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Ora Funky Cat: Electric Car of 2023 Review

Hello, my wonderful readers! In this blog post, we’ll delve into the exciting world of electric vehicles and look at the Ora Funky Cat, one of the year’s most highly anticipated electric cars. As the automotive industry rapidly evolves, electric cars have emerged as a sustainable and innovative solution to our environmental challenges. The Ora Funky Cat represents the cutting edge of this transformation, combining style, performance, and eco-friendliness in a single, funky package.

We will explore the key features that make the Ora Funky Cat stand out, from its sleek design to its advanced electric powertrain. We’ll also provide insights into its range, charging capabilities, and technology, enabling you to assess its suitability for your lifestyle. If you’re considering switching to an electric vehicle or simply curious about the latest developments in the world of automotive innovation, stay tuned for an in-depth review of the Ora Funky Cat.

Who are the ORA Car Manufacturers?

ORA, short for “Open Reliable Alternative,” is a renowned electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer based in China. They have gained prominence in the EV market by producing stylish and environmentally friendly electric cars. Let’s look at ORA car manufacturers to understand who they are and what sets them apart.

Great Wall Motors (GWM): 

ORA is a brand under the umbrella of Great Wall Motors, one of China’s largest and most successful automotive companies. Great Wall Motors, founded in 1984, has a solid reputation for producing conventional and electric vehicles. By launching ORA as a dedicated electric vehicle brand, Great Wall Motors has demonstrated its commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly transportation.

Focus on Electric Vehicles: 

ORA specializes in electric vehicles, and their product lineup consists entirely of electric cars. They offer a variety of electric models, ranging from compact urban vehicles to larger SUVs. This focus on electric technology aligns with the global shift towards cleaner and greener transportation options.

Unique Designs: 

ORA cars are known for their unique and eye-catching designs. They often incorporate bold colors and modern styling, making them stand out in a crowd of electric vehicles. This emphasis on aesthetics appeals to consumers looking for stylish and distinctive EVs.

Advanced Technology: 

ORA vehicles have advanced technology features, including connectivity, infotainment systems, and intelligent driving assistance. This technological integration ensures that ORA cars provide a cutting-edge driving experience.

Global Expansion: 

While ORA primarily serves the Chinese market, they have ambitions for global expansion. The brand’s vision is to become an international player in the EV market, contributing to the worldwide adoption of electric vehicles.

Sustainability and Innovation: 

ORA is committed to environmental sustainability and innovation. They prioritize research and development efforts to improve the efficiency and eco-friendliness of their vehicles. ORA contributes to reducing carbon emissions and combatting climate change by manufacturing electric cars.

In summary, ORA car manufacturers are a subsidiary of Great Wall Motors, with a strong focus on electric vehicles, unique designs, advanced technology, and a global perspective. Their commitment to sustainability and innovation positions them as a key player in the evolving landscape of electric transportation, and their vehicles continue to gain recognition and popularity both in China and on the global stage.

Why is the ORA Funky Car Important?

The Ora Funky Cat plays a different value strategy than its MG 4 EV rival. The vehicle had a very appealing price when it was first introduced. Still, Ora’s UK sales director told Autocar that after seeing the vehicle and appreciating how well-made the interior was and how unique it was, they realized they had something truly unique and could target specific customers in the market where the vehicle would be sold.

It still undercuts medium EVs like the Volkswagen ID 3 and Kia Niro EV, but it cannot avoid seasoned rivals like the Vauxhall Corsa Electric, the Fiat 500, or even the MG 4. It’s a bold strategy for an unknown brand.

Great Wall Motors, which created the Ora Funky Cat, is familiar to the UK. It once offered the Great Wall Steed pick-up truck here, but it is probably hoping that people have long forgotten about that car and its two-star rating. A glance at the Funky Cat is all it takes to realize that it is in a completely different league than anything the Chinese auto industry could produce ten years ago. Could Ora follow MG in becoming a smash hit in Europe and being recognized as one of the best small electric cars, given that “new energy vehicles,” as EVs are known there, have now become a specialty of Chinese manufacturers?

ORA Funky Car Range

The First Edition trim and only one powertrain are available when the Funky Cat first sells. Future versions with a 61kWh battery and a sportier GT model will probably join it. A base model with less power is available in China, but it is unlikely to be available in this country. While lacking features like heated seats, matrix LED lights, and a panoramic roof, First Edition is still reasonably well-equipped. Some of those should eventually appear on the list of choices.

Design and Style

Since its founding in 1984, GWM has produced various products, including city cars and trucks. Besides Ora, which focuses on modestly upscale small cars, it now has several other brands. Tank manufactures body-on-frame off-road vehicles, GWM Pick-up is self-explanatory, Wey is a luxury brand, and Haval produces SUVs of various sizes. In addition to bringing Wey to the UK, GWM has already made it to Germany with the latter.

The fact that BMW and GWM have a joint venture to create a new EV platform that will support the following generation of electric Minis serves as further evidence that this is not some flimsy start-up.

The Funky Cat is built on a different, GWM-only platform called LEMON, capable of supporting gasoline engines, hybrid powertrains, and, intriguingly, hydrogen fuel cells. It is unclear what that acronym stands for.

It is encouraging to see that GWM’s LEMON literature discusses weight reduction in some detail. The Funky Cat test vehicle weighed 1580 kg, not much more than the lighter Vauxhall Corsa Electric.

The Funky Cat is currently only available in one spec. A 48kWh battery pack (of which 45kWh are usable) and a lone 169bhp front motor power the First Edition. Various retro vehicles from the previous two decades influenced the car’s design. However, unlike the knockoff cars China was making ten years ago, this is distinctly its own thing, and it is welcome to see a familiar face among the blacked-out AMG Lines and M Sports.

Engine and Performance of the Ora Funky Cat

Power and torque are relatively simple to obtain with an electric motor and do not reduce efficiency the same way a larger engine would. The MG 5 and Mégane E-Tech Electric have not fully overcome the greater engineering challenge of making that power usable. Suppose you drive too enthusiastically in one of those. In that case, the traction control will intervene abruptly and frequently, unlike the Mini Electric and Cupra Born, whose systems react much more quickly and smoothly.

Sadly, the Funky Cat fits into the first category. It reached 62 mph in 8.2 seconds on a slightly wet track, a tenth faster than the manufacturer’s stated time. However, achieving that time requires careful throttle management to prevent tripping the traction control, which can be turned off but automatically reactivates over 35 mph. It will briefly allow the front wheels to spin erratically before abruptly cutting the power with a loud thump. While it is not a major issue when driving, other EVs are still better at it.

Discussing the Funky Cat’s inconsistent performance at higher speeds is also important. It does not matter that it reaches 100 mph in 25.9 seconds, even though its top speed is supposedly 99 mph. It isn’t very reassuring that it is only slightly faster, between 30 and 70 mph, than the significantly less powerful Fiat 500. The Funky Cat struggled at one point to maintain 70mph on a moderate hill when its battery was a quarter full, which was a slight concern. 


The Funky Cat has a true one-pedal mode and three levels of regenerative braking. The regen will increase gradually, even if you launch yourself abruptly. On the other hand, because the reaction is delayed when you try to slow down gradually, it can be challenging to determine the degree of deceleration. Most testers steered clear of the more powerful modes as a result. It will occasionally (but not consistently) reset to the strongest mode when the car is turned off, making this easier said than done.

Our braking tests clarified that the ABS needs a final coat of polish, just like the traction control does. It would briefly lock the front wheels when slowing down from 75 mph before the ABS engaged. Although the stopping distances did not significantly lengthen after a few stops, there was a noticeable brake smell. The Peugeot e-2008’s stopping distance of 57.5 meters and the Renault Mégane E-Tech Electric’s stopping distance of 63.7 meters, measured on a wet surface, are about halfway between each other.

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Conclusion | Ora Funky Cat

The Ora Funky Cat has proven to be a standout electric car in the 2023 lineup. This innovative vehicle not only embraces the green revolution but also does so with style and functionality. Its sleek design, impressive performance, and eco-friendly features make it a compelling choice for those considering a shift to electric mobility.

The Ora Funky Cat’s emphasis on sustainability aligns with the growing global demand for cleaner transportation options. It showcases the potential of electric vehicles to be both environmentally responsible and exciting to drive. From its commendable range to its cutting-edge technology, this car offers a well-rounded package that appeals to many consumers.

As we continue to witness the rapid transformation of the automotive industry, the Ora Funky Cat stands as a prime example of the future of electric mobility. With its blend of innovation and style, it not only meets but exceeds the expectations of electric car enthusiasts, setting a high standard for the years to come.

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