Ransom payment of €1 billion was saved in 5 years by No More Ransom

Ransom payment of €1 billion was saved in 5 years by No More Ransom

The No More Ransom project celebrates its 5 years of success in helping around 6 million victims of ransomware. They helped them in recovering their files and saved them ransomware payments that added up to around €1 billion.

This project was launched in 2016 created by industry leaders and law enforcement. Today, this project has 170 partners around the world which include bleeping computers who joined it in 2016.

Europol said “The decryptors available in the No More Ransom repository have helped more than six million people to recover their files for free, this prevented criminals from earning almost a billion euros through ransomware attacks. Currently offering 121 free tools able to decrypt 151 ransomware families, it unites 170 partners from the public and private sector.”

Working on the project-

No More Ransom has the vision of helping ransomware victims recover their files and also prevent people from being victims of ransomware attacks by raising awareness of the threats and also give the victims links to report the attacks.

If would want to get the decryptor from them, you will have to upload two of the encrypted files and the note of the ransomware using No More Ransom’s Crypto Sheriff. It will then try and find the matching decryption tools in their list. Upon finding the desired decryptor, you will receive the decryptor and detailed instructions on the procedure of using the decryptor to recover the files. If the decryptor is not found, then they are requested to check in the future as the project is updated regularly and new tools are added daily.


It is advised that the victims should not pay the ransom as this finances the criminals for their future attacks. Instead, they should be aware of the ways in which such cases of attack can be prevented.



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