Bug Bounty Program

About the program:

Bug Bounty Program by IEMLabs is an initiative to encourage young talents in the field on Cyber Security to find out and report critical vulnerabilities. We invite all Ethical Hackers and Cyber Security Professionals to participate in our Bug Bounty Program and raise the standard of the Cyber Security industry. A researcher who successfully finds and report vulnerability will be awarded with “Hall of Fame Certificate” and “Exciting Goodies” from IEMLabs.

In Scope:

    1. Remote Code Execution (RCE)
    2. Web Shell Injection
    3. Different types of Injections (SQLi, XSS, XXE, OS command, LDAP etc.)
    4. Security Misconfigurations
    5. Sensitive Data Exposure
    6. Components with Known Vulnerabilities
    7. Authentication bypass
    8. Insecure direct object references

Out of Scope:

    1. Self XSS
    2. Descriptive error messages (e.g. stack traces, application or server errors).
    3. Misconfigured or lack of SPF records
    4. Out of date software versions
    5. Content Spoofing
    6. Vulnerabilities that are limited to unsupported browsers will not be accepted. Exploit must work at least on > IE 8.
    7. .htaccess downloadable file without a real security misconfiguration that can have security impact Login page or one of our websites over HTTP.
    8. Clickjacking or any issue exploitable through clickjacking Vulnerabilities in our 3rd party partners source code on which we don’t have any control regarding the fix. This vulnerability should be directly reported to the 3rd party host (e.g. Hubspot).
    9. Lack of Secure and HTTPOnly flags.
    10. Weak SSL related issues
    11. Username / Email enumeration
    12. CORS issues without a working PoC
    13. Denial of Services (DoS)
    14. Social Engineering Attack
    15. Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) in Contact form

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