AvosLocker is hiring, Beware!

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The City of Geneva was a victim of data breach in July. Two days later after the incident, Geneva was listed in the dedicated leak site of Geneva. The new gang was dubbed AvosLocker and they are now looking for more partners.

These ransomware gangs have been active since June. Now, the operators are looking for affiliation via various forums that are secretly operated. According to the announcement of recruitment, they need hackers who possess remote access to hacked infrastructure.

About the gang-

Though this gang is still not very sophisticated, it has already targeted and successfully claimed a number of victims. The deployment of AvosLocker is done manually on the compromised machines by the attackers. Also the exfiltration of data may be done manually, since manual access is needed by the delivery model of the ransomware gang.

They are not the only one to attempt to find affiliates. Gangs like LockBit and Himalaya have also collaborated to achieve their target.


New gangs have been emerging to fill up the places left empty by notorious gangs like REvil after their disappearance. Many organizations fall into their trap on a daily basis and it is important for them and the users to keep their cyber security UpToDate to keep their data safe.

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