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7 Surprising Facts about Product Packaging


Packaging is not just about wrapping a product in a box to keep it protected during the shipping procedures. Rather product packaging is the process of making the brand recognized, enhancing its reputation, and augmenting the company’s profits. High-end packaging is a creative job that makes the product attractive to potential customers. It operates as an efficient marketing tool to help the premium product stand distinctive in the competitive market.

To know some interesting facts about the product packaging, have a look at the article below:

  1. Bubble Wrap Was Invented by Mistake 

Bubble wrap was accidentally invented by Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes. The duo was trying to innovate a three-dimensional wallpaper, which mistakenly took the shape of a bubble wrap. The bubbles were crafted to generate a textured wall but are now utilized to give products a great cushioning effect. They provide exceptional support and protection to the products during the tough shipping procedures.

  1. Nike Has Created a First Shoebox Made Entirely of Recycled Trash Materials

The company is known for giving creative yet sustainable packaging solutions for storing shoes. The boxes were then manufactured using 100% recycled refuse to give the comfy shoes incredible packaging. The materials mostly utilized for the formation of innovative shoeboxes were mainly beverage containers. The customized rigid boxes hold quite an interactive design while being environmentally friendly. They created the ideology of recyclability, biodegradability, and sustainability.

  1. Lots of Christmas Wrapping Paper

Christmas is the season of love, happiness, and festivity. People give gifts to their loved ones wrapped in exquisite paper to make them feel special. The papers offer an amazing unboxing experience to the recipients. Packaging companies are introducing eco-friendly wrapping papers to keep nature safe from hazardous substances. The idea is best to keep the planet happy and healthy with the least pollution for the inhabitants.

  1. Coca-Cola Is the First Product to be Sold in a Packaging 

Coca-Cola is undoubtedly the most popular beverage utilized all around the globe with its red packaging. The brand is recognized for its distinctive red color and holds an amazing brand reputation. The Coca-Cola company started its progressive journey in 1886 in Atlanta, Georgia. The company is now operating in around 200 countries with the same packaging. They are considered pioneers in the packaging world by creating awareness with the distribution of free drinks.

  1. The First Cardboard Box Was Created in England

England has gifted the world the first cardboard packaging for the shipping of goods. It was not a product packaging but used as a carrier for the transportation of products. Businesses were using drums or barrels to fulfill the product delivery procedures. However, cardboard became popular in quite a short time due to its durability and cost-effectiveness. They are quite lightweight and available in distinct shapes as well as sizes. They could be customized according to the product dimensions. They are eco-friendly as generated from the recyclable and sustainable packaging materials.

  1. Apple Minimal Unboxing Experience

Apple has introduced minimalistic packaging to make its premium technological products the center of attention. The apple packaging holds an exceptional unboxing experience with the right use of white color. The brilliant packaging offers elegance, exquisiteness, and functionality bundled into a box. There is a section in Apple’s headquarters, considered responsible for introducing innovative packaging solutions for the new offerings.

  1. The Truth of Zero Waste Packaging 

There is no zero-waste packaging in this world. It’s a scam used to make customers satisfied with its eco-friendliness. Everything produced on this earth has some amount of waste materials whether it’s during the production process or after product consumption. Therefore, it’s important to focus on the concept of recyclable packaging materials to generate new bottles from the old bottles, and new boxes from the old cardboard packaging. This ultimately reduces the packaging waste. Companies should explore options like custom box packaging to minimize environmental impact while meeting consumer needs.

 Wrap up:

These are some interesting facts about the packaging industry you should know to choose the best packaging solution for your product. Hire a packaging company specialized in designing custom packaging for products to augment the brand reputation in the target market. 



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