Certified Network Penetration Tester

Network Penetration Testing mainly focuses on finding out vulnerabilities in a network and fixing them. In this course, the students will be trained on Internet vulnerability assessment and fixing the flaws in the network

Course Rating: 4.5

Network Penetration Testing mainly focuses on finding out vulnerabilities in a network and fixing them. In our course of Certified Network Penetration Tester | CNPT, the students will be trained on Internet vulnerability assessment and fixing the flaws in the network by mainly using a hacking OS like Kali Linux/Parrot. Penetration testing is the process of finding out the flaws, vulnerabilities, or loopholes of an operating system or a network and repairing them. The job of a network penetration tester is to purposely use different hacking methods to assess the security of a network, or deficiency of responses. It is a preventive measure to safeguard business networks, network applications, associated gadgets, or business websites from exploitation by unethical hackers.  

After the completion of this course, the student will be able to: –

  • Get into any network system successfully, find out and repair the flaws and loopholes in the network system.
  • Apply for jobs in reputed MNCs as a Network Security Analyst and related roles using the certificate. 

We are proud to say that more than 1500+ of our students in the Certified Network Penetration Tester course have been offered jobs in various MNCs both in the US and abroad.

What makes this penetration tester training course much more inspiring is the application of hands-on training techniques in all the projects and classes that will be held during the whole tenure of the training program.

IEMLabs is known all over the world for offering state-of-the-art online and offline classes. It frequently makes use of platforms such as Google Hangout, Go to Meeting, and Zoom for conducting online classes. The most constructive point for a learner to get trained by IEMLabs is the availability of lab access free of cost for a year. The moment a student takes admission, he will have access to the online virtual lab to ensure that he can practice and acquire study materials and notes, educational tools, and pre-recorded videos as her his convenience for twelve months without any extra fees.


• Module – 1: Introduction to Network Penetration Testing
• Module – 2: Lab Setup
• Module – 3: Deep Reconnaissance
• Module – 4: Scanning Networks
• Module – 5: Getting into System
• Module – 6: Advanced Metasploit Exploitations
• Module – 7: Privilege Escalation
• Module – 8: Browser Exploitation
• Module – 9: Sniffing & Man in The Middle Attack (MITM)
• Module – 10: Buffer Overflow
• Module – 11: Android Penetration Testing
• Module – 12: Router Penetration Testing
• Module – 13: Antivirus, Firewall, IDS Bypass Techniques
• Module – 14: Anonymity on Network Infrastructure
• Module – 15: Social Engineering Methodologies
• Module – 16: Attacking Wi-Fi Network
• Module – 17: Wi-Fi as an attack Vector
• Module – 18: Network Vulnerability Analysis
• Module – 19: Practical Session on Platforms like VulnHub, OverTheWire & HackTheBox
• Module – 20: Project

Course benefits


Get certificate on passing the exam after course completion and alumni status from IEMLabs.

Lab Access

Get access to our Virtual Lab consisting, of course, videos and software are relevant to the course for one year absolutely free.

Practical Session

All sessions conducted are 100% practical and lab based for being industry ready.

Industry internship

Get paid internship chance from IEMLabs on course completion and work on live projects.


Get scholarship from us on scoring 85% or above in board exams.

Education Loan

Get easy education loan and avail our easy EMI scheme at 0% interest for all courses.

Course Features

Online Live Class

₹ 15000

  • Course Type – Basic
  • Course Duration – 40 hrs
  • Course Timing – Weekdays and Weekends
  • One-to-One Doubt Clearing Session

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Offline Live Class

₹ 15000

  • Course Type – Basic
  • Course Duration – 40 hrs
  • Course Timing – Weekdays and Weekends
  • One-to-One Doubt Clearing Session

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We at IEMLabs aim towards providing quality training and hands-on practical experience to our students for them to be able to grasp the concepts and become ready to face the challenges which they might face in their career. We aim at imparting knowledge to the students and help them build a career in their field of interest.

  • Quality Training accompanied with Live Practical Session
  • 100% Money back if you are not satisfied (T&C Apply)
  • Assistance for job placement

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    Market Job openings

    Given below are the Certified Network Penetration Tester jobs that both students and professionals can apply for. The most renowned IT firms constantly look for knowledgeable network penetration testers and offer rewarding pay packages to them. The Certified Network Penetration Tester | CNPT course in America by IEMLabs is fast gaining popularity among all the training programs in the country. Since 2016, IEMLabs has been instrumental in conducting over 600 Cyber Security webinars and workshops in several institutes and organizations throughout the world. IEMLabs’s Certified Network Penetration Tester course in the US is one of the most sought-after training programs in this particular domain. With the rising demand for Network Penetration Tester jobs in the IT industry, we are receiving a significant response from students and working professionals who wish to make a bright career as network penetration testers.

    Senior Cyber Security Penetration Tester

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    Cyber Security Consultant

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    Security Analyst – Penetration Tester

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    Malware Security Analyst

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    There is no minimum age requirement for doing this course.

    There is no minimum qualification required if the student meets the Eligibility Criteria.

    Yes, all materials are available on our online virtual lab, you can access them fully upto 1 year from the date of admission.

    Yes, certificate (hardcopy/softcopy) will be provided after the course which will consist of a grade provided by the assigned trainer as per the final project submitted.

    Classes will be conducted mainly on English, Hindi & Bengali, mainly it will depend on majority criteria.

    This course is both for Professionals and Students.

    Yes, there will be 3 exams through the whole course duration and 1 project to be done after the course completion based on which Grade for certificate will be provided.

    It is recommended that the student carry his/her own system because it makes their self-practise easier. In case of emergency laptop/desktop can be provided by us.

    After completion of minimum 2 courses you can apply for an Internship. There will be a technical interview, based on the reports from Faculty and Technical Interview selection will be granted.

    Yes, the Internships are “Paid Internships”.

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