The purpose of this project is to better defend civil society’s privacy by researching and building a locally deployable VPN that automatically checks device traffic using AI-based detection to block threats and prevent dangerous privacy leaks. New free software AI technology and automatic reporting are used to detect dangerous threats, attacks, viruses, and private data leaks.


  1. You can set it up in your company and provide your staff VPN accounts.
  2. The AI VPN encrypts all traffic that passes through it.
  3. Slips, a behavioral-based IDS that uses machine learning and rules, analyses the traffic automatically.
  4. You can request an AI VPN profile via email or Telegram channels. You have complete control over your emails and Telegram channels.
  5. An automated report is generated and given to you through email or Telegram.
  6. OpenSSL or Wireguard can be used as the backend VPN.
  7. In areas where encryption is prohibited, you can nevertheless give analysis by using an unencrypted VPN.
  8. It employs Pi-hole for automatic DNS request blocking and VPN security.

Disclaimer: The intended use for the tool is strictly educational and should not be used for any other purposes.

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