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PNPCODA: Detailed Know About and Login Procedure

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic spread its infectious tentacles across the world, the survival of the human race was threatened. People have come across many innovative ideas to fight the battle against the coronavirus. (Valium) Help organization-run websites are one of the most sought solutions, these websites, and online portals meet the need to reach a greater population in the country with the respective information. PNPCODA is one such website, made in the Philippines.

We are going to discuss what is pnpcoda, how did it help the nation, and how to login into pnpcoda via https// login.

What is PNPCODA?

Let us begin by understanding the nomenclature of PNPCODA. The word could be broken down into two different words. PNP and CODA, the former stands for Philippines National Police. In their vernacular language Filipino, it is called Pambansang Pulisya ng Pilipinas. Whereas, the latter meant the immunization of the crowd against the covid vaccines. In PNP CODA, the latter was also the first two initials of “Covid19 Data”

Pnp coda is thus a Philippine government-assisted organization. Pnpcoda has a website, where one can keep a tally of the rates of National Covid virus cases, with the help of thousands of official members, pnpcoda has successfully carried out the covid 19 pandemic administration. The website is also used to keep a track of the citizens’ status on getting vaccinated. In short, the website is used for every type of information related to the covid 19 pandemic.

Why did the Philippines government invest in PNPCODA?

Previously Philippines’ economy was largely based on agriculture and tourism. Ever since covid-19 struck the chord, its economy has been deteriorating as restrictions were put on traveling, and trade imports and export had decreased. Humans in great numbers lost their occupations due to the global inflation that took place in correspondence to the pandemic. PNPCODA seemed like a one-stop solution for the Philippines government, as it employed a mass of law enforcement officials and other people from the service sector. The economy of the Philippines gradually started transmitting from an agrarian economy to a more service-oriented economy. Over 26,000 officials are working under the PNPCODA organization.

Another reason is, when covid 19 pandemic caused millions of deaths across the globe, research for vaccination started taking place at an alarming rate. Within one and a half years, vaccines to curb this deadly virus started appearing on the market. However, rumors spread that how could the vaccines for such a deadly virus be invented so soon, certain people could be of no help but helped at worsening the situation by aggravating the already existing mass panic with rumors that these vaccinations are illegitimate and a part of the money minting factory of the administration. These rumors lead to people believing in the kernel of truth, and many avoided vaccinations.

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How to become a member 

There is an official online portal to access the services. Citizens of the Philippines had to reach the website  Two blank boxes require a username and password to log in to access the pnpcoda. If one does not already have an account at PNPCODA, one can register as a civilian. An individual will be required to put in their full name, a fully functional email id, phone number. Also a photo of themselves in the particular size mentioned after filling in the credentials.

The next step is to fill out a form where the questions will be focused on the individual’s medical issues. They would require to mention any allergies they have, any surgeries that they underwent. However any pressing medical condition that they might be suffering from.

Then, the following step would be to provide all sorts of documents that will be asked to prove citizenship in the Philippines. If an individual is merely a tourist, a student, or resides in the country for occupation then the website would ask them to submit scanned photocopies of their documents.

After completing all the steps of filling up the registration form, one can then log in to the website

Through the help of this website, one can also search for the details of a PNP personnel or a civilian by tapping on the “generate QR code” below the pnpcoda login.


With the help of PNPCODA people in the Philippines were made aware of the vaccines. Around 22,000 officers were involved in physically going and preaching the necessity of vaccinations. The whereabouts of covid19 resources and logistical data of the people who took the vaccinations along with the ones infected with the virus within the nation were available on the website. The contribution of the government along with the constant effort by all the factors responsible for any covid related aid helped to reach the potential for administrative success in the country.

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