Specialty Networking Solutions Provider Belden Suffers Data Breach

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Recently, specialty networking solutions provider Belden disclosed a data breach resulting in the theft of employee and business information. The company reported that the hackers responsible for the incident got access to some current and former employee data, as well as limited and sensitive information of the company regarding some business partners.

Belden came to know about the attack when employees of the company detected unusual activity on some servers. When consulted about the incident, experts said that it was the result of a cyber-attack. The attackers apparently accessed a limited number of Belden’s file servers, but the firm said the breach did not have any impact on production in manufacturing plants, quality control or shipping.

The company is still investigating the incident. However the company believes that the attackers have been locked out of its network. The company has assured that impacted employees will be notified and offered free monitoring and support services. The company said it will also be reaching out to the affected business partners.

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