AvosLocker and Cerber2021 Ransomware Exploit Confluence Bug

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AvosLocker and Cerber2021 Ransomware Exploit Confluence Bug

Ransomware organizations are exploiting an RCE vulnerability in Atlassian Confluence Server and Data Center instances that has already been fixed. The vulnerability is being actively abused for initial access to target networks, as it has already been exploited by several new botnets. The issue CVE-2022-26134 was exploited a week ago to install web shells and get remote code execution.

AvosLocker is taking advantage of the weakness.

Prodaft researchers observed that AvosLocker ransomware affiliates are widely exploiting the weakness (CVE-2022-26134) by attacking unpatched servers.

AvosLocker uses extensive network scans to hunt for exposed systems that are utilised to operate Atlassian Confluence installations.

Multiple organisations in the United States, Australia, and Europe have already been targeted by the operatives.

The Cerber malware exploited the weakness.

Cerber2021 ransomware has been reported by several victims, and it is aggressively targeting and encrypting Confluence systems that have not been patched for CVE-2022-26134.

The revelation of CVE-2022-26134 PoC vulnerabilities correlates with an uptick in successful Cerber ransomware assaults.

In addition, Microsoft has acknowledged that Confluence servers were hacked in order to deploy Cerber2021.


Cerber and AvosLocker, two ransomware gangs, have jumped on board to exploit the vulnerabilities in Confluence instances. This demonstrates how active cyber attackers are in exploiting zero-day vulnerabilities in widely used commercial goods. As a result, experts advise updating Confluence to remain safe from active abuse.

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