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5 Top Best ETL Fivetran Alternatives

Fivetran is a cloud-based Extract-Load-Transform (ELT) platform that enables enterprises to link their data sources and automate data extraction and loading (ETL) procedures into warehouses and databases such as Google BigQuery Snowflake or Amazon Redshift. Additionally, it has over 300 pre-built connectors that allow users to connect to any third-party service, database, or application, including Salesforce, Google Analytics, Facebook, and Shopify, without having to develop a new connection code.

Furthermore, it enables customers to duplicate their datasets in near real-time while also handling the transformation procedures necessary for analysis, assuring total accuracy within its operations. Let’s look at 5 amazing Fivetran alternatives!

1.   Weld

Weld is a sophisticated Streaming ETL platform that incorporates ELT, data transformations, and reverse ETL. Moreover, this has a simple, user-friendly interface and is ideal for smaller data teams looking for a contemporary, yet economical, solution for batch and near-real-time data integration.


  • High-quality connections and dependability
  • User-friendly and simple to install
  • Assistive AI
  • The price plan is very competitive and simple to grasp.
  • Option for reverse ETL
  • Features such as lineage, orchestration, and workflow
  • Capabilities for advanced transformation and SQL modeling


  • A small number of connections
  • Works only with Google BigQuery and Snowflake data warehouses.
  • Limited features for highly skilled data teams
  • There is no DBT integration.
  • Only has ELT capability – no Streaming ETL.‍

2.   Data Stitching

Stitch Data, acquired by Talend in 2018, is a cloud open-source and developer-focused ELT platform that provides no-code connectors for bringing data into your warehouse. Furthermore, Stitch is compatible with a wide variety of data sources and destinations. It also allows clients to create new sources based on Singer’s standards, an open-source scriptwriting toolset. Additionally, Data stitching is a great option for Fivetran alternatives for businesses that prioritize ease of use and data flow visualization.


  • Simple to set up and use
  • A cost-effective pricing approach that is simple to comprehend and based on use
  • Compatible with Talend
  • Contains JSON transformations
  • No-code ELT data pipelines that are fully controlled


  • Deep technical expertise is required to fully utilize the platform.
  • Because Stitch does not manage the quality of the connections, they might vary greatly.
  • Relies on the Singer open-source framework, which might fail unexpectedly.‍

3.   Talend

Following that comes Talend’s data integration tool, which is part of the larger Talend Data Fabric platform. Moreover, Talend’s comprehensive product is a robust data solution that includes data quality management, data integrity and governance, application and API connection, and more.

Talend is a suitable Fivetran alternatives for people who have on-premise data warehousing and/or a cloud-based data warehouse because it has both ELT and ETL capabilities. Additionally, The entire Talend package, geared for bigger companies, is typically best suited for seasoned professionals and large, mature data teams.


  • An abundance of connections
  • Comprehensive feature set
  • Numerous complex features for big organizations and data teams
  • Is capable of both ELT and Streaming ETL.
  • On-premise Fivetran alternatives


  • High cost for small firms
  • A difficult learning curve for non-technical users
  • Requires a significant initial investment and implementation

4.   Matillion

Matillion is a well-known data processing engine that provides comprehensive ETL/ELT and data transformation operations to bigger organizations.


  • Provides powerful ETL ELT data transformation techniques.
  • Third-party native integrations with AWS services
  • Pricing model that can be scaled
  • Capabilities for advanced transformation
  • Contains on-premise options


  • Profound learning curve
  • Git integration is deficient in functionalities.
  • Better documentation might be provided.
  • Can be costly for small firms.

5.   Meltano

Meltano, like Airbyte, is an open-source data integration platform aimed to assist enterprises in building their data integration pipelines.

Moreover, the platform offers several connectivity possibilities, including connectors for databases, APIs, and application logs. Meltano also offers substantial support and great Fivetran alternatives for data transformation. Furthermore, orchestration and interfaces nicely with several cloud-based data warehouses.


  • An open-source platform
  • A plethora of connections available via Singer
  • Provide an SDK to make it easier to create Singer taps and targets.


  • There are no completely managed solutions, thus you must deploy yourself (albeit this is in beta).
  • Requires a lot of upkeep
  • Data transformation capabilities are limited (only with strong interaction with DBT).
  • There are just a few connections that are natively manufactured outside of Singer.


The choice of an ETL solution is important to the success of your data and analytics journey. In this blog article, we have provided a full analysis of the top 5 Fivetran alternatives and compared them.

Additionally, to determine the best solution for your data integration needs, evaluate these possibilities based on your company objectives and goals.

There is a choice on this list for any organization, whether you want a simple cloud-based solution or a full, configurable platform.


Is Fivetran an effective ETL tool?

Fivetran is most appropriate for low-volume data and infrastructure.

What are the Fivetran’s disadvantages?

However, smaller companies may benefit from its features. Additionally, Fivetran offers a range of pricing plans, making it suitable for businesses of various sizes.

What’s the distinction between DBT and Fivetran?

Fivetran performs the extract and load stages fast, while debt models data into analytics-ready tables, completing the ELT process.

Is Fivetran hosted on AWS?

Additionally, all your apps, databases, events, and files are replicated onto Amazon Redshift. Furthermore, they are also replicated onto Snowflake hosted on AWS and Databricks hosted on AWS by Fivetran.

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