed-tech is that it has helped the institutes in bringing down the distraction rate among the learners. Like it is the best target when it comes to learning at a consistent pace.
  6. App-Based Learning: Yes, the Ed-tech approach is beyond the physical learning boundaries and one can learn in a flexible manner. Devices is the new learning ambit with multiple apps designed to captivate students’ attention via interactive learning designs.

Is Augmented Reality the Future of Education?

It is high time, we move past the argument loop of which pattern is superior to which. There are perks to each of the learning styles be it Ed-tech learning or traditional learning patterns. Both have their pros and cons.

But, coming to the hyped ambit of learning. Yes, the Augmented Reality supported learning has marched in a great level of fanbase and reliance. However, that completely wiping off the dependence of Traditional learning patterns like Peer 2 Peer learning is out of the question.

Although, what we will do is. We will put up rational points that arguably resonate with the competitive upper hand that the modern learning tools like the Augmented Reality Devices based learning have over the mainstream/traditional learning styles.

  • Immersive Learning styles powered by technologies like AR, VR, XR and MR replicate reality in a way that makes learning widely attractive and easier.
  • Tech wearables technology like for example Jio Glasses makes learning better. There are a myriad of ways it promotes an unworldly level of learning in a hyper realistic way.
  • 1 out of 4 people in the current age, opts for tech-based learning.
  • Visual learning methods improve the comprehension level of learning and knowledge retention by 400%.
  • Engagement is accelerated via 3D classroom as visuals trigger emotions and creates a link between the subject matter and the learning process. The science behind this is that the visual memory is stored in the temporal lobe where the emotions are processed.
  • Visual or virtual tech based learning augments quick reflexes through simulations.
  • Also, Avatar based, game-play oriented and real-life based interactive learning patterns has accelerated the learning potential amongst the students.
  • Personalized learning is one of the biggest takeaways that the tech-based modern space of learning has unfolded.

Stats Fact: By 2027, the user penetration on online learning platforms is to mark a high of 11.6% from 9.5%.

Also, did you know that E-Learning is not a recent discovery? The first E-Learning lesson was pitched back in 1990. However, the entire wave of Ed-tech and these tech-advances like AR, VR or even Metaverse cannot entirely white wash and swap the traditional crux of education and learning styles that has been engraved since centuries. Because let’s be real, even ed-tech is not free of burnouts even if it is powered by augmented reality in education and training.

Having said this, there are a plethora of counter reasons that rightly dictates the traditional lengths of the mainstream and conventional learning tools. Let’s dig in.

Why AR or Metaverse won’t Replace the Traditional Learning Approach?

From Active learning to ultra immersive learning and from mainstream learning to hyper-realistic engaging ambit of learning. Or newer learning traits powered by Metaverse in edtech like Virtual classrooms, Practical Learning, Virtual Campus activities that would catapult into hyper realistic learning for anatomy or any historical lesson.

AR technology and technology as a whole have undeniably opened up a great space for innovative learning styles. And, it for sure has improved the entire knowledge consumption and retention rate. But, has it been so pioneering and effective that it can replace and take over the age old tried and relied traditional learning patterns?

Well, let’s decode.

  • The century backed conventional learning patterns have a strengthened comfort and unified approach that the learners opt for.
  • Conventional learning is imperative. A collaborative approach of a quick mix of ed-tech and traditional learning can be a viable approach.
  • Owing to the fundamental principles of traditional learning styles, there is a known level of dynamic learning culture and rapport between the teacher and student.
  • Traditional learning patterns are comparatively cost-effective, easy to adapt and independent of network, connection or suite of devices.

Whereas, neither of these are the ultimate ‘Solo Pick.’ But to accelerate skills and promote modern age innovative learning you need to connect with a prominent AR VR Development Company. On the other hand, there is no bidding adieu to the traditional and conventional brick and mortar learning.

More so, the entire conquest of superiority that Augmented Reality modern approach of learning and Web 3.0 entails over the century old recommended Traditional learning tools has no derived end. Because learning is a personal and individual approach and varies with individuals.


While AR in education has been highly lucrative. And, seemingly evolution and innovation is the key to staying abreast in this day and age. And, so is to connect with Ed-Tech app development company. Modern and lucrative advances like Metaverse and Augmented Reality have revamped the entire education and learning ecosystem. But, needless to mention that this nowhere suggests a dip for the significance of traditional learning tools. Bringing realistic and indifferent learning approaches has redefined and accelerated the knowledge throttle in a myriad of ways but not taken away the relevance of conventional learning styles.

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