Iron Tiger APT Group is using New and Advanced Toolkit

Iron Tiger is a threat group which has upgraded their tool kit. They are now using an updated
SysUpdate variant of their malware. This malware is capable of using more files in its routine of
infection, and it also uses some updated tactics.

Details of the Update-
Between the years 2020 and 2021, Talent-jump, a cyber security firm identified new samples of the
malware family which had link with the Iron Tiger APT group.
· Investigation f the recent samples revealed use of two new files data[.]res and config[.]res,
with three other files dlpumgr32[.]exe, DLPPREM32[.]DLL, and DLPPREM32[.]bin.
· The recent samples are equipped with classes that are new and unique which feature a new
naming convention.
The Iron Tiger has devised new methods over time and to launch its malware which are difficult to
detect due to the use of new rootkit which help in hiding backdoor. The organizations need to
update their cyber security infrastructure constantly to keep themselves safe from such attacks.

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