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15 Signs Your Partner Might Be Cheating

In the intricate dance of a relationship, trust and loyalty are the rhythms that keep the partnership moving smoothly. Unfortunately, the harmony can sometimes be disrupted by suspicions of infidelity, which introduces dissonance and mistrust into the union. Cheating, whether through physical liaisons or emotional bonds formed online, fundamentally challenges the integrity of any romantic relationship. This can lead to a turbulent phase where one might feel compelled to seek reassurances or look for signs that could either dispel doubts or confirm fears.

Today, with the advent of technology, the dynamics of relationships and the ways in which infidelity can manifest have evolved. The ease of connecting with people through dating apps and social platforms has introduced new challenges in maintaining exclusivity and loyalty. The concept of a “cheating test” or “loyalty test” might seem appealing to those plagued by uncertainty, hoping to find clear answers in an area often shrouded in secrecy.

If you find yourself worrying about the fidelity of your partner, it’s important to approach your concerns with sensitivity but also with a keen eye for potential signs. Below, we explore 15 indicators that might suggest your partner is engaging in infidelity, ranging from subtle shifts in behavior to more overt actions that could signal deeper issues within your relationship.

1. Increased Secrecy with Their Phone or Computer

A significant red flag is when your partner becomes unusually protective over their personal devices. This behavior is often coupled with changes in passwords, the angles at which they view their screens, and a general increase in privacy.

2. Unexplained Expenses

Watch for receipts or bank statements with charges that don’t make sense in the context of your shared life. These might include gifts, meals, or other expenditures that they cannot or will not explain.

3. Changes in Social Media Behavior

The digital footprint of infidelity can often be traced to social media. Changes such as increased privacy settings, a new circle of friends or followers, and alterations to relationship statuses can all be tell-tale signs of boundary issues in the relationship.

4. Less Available Than Usual

If your partner is harder to reach for stretches of time, especially at times when they were previously available, this could indicate they are dividing their time between you and someone else.

5. Decreased Sexual Interest in You

A noticeable decrease in intimacy can be an indicator of emotional or physical interest elsewhere. This change could also stem from guilt or a newfound sexual preference that is being explored outside the relationship.

6. They Accuse You of Cheating

Accusing you of infidelity might be a tactic to deflect their own guilt or to manipulate the narrative to keep you on the defensive.

7. Frequent Mention of a New Person

Consistently bringing up a new “friend” or colleague can be a sign that this person is slowly becoming more significant in your partner’s life than you realize.

8. Emotional Distance

When your partner begins sharing less about their thoughts and feelings, it could mean they are forming emotional connections elsewhere, thereby preserving their inner world for someone else.

9. Sudden Changes in Appearance

A sudden and unexplained shift in physical appearance or grooming habits can sometimes indicate an effort to impress someone new.

10. Unusual Phone Habits

If you notice an uptick in calls or texts to unfamiliar numbers, especially calls taken out of earshot, this could warrant further attention.

11. Changes in Schedule

New activities or responsibilities that don’t seem to add up or require odd hours might be a cover for meeting someone else.

12. Reluctance to Make Future Plans

Hesitation to commit to future events or long-term plans can be a sign of uncertainty about the relationship’s viability.

13. Overly Critical of You

Finding sudden fault in areas previously accepted or admired might be a way for your partner to justify their wandering attention to themselves.

14. Increased Privacy

An increase in solo activities or time spent away from home without a clear explanation could be a sign that your partner is carving out private space for reasons they prefer to keep hidden.

15. Gut Feeling

Never underestimate the power of intuition. If you feel that something is amiss, it’s often worth exploring further, whether through conversation or more formal means like counseling.


Encountering one or even a few of these signs doesn’t confirm infidelity, but a pattern of these behaviors can certainly raise legitimate concerns. Addressing such a sensitive topic requires tact and timing. Ensure that communication remains open and respectful, and consider seeking professional guidance to navigate this challenging terrain. Remember, clarity and understanding are key in either reaffirming the relationship or making informed decisions about your future together.

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