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Casper Ekart- Everything about this Ekart Logistics Platform

If you order things online frequently, you probably know about Casper Ekart. Casper Ekart is an ecommerce logistics and technology platform that helps online sellers, merchants, and businesses with their delivery operations. Want to know more about Casper Ekart? Keep reading the article to know more.

What is Casper Ekart?

As mentioned, Casper Ekart is an ecommerce logistics platform and a technology platform developed by Ekart Logistics. It is a people management platform designed to streamline various HR-related tasks and enhance employee management. Now that you have a good idea about Casper Ekart, it is time to look at a few key features of the platform, and head to the next section of the article to learn about them.

Key Features of Casper Ekart:

In this section, we will discuss some of the features of Casper Ekart developed by Ekart Logistics. Keep reading the article to know them.

  • Expense Management: Casper allows its employees to submit their expense claims digitally, which makes it convenient for them to request reimbursements for work-related expenses. This feature also promotes transparency and efficient tracking of expenses
  • Leave Management: The employees can easily apply for leaves through the platform and keep track of their remaining leave balance. This feature helps simplify the leave approval process and also ensures that the workforce is well-managed during the absence
  • Performance Management: Managers can set performance goals for their team members using the Casper and monitor their progress. This also helps in aligning individual performance with the overall organizational objectives
  • Training Management: The platform also offers access to training materials for their employees and allows them to enhance their skills and knowledge. Employees can also monitor their training progress through Casper.
  • Attendance Management: It keeps track of all the employee attendance, which is made easy with Casper. Managers can efficiently monitor attendance records and generate relevant reports for further analysis.

Now that we have discussed many features of the Casper Ekart, it is time to know briefly about the developers of Casper Ekart, which is Ekart logistics. So, keep reading the article, as in the later sections of the article; we will be sharing brief information about Ekart Logistics.

Casper Ekart- Ekart Logistics:

If you keep track of all the ecommerce platforms where you shop online, then you might know about Ekart Logistics; it is an Indian logistics as well as supply chain company that is known for providing the last mile delivery services to its online retailers, primarily Flipkart. It is one of the largest e-commerce companies in India & its headquarter is in Bangalore, Karnataka. It is a subsidiary of the electronic commerce company Flipkart Pvt. Ltd.; it is run by Instakart Services Pvt. Ltd.

Casper Ekart- FlipKart:

The ecommerce logistics platform was launched by FlipKart in 2010, and it has also grown to become one of the leading logistics providers in the country. The company has a delivery network that covers more than 4,000 pin codes across India; this enables it to deliver products to even the most remote locations in the country.

Ekart is also known for providing real-time tracking of shipments, enabling customers to track their orders and know exactly when they can expect the delivery. The company’s primary focus on technology and innovation has helped it streamline its operations and provide a superior delivery experience to customers across India. The company has also played a vital role in the development of small businesses by helping the sellers to grow their businesses by providing them with reliable and affordable delivery services.

How does Casper Ekart and Ekart Logistics Work?

Well, Ekart Logistics provides last-mile delivery services to its customers and the ones who order products from online retailers. This is particularly for Flipkart, which is one of the largest e-commerce companies in India. Here’s how it works:

  • Order Placement: A customer places an order on an e-commerce platform, such as Flipkart.
  • Order Processing: The e-commerce platform processes the order and then prepares it for shipment.
  • Pick-up: eKart’s delivery partners collect the packages from the e-commerce platform’s warehouse.
  • Sorting: The package is sorted at Ekart’s distribution centers and assigned to the nearest delivery partner for delivery.
  • Delivery: The delivery partner delivers the package to the customer’s doorstep. Customers can track their shipments in real-time using eKart’s tracking service.
  • Payment: Customers can pay for their orders either online (UPI) or through cash-on-delivery; this is a popular payment option in India.

This is how Ekart Logistics systematically works in delivering services to Flipkart and other ecommerce platforms.

Have you ordered something on Casper Ekart? If yes, then you must read the next section of the article, as we will tell you how you can track your order when you have ordered it on Casper Ekart.

Track Your Order with Ekart Logistics Tracking ID:

Well, folks, if you have ordered anything on Casper Ekart, you must know the tracking ID by which you can track your order on Ekart logistics. The Ekart Logistics tracking ID is a unique identification number assigned to a package or a shipment that Ekart Logistics is delivering. The customer can use this tracking ID to track the status of their shipment in real-time and get updates on the estimated delivery date and time.

The tracking ID will be provided by the ecommerce platform or by the seller when the order is placed. Customers can use this Ekart logistics tracking ID to track their package through Ekart’s online tracking portal or mobile app.

To track the package with the Ekart logistics tracking ID, the customers must visit the Ekart website, enter the tracking ID in the tracking field, and click on the “Track” button. The Ekart tracking portal will then display the package’s status, including the information on when it was picked up, sorted, and dispatched, as well as the estimated delivery date and time. Customers can also receive updates on their shipments via SMS or email.

You have a fair understanding of the Ekart logistics tracking ID; now let us head to the next section of the article, where we will discuss the process by which you will track your package using the Ekart logistics tracking ID. So, let’s get started.

Steps to Track using Ekart Tracking ID:

If you have to track your package on Casper Ekart, then you need to follow the following steps by which you can track your package very easily. The steps to track your package on Ekart logistics are as follows:

  • Firstly, you need to visit the Ekart Logistics official website, which is @
  • Then you need to enter the tracking ID on the Ekart homepage, and then you will see a “Track Order” field. Enter your tracking ID in the field and click on the “Track” button.
  • After that, you can view your shipment details; the Ekart tracking portal will display the status of your shipment, including information such as when it was picked up, sorted, and dispatched, as well as the estimated delivery date and time. You can also see the current location of your package on a map and receive updates on your shipment via SMS or email. In this way, you will be able to track your shipment using the Casper Ekart tracking number.

Now that you have a good idea about the Ekart logistics and how you can track your package, it is time to look at some of the most asked questions, which will help ease any doubt you have regarding Ekart.


Ekart Logistics develops Casper Ekart, and it helps in seamlessly delivering customer-oriented service and ensures maximum customer satisfaction. In this article, we have briefly discussed Casper Ekart, listed some of the platform’s key features, then briefly discussed its developer Ekart Logistics, and provided additional information regarding the logistics company. That’s all, folks. I hope the article helped you get all the information you needed.

FAQ | Casper Ekart

  • Is Ekart Logistics safe?

Yes, the platform is 100% safe, and it is a legit platform,

  • Who is the CEO of Ekart?

Kalyan Krishnamurthy is the CEO of Ekart.

  • What is the delivery time of Ekart?

Ekart usually delivers packages between the time slot of 8 am to 8 pm.

Overall, Casper Ekart is a great platform that offers customer satisfaction and makes sure to deliver their packages on time.


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