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5 Proven Ways a Hiring Platform Can Automate Your Talent Acquisition Process

After an extended period of economic challenges, the job market is on the long road to recovery. However, this trend has left HR departments and talent acquisition teams struggling to find qualified candidates for their open vacancies. Luckily, a hiring platform is a great solution to this problem. To better understand how different platforms stack up, take a look at our comprehensive analysis of various tools in the industry.

A hiring platform ultimately allows the recruiting team to streamline the entire hiring process; from acquire to hire. Where they can screen resumes, shortlist top talent, evaluate candidates, send electronic offers, and make the right hires every time.

How a Hiring Platform Can Automate Your Talent Acquisition Process

Here are 5 great ways you can put your talent acquisition process on auto-pilot with a hiring platform:

Candidate sourcing

In today’s job market, many companies struggle to reach the right candidates using traditional ads. Candidate sourcing has become a strategic process using diverse channels. A strong hiring platform takes this sourcing to the next level. Here’s how:

  • Enhanced Reach: With a hiring platform at your disposal, your candidate sourcing efforts gain a broader reach. These platforms enable you to automatically post job listings across a global portfolio of job boards, ensuring that your open positions are visible to a vast and diverse pool of potential candidates.
  • Channel Tracking: Effective candidate sourcing involves knowing which channels yield the best results. A hiring platform provides the capability to track the performance of different sourcing channels. By analyzing data and metrics, you can determine which channels are most effective in attracting the right candidates for your organization.
  • Targeted Distribution: Instead of relying on a one-size-fits-all approach, a hiring platform allows you to distribute job postings to the most effective channels based on your target audience. This targeted distribution ensures that your job listings are seen by candidates who are most likely to be a good fit for your organization.
  • Increased Visibility: In a competitive job market, job visibility is crucial. A hiring platform enhances your job postings’ visibility, increasing the likelihood of attracting top-tier candidates. By leveraging the platform’s capabilities, you can ensure that your job advertisements stand out and capture the attention of potential hires.
  • Time Savings: With a hiring platform streamlining the job posting process, you can save up to 30 minutes on each job posting. This time efficiency allows your HR team to allocate more of their efforts toward other critical aspects of the recruitment process, such as candidate evaluation and engagement.

Pre-screening with automated rankings

The pre-screening process is not always a piece of cake for recruiters. Especially when they need to spend endless hours manually screening resumes. Fortunately, a hiring platform enables you to make your pre-screening process 80% faster!

For example, once candidates answer your pre-screening questions, they will be ranked in order of qualification, based on your pre-set criteria. Not only that, but you can also match them to any vacancy or job description that you have. This way, you can review candidates with the most relevant answers to zero in on the best candidates faster.

Depending on the knock-out pre-screening questions, candidates will be automatically shortlisted or rejected. What’s more, rejected candidates will receive an automated mail informing them about the outcome of the process, instead of leaving them in the dark.

Simplify interview scheduling

Interview scheduling represents one of the most time-intensive aspects of recruitment, particularly when you’re scaling up your hiring efforts. The process of sending interview invitations and coordinating suitable dates and times can swiftly transform into a recruitment nightmare.

Fortunately, automated hiring platforms offer a ray of hope by incorporating automatic interview scheduling features. These features effectively eliminate the complexities of scheduling, providing recruiters with the capability to set their availability while allowing candidates to independently schedule interviews at their convenience. This simplification marks a significant improvement in the recruitment process.

Candidate communication

Recruiting top talent means you have to constantly communicate and engage with your candidates to keep them in the loop at all times. Sending messages thousands of times over to multiple candidates can be time-consuming especially when you could be working on other tasks.

Automating communication with candidates can save both the recruiter and the candidate valuable time. All recruiters have to do is craft a personalized message or use pre-written templates – for different stages of the recruitment process. This way, once recruiters move candidates from one stage to the other, they will automatically receive an email updating them on their application status.

Build branded talent pipelines

Another way to automate and speed up your recruitment process is by building a talent pipeline of skilled candidates. This way, you have a talent pool that you can directly dip into to find the best candidates for your open job positions.

A hiring platform can help you build a talent pool as your safety net, just in case you get an impromptu departure from one of your top-performing employees. To save time on sourcing, you can simply compile a list of qualified candidates that sparked your interest over time and store their details within your hiring platform.

Then, you can categorize them based on their skills, experience, and education to create a talent pool where you can draw out candidates when the time is right. The best thing about building a talent pool in advance is that you can reconnect with these candidates when a role opens up that suits their qualifications. This way, you can have a talent pool on the side, and your chances of winning quality talent increase!

To Wrap It Up

There is no doubt that automation is revolutionizing the world of talent acquisition. From improving candidate sourcing, automating interview scheduling, and streamlining communication with candidates, to building a talent pool in advance – a hiring platform can help you use AI and automation to thrive at hiring.

However, picking the right hiring platform to get the job done is the most crucial step of all. But, no worries, we know exactly how and where to get you started. With our advanced end-to-end hiring platform, you can say goodbye to the hassle of manual tasks and usher in an automated talent acquisition process. Our platform is designed to utilize the power of AI technology.

From small businesses to industry giants – we aim to offer fully customizable, world-class features that help create a rich and immersive hiring experience for recruiters and candidates. By harnessing the latest technological advancements, companies can drive merit-based, objective, and fair hiring practices that minimize bias and create a more efficient hiring process. Request a free demo today!

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