Trouble Caused by Bugs in Apple Products

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Just a week ago, Apple Inc released many OS updates which addressed as round three dozen bugs that were lurking among the apple products. They patched a zero day once again which impacted iOS, macOS and the iPadOS.

According to an unnamed reporter, the new flaw has potential to be exploited for running malicious code in the affected device. The flaw is dubbed CVE-2021-30807, and was found in the iGiant IOMobileFrameBuffer code, which managed the screen frame buffer. It is also stated that there may be possible exploitation of the flaw.

Apple released multiple updates in its iOS, iPadOS, etc. and also addressed a bug which in its initial stage was unlocking the apple watch when the iPhone was being unlocked. The updates of macOS contained fix for many issues related to security and performance.

Recent threats around Apple-

  •       Even on devices which were running on iOS 14.6, the Pegasus spyware exploited the flaws in iMessage.
  •       The XCESSET malware got updated to have the capability of stealing sensitive data from the saved application in the sandbox directory of the macOS.
  •       Many security gaps in the iOS and iPadOS, like the ability of the hackers to crash the Wifi functionality, were addressed.
  •       A group of media outlets revealed that iPhones aren’t as safe as the companies have been claiming them to be.


The attacks on the apple products are coming to light recently. Also the company has requested to install the latest updates after the Pegasus row.

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