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10 Non-Traditional Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Brand

Brand promotion is essential to running a profitable business. Great marketing strategies are actionable and easy to apply. With the changes in the business environment and technology, non-traditional marketing ideas are more reliable than traditional techniques.

Developing an advertisement strategy for your brand isn’t always easy. Successful marketers must know their clients and the mediums to reach them. Knowing your customers helps you know the best strategies to convey the message.

Top Non-Traditional Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Brand

Plenty of non-traditional advertising ideas apply to enterprises and corporations seeking to promote their brand. While many of these strategies can be used individually, combining two or more could provide fast and reliable results. See our top non-traditional marketing ideas for brand promotion below.

  • Promotional Email Marketing

Promotional emails are a great strategy to drive sales or introduce a new product. You may email your client base about changes to products or services, introduce a new product, get feedback, or entice them to make further purchases. Whether you do it for one of these reasons or a combination, the result is brand promotion.

The success of email marketing requires the creation of a vast email list. While you can have people give their email addresses for new information you want to send them, the same may be accessed from real-time verified business-to-business (B2B) databases. Getprospect, Swordfish AI, D&B Hoovers, Leadar, and ZoomInfo are some notable platforms for B2B contact information.

  • Social Media Marketing

Social media has emerged as a top advertisement tool for brands seeking to penetrate a market or maintain control. Regardless of the size or capital, this mode of advertising allows businesses, whether big or small, to reach their customers and prospects at no or cheaper costs. Through social networking sites, people follow, learn about, and discover brands!

For enterprises, being on social media brings remarkable success through leads, sales, and brand advocacy by loyal customers. And there are many social media marketing tools available to help them with it.

  • Influencer Marketing

Influencer advertising is a technique that hugely depends on endorsements from celebrities. Businesses approach influential people, including musicians, actors, sportspersons, bloggers, etc., and request them to endorse their brand. Interestingly, the trend now also includes pet influencers, who, with their adorable antics, can sway audiences just as effectively as their human counterparts. This advertising strategy focuses on swaying people who admire or trust the said celebrity into accepting or buying the brand.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers advertise products and services offered by a business for a commission. The model is one of the best since commission is made based on returns made by affiliates’ actions. That pushes the marketers to work harder in promoting the brand. The philosophy behind this approach is the more sales made, the higher the commission.

  • Advertising Blogs

Blog use is an efficient way to acquire prospects or leads. Blogs entail written content that resonates well with the customer base. The language used in writing the blogs must be friendly and engaging. Again, you don’t want to appear coercive to your target audience. Make it general, informative, interesting, and smartly sneak your brand name.

  • Vlog Advertising

Vlogging, or digital video, as commonly known in some quarters, entails the creation of video content to market a brand. The word vlogging means video blogging. You can sell your business by creating a video about your services or products and sharing it online. If done correctly, digital videos spread like wildfire and quickly reach hundreds of millions of viewers globally.

  • Clickable Ads

The rise of media streaming has opened up opportunities for businesses to market themselves through short videos or banners appearing on the screen. The goal is to have people streaming videos online come into contact with your ads. Clickable ads also pop up on other websites, such as those belonging to news agencies. If you choose to use clickable ads, be ready to pay a small price.

  • Stealth Marketing

Stealth advertising involves undercover or buzz promotion of a trademark. The technique entails creating service or product awareness without openly presenting marketing intent. It aims to arouse brand interest and attention among potential buyers rather than increase sales. Examples of stealth advertising include:

  • Subliminal advertising
  • Convert agents
  • Product placement
  • Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla advertising uses the element of surprise to get in touch with the audience. The approaches are inventive and unconventional and aim to elicit shock or wonder. The surprise drives its publicity, leading to increased brand awareness. Notable examples of guerrilla marketing are:

  • Ambient Marketing: It’s a creative and interactive advertising messaging that places adverts on unusual locations or objects to catch consumer attention. For example, you can have a company logo painted on the road.
  • Sensory Marketing: It’s an advertising strategy that appeals to the five human senses. Examples of this type of promotion campaign include:
  • Sight. Painting a color that people associate with your trademark.
  • Sound. Producing a sound that makes people think of a product or service.
  • Taste. A good example is offering free food samples for people to taste, helping them to decide if they want to make a purchase.
  • Scent. The technique ensures the production of an odor that helps potential clients get attached to a product. For example, an orange fragrance for cake icing may push people who like the orange scent into buying a cake.
  • Touch. The strategy allows potential buyers to come into contact with the product or service before purchasing. Take, for example, a car seller permitting test drives for their clients.
  • Ambush Advertising: It’s a promotional strategy that tries to ride on someone else’s marketing campaign. The approach may use tricky visual imagery, word plays, jokes, etc. For example, a business may give cards at an event organized and sponsored by a different company. It also includes placing an advert adjacent to that of a competitor.
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