Campus Representative Program

Are you energised and driven by ambition all the time? Are you one of those people who always takes the lead during any campus event, festival, or activity? The right place for you to be is here. We're trying to find you! Be the face of IEMLABs in your institution !   Perks include: Certificate of Excellence,Networking with experienced minds in industry & Internship Opportunity for Campus Ambassador in IEMLabs.  

Our Perks

Best Cyber Security Courses and Services

Who can apply?

Can start the Internship immediately.

Is available for duration of minimum 3 Months.

Fluent with different social media platforms.

Flexible working hours.

Work-from home based Internship.

Must have proficiency in communication skills.

Lucrative stipends for good performance.

Certificates and Letter of Recommendations are provided.


Best Cyber Security Courses and Services


Promoting IEMLabs brand, services and events to different colleges/universities/organisations.

Spreading awareness and make people around understand how beneficiary it is to attend technical events, workshops and training during the educational as well as professional career.

Help IEMLabs to conduct seminars, workshops, hackathons in different colleges/universities/organisations.

Attend the Pan India Campus Representative meeting held once or twice each semester.

Developing Digital Marketing strategies and promoting through Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, E-Mail, etc.

Convince students to register for IEMLabs Summer / Winter Training, Workshops, Events and Courses.

Think of new innovative ideas, and work with us in implementing them.


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