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Krishak Bandhu: Welfare Agricultural Scheme for Farmers

Hi Readers! The Krishak Bandhu scheme is a flagship initiative of the West Bengal government to provide financial assistance and social security to the state’s farmers. The scheme aims to enhance the income and livelihood of the farmers by offering them cash benefits, crop insurance, and death benefits. In this blog, we will explain the features, eligibility, and benefits of the Krishak Bandhu scheme, and how it empowers the farmers to achieve their goals and aspirations.

Understanding Krishak Bandhu and Its Importance for Farmers

Krishak Bandhu is a welfare scheme implemented by the government of West Bengal to provide financial assistance to farmers and their families. The scheme includes two components: an insurance component and a pension component.

Under the kisan bandhu insurance component, farmers are insured against various kinds of risks such as crop failure, natural disasters, or death or disability of the farmer. On the other hand, the pension component provides financial security to farmers in their old age.

The krishak bandhu net scheme is very important for farmers as it provides a safety net in case of unforeseen events such as crop failure or natural calamities. It also ensures that farmers have financial security in their old age, which is often a concern for them.

The Key Benefits of Krishak Bandhu for Farmers in West Bengal

The Krishak Bandhu scheme in West Bengal offers several key benefits to farmers in the state:

Financial Assistance:

Farmers receive financial assistance through the scheme, which helps them overcome financial difficulties and sustain their agricultural activities. This assistance is crucial for meeting various farming needs, such as purchasing seeds, fertilizer, and equipment.

Crop Insurance Coverage:

Under Krishak Bandhu, farmers are provided with crop insurance coverage. This means that if farmers face crop failure due to reasons like natural disasters, pests, or diseases, they will be eligible for compensation. This helps farmers recover their losses and continue their agricultural activities without significant financial setbacks.

Death and Disability Benefits:

The scheme also offers death and disability benefits for farmers. In the unfortunate event of a farmer’s death or disability, their family will receive financial support through the scheme. This ensures that the farmer’s family is not left in a vulnerable financial position and can continue their livelihood.

Loan Subsidy:

Krishak Bandhu provides loan subsidies to farmers, making it easier for them to access credit for farming-related expenses. This reduces the financial burden on farmers and enables them to avail loans at more favorable terms, thereby promoting agricultural growth and development.

Pension for Elderly Farmers:

As part of the scheme, elderly farmers are eligible to receive a monthly pension. This pension provides financial security to senior farmers who may no longer be engaged in active farming but still require support for their daily needs and healthcare expenses.

These key benefits of Krishak Bandhu contribute significantly to the overall welfare and financial stability of farmers in West Bengal, ensuring their prosperity and safeguarding their interests. Farmers can regularly check their earning status through krishak bandhu status check.

How to Apply for the Krishak Bandhu Scheme and Eligibility Criteria

To apply for the Krishak Bandhu Scheme and check your krishak bandhu status of the application, you can visit the official website at https:// krishak Here’s a breakdown of the application process and eligibility criteria:

Application Process for Krishak Bandhu:

  • Visit the official Krishak Bandhu website at https:// krishak /.
  • Look for the application section or registration link on the website.
  • Fill in the required information in the application form.
  • Upload any necessary documents as per the guidelines provided.
  • Review the application and submit it online.

Note down your application reference number or take a screenshot for future reference or to check wb krishak bandhu application status check.

Required Documents:

The specific documents required may vary, but here are some commonly requested documents for Krishak Bandhu:

  • Identification proof (Aadhaar card, voter ID card, etc.)
  • Land documents or lease agreement
  • Bank account details
  • Crop details (such as crop loan documents, crop insurance policy, etc.)
  • Death or disability certificate (if applicable)

Eligibility Requirements:

The eligibility criteria for Kiosk Bandhu West Bengal may include the following:

  • The applicant must be a farmer or a family member of a farmer.
  • The farmer should be a resident of West Bengal.
  • Age limit may apply for certain components of the kishore bondhu scheme (such as the pension).
  • The farmer’s land should be cultivable and used for agricultural purposes.

Online Registration for Farmers for Kisan Bandhu status :

To complete the online registration process for Krishak Bandhu, follow these steps:

  • Go to the official Krishak Bandhu website at
  • Look for the online registration or farmer registration option.
  • Fill in the required details, such as name, address, contact information, etc.
  • Upload the necessary documents.
  • Review the information provided and submit the registration form.
  • Keep a record of the registration confirmation or reference number.

It’s important to note that the provided information is based on the general process and eligibility criteria. For accurate and up-to-date instructions, it is recommended to visit the official website: krishak bandhu .net,kisok bondhu or contact the relevant authorities.

How to Check the Online status of the Krishak Bandhu? 

To check online status of the krishak bandhu status check go to the website mentioned before , you can follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official website of Krishak Bandhu at
  2. Look for the option or section related to the application status check on the website.
  3. Click on the application status check link or enter the required details such as your application ID or Krishak Bandhu ID.
  4. Submit the details and wait for the system to retrieve your application status.

The website will display the status of your Krishak Bandhu application, indicating whether it has been submitted, approved, or any other relevant status information.

Alternatively, you can also check the status of your Krishak Bandhu application on the Kisok Bondhu official website at

The process may be similar, where you need to provide the necessary details to retrieve your application status.

What is the amount of kiosk Bandhu?

The amount provided under the Krishak Bandhu scheme in West Bengal has been increased from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 10,000 for farmers with one acre or more of cultivable land. The financial assistance is given twice a year. Additionally, there may be provisions for death relief, where money is paid within 15 days of the farmer’s death.

How can I check the Krishak Bandhu Beneficiary List 2023?

To check the Krishak Bandhu Beneficiary List 2023, you can follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website of Krishak Bandhu at
  • Look for the section or link related to the beneficiary list on the website.
  • Click on the beneficiary list link or navigate to the appropriate page.
  • On the beneficiary list page, you can enter the required details, such as your application ID, name, or any other information requested.
  • After entering the details, submit the form or click the search button to retrieve the beneficiary list.

The website will display the Krishak Bandhu Beneficiary List 2023, which includes the names of the farmers and their families eligible to receive financial assistance under the scheme.

The Impact of Krishak Bandhu on the Agricultural Sector in West Bengal

The implementation of the Krishak Bandhu scheme in West Bengal has had a significant impact on the agricultural sector. Here are some ways in which it has influenced the sector:

Growth in Agricultural Productivity:

Krishak Bandhu plays a crucial role in enhancing agricultural productivity. By providing financial assistance, crop insurance coverage, and loan subsidies, the scheme helps farmers invest in better agricultural practices, purchase quality inputs, and adopt modern techniques. This, in turn, leads to improved crop yields and overall agricultural productivity.

Increase in Income Levels:

The scheme has contributed to an increase in farmers’ income levels. With financial assistance, farmers are able to afford better-quality inputs, modern equipment, and technologies, resulting in higher crop yields. This increased productivity translates into higher incomes for farmers and their families, improving their standard of living.

Reduction in Farmer Distress:

Krishak Bandhu has played a crucial role in reducing farmer distress. The scheme provides insurance coverage against crop failure and compensates for losses caused by natural calamities, pests, diseases, and other unforeseen circumstances. This safety net helps alleviate the financial burden on farmers during distressing times and provides them with much-needed support.

Decrease in Poverty Rates:

One of the significant impacts of Krishak Bandhu is the reduction in poverty rates among farmers in West Bengal. By enabling farmers to access financial support, insurance coverage, and pension benefits, the scheme helps alleviate poverty and improve the socioeconomic conditions of farmers. This, in turn, contributes to the overall development of rural areas and the well-being of farming communities.

Overall, the implementation of the Krishak Bandhu scheme has had a positive impact on the agricultural sector in West Bengal. It has facilitated the growth of agricultural productivity, increased farmers’ income levels, reduced distress, and contributed to a decline in poverty rates. By providing financial assistance and necessary support, the scheme has helped create a more sustainable and prosperous agricultural sector in the state.


In conclusion, the Krishak Bandhu scheme in West Bengal has ushered in a brighter future for the agricultural sector and farmers in the state. With its various benefits and support mechanisms, the scheme has made a significant impact on the lives of farmers and the overall growth of agriculture.

Through financial assistance, crop insurance coverage, loan subsidies, and pension benefits, Krishak Bandhu has helped farmers overcome financial difficulties, mitigate risks, and plan for their future. This, in turn, has led to an increase in agricultural productivity, income levels, and a reduction in farmer distress and poverty rates.

Farmers now have access to the resources and support they need to invest in modern techniques and technologies, leading to higher crop yields and improved livelihoods. Additionally, the scheme has provided a safety net against unforeseen circumstances, ensuring that farmers can recover from crop failure or other financial setbacks.

With Krishak Bandhu, the agricultural sector in West Bengal is witnessing sustainable growth and development. The scheme has not only transformed the lives of individual farmers but has also contributed to the overall progress of rural communities. It has created a foundation for a prosperous future, where farmers can thrive and agriculture can flourish.

As the state continues to embrace the opportunities offered by Krishak Bandhu, the future looks promising for the agricultural sector in West Bengal. By providing the necessary support through kisan bandhu status check and resources, the scheme is paving the way for a brighter and more prosperous future for farmers and the agricultural economy of West Bengal.

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