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Top 10 Data Science Podcasts that You Cannot Miss

Top 10 Data Science Podcasts that You Cannot Miss

Data science is the interdisciplinary field that combines statistical analysis, programming, and domain expertise to extract insights and value from data. It plays a crucial role in driving informed decision-making and unlocking the potential of data in various industries. In the ever-evolving world of data science, staying updated with the latest trends, techniques, and insights is essential. Thankfully, there is a plethora of data science podcasts available that cater to this need. Here are ten more outstanding podcasts that every data science enthusiast should add to their playlist.

Top 10 Data Science Podcasts to Listen To

These include:

  1. Analytics Power Hour: Hosted by Tin Wilson, Michael Helbling, and Moe Kiss, this podcast delves into various analytics topics. From analytics job interviews to data as a product, the hosts provide valuable insights and foster engaging discussions.
  2. DataFramed: Presented by DataCamp, DataFramed features interviews with prominent leaders in the data industry. These interviews explore the past, present, and future of data, offering valuable perspectives from both industry professionals and academia.
  3. Lex Fridman Podcast: Although not exclusively focused on data science, this podcast provides a broader view of data and its implications in our world. With interviews featuring data experts, the show offers a comprehensive understanding of the current state of data science.
  4. The Artists of Data Science: Geared towards those seeking to advance their careers, this podcast is a valuable resource. It offers expert advice and conducts “happy hour” sessions where professionals answer listeners’ questions, making it an interactive and informative experience.
  5. Not So Standard Deviations: Hosted by Roger Peng and Hilary Parker, this podcast covers the latest industry news while drawing from the hosts’ expertise in data science. From QR codes to limited liability algorithms, they tackle diverse subjects with engaging discussions.
  6. Gradient Dissent: This podcast explores machine learning and its real-life applications. By showcasing how machine learning solves problems and creates innovative solutions, Gradient Dissent provides valuable insights into the field.
  7. In Machines We Trust: Focusing on the automation of everything, this podcast explores how machine learning impacts our daily lives. It sheds light on the current applications of machine learning and provides thought-provoking discussions.
  8. More or Less: If you are interested in statistics, this podcast is a must-listen. Despite its short duration, each episode covers a wide range of statistical concepts, debunking myths and explaining complex ideas in a concise and accessible manner.
  9. Data Engineering Podcast: Designed for data engineers or aspiring ones, this podcast delves into the techniques, challenges, and tips related to data engineering. It provides valuable insights for those seeking to deepen their understanding of this crucial field.
  10. Data viz Today: This podcast focuses on data visualization and its role in storytelling across different industries. With monthly 30-minute episodes, it offers practical insights into maximizing the potential of data visualization.


Listen to these podcasts and you will gain a wealth of knowledge, stay up to date with industry trends, and receive valuable advice from experts in the field. So plug in your earphones, hit play, and embark on an exciting journey through the world of data science. 

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