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Unique Username For Instagram- Let’s Get Noticed!

Hello, my wonderful readers! Instagram has become one of the most widely used social media platforms worldwide. People share significant life events on the platform and express themselves through images, videos, Stories, and Reels. The business also incorporates numerous features into the application to enhance its appeal. Making a unique username for instagram is the last significant task before joining the platform.

Instagram asks you to enter a username when setting up a new profile. You must choose a unique username to stand out among Instagram’s 1.36 billion users. Stay calm if you are still determining your username or what you should keep it as; we will take care of that for you. We will also explain how to choose a unique username for instagram and switch it out for a different one. 

What is a unique username for Instagram?

Your Instagram username serves as your online persona. It is particular to you and only you. It communicates to your followers who you are and what you stand for. Instagram asks you to choose a username when you create an account, but that username must be unique because Instagram prohibits using the same username across multiple accounts. You can configure that and modify it later. 

Your Instagram profile URL will include your username. The Instagram username must be entered for another user to find your profile and follow or message you. Your name can be seen in the upper-left corner of your profile. For your Instagram username to stand out, we will show you how to choose the ideal one for your profile.

Unique username for Instagram For Boys and Girls

Here are the best, most original Instagram usernames for boys and girls that you can use for your profile. If someone still needs to take it, you can simply copy and paste it into your profile; in that case, it will apply to your account. If the name is already taken, we advise you to change it by adding a unique character that Instagram will accept. You can use a similar name incase it is not available. These are the trendiest and most used Instagram usernames.

For Boys

  • Branded_Kheladi
  • Ziddi_Sehzada
  • Khatro_Ka_Kheladi
  • Masti_Bazz
  • Khatarnak_
  • Silent_King
  • Nalayak_boy
  • Kharab_Ladka_
  • Sambhu_Nath
  • Raja_Of_Insta
  • Ek_Villain
  • Full_Pagal
  • Heart_Ha©ker
  • Bad_Boy
  • Mr_India
  • Hell_Boy
  • Innocent_Boy
  • Tabaahi_babe
  • Power_Full_Harami
  • Cute_Munda
  • mr Perfect
  • Ghost Rider
  • Desi Munda
  • Cute Killer
  • Bad Munda
  • Insta King
  • Branded Setan
  • Desi Kalakar
  • Bad Captain
  • Awesome Ladka
  • Cute Kameena
  • Branded Harami
  • Mr Devil
  • Dancer Boy
  • Raaj Kumar
  • Kameena Ladka
  • Feature Swag
  • Superb Guy
  • Lazy Boy
  • Luchha Boy
  • Setan Boy
  • Mr Kheladi
  • Royal Nawab

For Girls

  • Magic Peach
  • Cupcake Hugs
  • Chocolaty Queen
  • Tigger Fresh
  • Twilight Queenbee
  • Mystical Dimples
  • Bikewithgirl
  • Makegirls
  • Lovecapri
  • Hot Babe
  • Peace Hug
  • Lil Cutie
  • Jelly Cuddles
  • Kara
  • The Call Me Hanny
  • Sizzling Teapot
  • Live Chic
  • Beauty Babe
  • Sleepy Tinker
  • Super Giggles
  • Candycane Missy
  • Tiger Kitty
  • Instafreack
  • Bunny Passion
  • Lavender
  • Strawberry
  • Blueberry
  • Vansgirls
  • Missie Lucky
  • Thechillpixel
  • Dilo Ki Rani
  • Girlyapa
  • Butterfly Girl
  • Pretty Lil Princess
  • Golden Sunshine
  • Pink Loveheart
  • Shining Starlight
  • Fierce Fashionista
  • Glitter and Gold
  • Radiantly Beautiful
  • Starry Eyes
  • Admire The Girl

How to find cool and stylish usernames for Instagram online

Finding cool and stylish Instagram usernames for girls and boys is relatively simple. Many websites let you search for a word or two to get many creative and fashionable names. Once finished, let the name generator handle the remaining tasks. Here’s how to find Instagram usernames using instausername.com, one such website.

  • Go to instausername.com in your browser on your phone or computer.
  • You will be greeted by a search bar, into which you must enter a name or a set of keywords.
  • Once finished, click the “Generate” button next to the search field.
  • There will be hundreds of amusing Instagram usernames displayed to you.
  • Any generated usernames can now be copied and pasted into your Instagram profile for later use.
  • In addition, the website will check a username’s availability on Instagram for you when you tap or select it.

Can I take an already-taken Instagram Username?

Do not worry if the Instagram username you want is already taken; Instagram allows you to take it under certain strict restrictions. Once your application has been accepted, only then will you receive your username. You must establish your ownership of the username to claim it and to do so. You must file a report of a violation or infringement of your legal rights. Instagram will ask you for the following information.

  • Basic contact information
  • Trademark Certificate or proof
  • The username you want to report
  • Your motivation for obtaining that username
  • Once Instagram has approved your application, you can use the specified username.

Tips for Choosing the best unique username for instagram

Here are a few things to remember when picking your Instagram username. 

  • People will type it into search engines to look you up, so make sure it is simple and easy to remember.
  • The activity on your Instagram profile should be reflected in your username.
  • Make sure your Instagram username contains more than just underscores and random numbers. The more organized your bio is, the better.
  • Your Instagram username must be distinctive to be considered iconic. Keep it neat.

How to change your username on Instagram

It is very easy and only requires a few simple steps to change your Instagram username. Here’s how:

  • Launch Instagram on your smartphone.
  • Select your profile picture by tapping on it in the bottom right corner.
  • Below your bio is a button labeled “Edit profile.” Select it.
  • You can adjust both your name and username from here.
  • After finishing, click the “tick” icon in the upper right corner.
  • Both private and public accounts can have their usernames changed using the same procedure.


Having a distinctive and original Instagram username may help you stand out on the platform. With so many users, having a distinctive username may aid in growing your following and developing a recognizable online identity.

The most important thing is to be authentic to yourself, regardless of whether you select a cute and memorable name or an edgy and striking one. So use a unique Instagram username that reflects your distinct personality to make your Instagram profile stand out.

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