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Socialscan can be used to check email addresses and usernames usage fast and accurately. It returns the result as available, taken or invalid when it is provided with email address or username for checking.

Features that differentiate this tool from similar tools (e.g.,, Namechk, and Sherlock):

  1. 100% accuracy: its query method increases the accuracy of the results by eliminating the false positives and negatives that often occurs in other similar tools.
  2. Speed: socialscan uses asyncio along with aiohttp to conduct all queries concurrently, providing fast searches even with bulk queries involving hundreds of usernames and email addresses. On a test computer with average specs and Internet speed, 100 queries were executed in ~4 seconds.
  3. Library / CLI: socialscan can be imported as a Python library to be used with existing code, or executed through a CLI.
  4. Email support: Queries for both usernames and email address in supported by socialscan.

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