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ISO 27701 Compliance Service is one of the various compliance services provided by IEMLabs. ISO 27701 is the abbreviation of Privacy Information Management System or PIMS. This certification delineates a model for PII (Personally Identifiable Information) Processors and PII Controllers to handle information privacy. On certain occasions, Privacy Information Management System is denoted as Personal Information Management System. IEMLabs has been conducting ISO 27701 Compliance Service for a considerable period and has won the trust of countless corporate clients over the last few years.


Why is ISO 27701 certification necessary?

Which companies should execute ISO 27701 compliance? The ISO 27701 certification has been planned for utilization by all data processors and data controllers. Similar to ISO 27001, it necessitates organizations to deal with particular risks, comprising the risks to confidential information and privacy. ISO 27701 is proposed to be a certifiable addition to ISO 27001 credentials. To be precise, organizations intending to go for an ISO 27701 certification should have an ISO 27001 certification as well.

What is the importance of ISO 27701?

ISO 27701 supplies data on how the organizations should handle and process information for safeguarding confidentiality and personally identifiable information. This globally recognized benchmark enhances the ISMS (Information Security Management System) and it assists to deal with Privacy Information Management System precisely.

What are the benefits of ISO 27701 compliance?

The salient benefits of ISO 27701 compliance are the following:

  1. Offers clarity between stakeholders
  2. Develops confidence in handling personal data
  3. Elucidates functions and accountabilities
  4. Expedites efficient business deals
  5. Lowers complication by combining with the principal data security benchmark ISO/IEC 27001
  6. Aids conformity with privacy rules

IEMLabs is admired across the world for providing excellent ISO 27701 Compliance Service at remarkably competitive prices.

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