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What are the Top Advantages of Getting AWS Certification Kolkata?

For personal, commercial, and governmental projects, AWS Certification Kolkata(Amazon Web Services) platform offers cloud-based on-demand computing services on a paid subscription basis. With the help of AWS, an subsidiary, you can use web services to create scalable and complex applications that give your company access to features like analytics, content delivery, messaging, computing, app services, database management, payments, mobile networking, and on-demand labor. Know about some of the most important advantages of getting AWS Certification.

Top Benefits of Getting AWS Certification

You can pass the exam while still working at your current job if you have an Amazon AWS certification as an AWS developer or AWS solution architect. The advantage of this is that you will be promoted to the position you want in your current company.

Additionally, numerous vendors offer certification for cloud computing, but only Amazon offers certification at a lower price.

AWS is growing more than ten times faster than its 14 competitors combined, including companies like Rackspace, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, IBM SoftLayer, and Joyent, according to a Gartner report.

We all know how competitive the software industry is, so now that AWS is growing and all major organizations are using it, you should seize the chance to be a certified AWS developer.

The AWS certification is the best option for you if you want to increase your knowledge or expertise in the field of cloud computing. Your profile and resume will improve if you have an AWS certification. However, you must possess both theoretical and practical knowledge of AWS before you can move on to another or more advanced certification in this area after completing the initial certification.

You would be qualified to join the AWS LinkedIn community, where AWS certification holders can view and connect with other AWS certified professionals from around the world. Members also receive invitations to multiple international events or AWS conferences, free study materials, practice exams, technical live-coding demonstrations, and launch announcements to help them prepare for additional AWS projects or certification exams.

Amazon will share an “Amazon certified logo” and a digital badge when you join the AWS community to market your knowledge.

We are all aware of how challenging it is to rise to the top of an organization in this cutthroat environment, but it is possible if you possess exceptional abilities like those of an AWS Developer, AWS Solution Architect, or DevOps Master. Your resume will be highlighted in the list if you have an AWS certification, which will improve your chances of being hired. AWS Certified professionals with AWS training certification under their belt are in high demand from numerous multinational corporations.

Candidates with an AWS certification will be given more attention and preference by their employer, and organizations are increasingly seeking certified professionals – given that they receive an accreditation from Amazon and are therefore familiar with the best practices. In order to work on the Amazon Cloud Platform, you will learn a variety of tools, techniques, and procedures during the training that Amazon prefers you complete before taking the AWS certification exam.

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