It’s a remote-access toolkit that’s modular, stealthy, and versatile, and it’s written entirely in #python. It’s used to command and control other systems. It is currently in beta and may remain so indefinitely.

It allows users to create, generate, and encode/encrypt remote-access-trojan payloads for controlling other compromised hosts remotely.

(Both #Windows and #Linux) Features:-

  1. Most commands have tab completion.
  2. Create scouts in real time.
  3. A robust error handling system that allows scouts to recover from unexpected disconnections.
  4. Transfer files from and to the destination machine by uploading and downloading them.
  5. Scouts should be put to sleep, killed, and disconnected.
  6. Get files from other websites (web downloads)
  7. Memory-based keylogging
  8. Taking screenshots without writing to disc
  9.  Displaying system information
  10. View all of the target’s open windows, both visible and invisible.
  11. Verify that scout is operating with admin/root permissions.
  12. Inject keystrokes into the programme

Disclaimer: The intended use for the tool is strictly educational and should not be used for any other purposes.

Download link:

This site is under maintenance,
some features might not work!!!