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Snapchat Planet Order Exploring the order of it and meaning

Snapchat Planet Order is a NEW feature brought by Snapchat Plus it offers planets to friends on a level of intimacy that is dependent on the connection overall. A variety of planets are there on Snapchat plus planets. Plus, they are placed completely in Snapchat planets order. The Snap planet order or Snapchat planets in order are a good detector of friendship. This is because snap planets in order come up in the Snapchat solar system order based on the conversational value. Thus, snap plus planets, planet order Snapchat and Snapchat planet meanings are good in terms of detecting friendships. All of it is done by Snapchat planets meaning which are the basic component of Snapchat planets.

About Snapchat

Snapchat is defined to be a mobile application which is designed for sharing videos and images. This is done with friends, family, and followers. It is increasingly compatible with Android, iOS devices, and tablets.

Furthermore, its standout feature is the ephemeral nature of shared content. This is also termed as “snaps”. Later, these disappear after a brief period. One can also establish streaks by exchanging snaps daily with friends. This is visible on their profiles. However, one missed day will break the streak. This will lead you to begin it again from a specified date which will be termed as day one.

Defining Snapchat Planets

Snapchat Planets are known to form a segment of the Friend Solar System within the Snapchat platform. These planets symbolize one’s friends. In this, you are represented as the Sun. Each friend is allocated a planet based on the level of intimacy in your connection.

The Friend Solar System is designed similarly to the solar system’s arrangement. In this, you are designated as the central Sun. Your friends will be the orbiting planets.

The level of proximity to the Sun defines the friendship degree. The degree of closeness is determined by a lot of factors. These include the number of streaks and chats exchanged with a friend.

For example, the friend with the highest streaks and most chats will be designated the Mercury planet. On the other hand, the second closest friend will receive the Venus planet.

Working of the Snapchat’s Friend Solar System

Subscribing to Snapchat Plus is important as it helps you access information about your friendship ranking. It also helps you see which planet corresponds to your closeness with friends.

These planets are a pictorial symbol of your friendship and thus, help you in identifying your best friend. Upon subscribing, you will notice a Best Friend or Friend badge surrounded by a golden ring on your friend’s Profile.

If one has a Best Friend badge, it is a visual representation of the person and the friend is among each other’s top eight closest friends.

To see this, you need to subscribe to Snapchat Plus. This will help you access information about your friendship ranking. Plus, you will also see which planet corresponds to your closeness with friends.

Snapchat Planet Order

The sequence of Snapchat Planets is similar in pattern to that of the planets in the solar system. As the order goes, Mercury is positioned closest and Neptune the farthest away. Depending on this factor, you and your friend will be ranked. This is based on your level of interaction.

To know about it in detail below given are the hierarchical order of the planets. Their corresponding significance is added in too:

Mercury: Similar to the actual solar system, Mercury holds the primary position among the planets. This is the case within the Snapchat solar system too. Based on the proximity, Mercury is a representative of your closest best friend. This planet’s bitmoji looks like a red-colored planet surrounded by red hearts and small stars.

Venus: If a friend is designated the planet Venus, it indicates the second rank among your friends on Snapchat. By subscribing to Snapchat Plus, you see the solar system. In it, Venus appears as a beige-colored planet and it is surrounded by pink, blue, and yellow hearts.

Earth: Earth is next within the Snapchat solar system. It represents your third-best friend. Its Bitmoji resembles that of Earth. This in turn is adorned with green and blue hues. Surrounding the Bitmoji are red hearts and small yellow stars, and a single moon accompanies them.

Mars: It’s the fourth planet in our solar system. Along with it, it also symbolizes your fourth closest friend on Snapchat. Its image includes that of a red planet with stars. It is accompanied by purple and blue hearts encircling the friend emoji.

Jupiter: Jupiter implies that you rank as the fifth best friend of your friend. In the Snapchat Planet Order, Jupiter appears as an orange-colored planet. It is surrounded by pink, blue, and yellow stars.

Saturn: This is the sixth planet in the Snapchat solar system. It signifies your sixth best friend. Its Bitmoji is described to be yellow with a distinctive ring. This planet is surrounded by pink, blue, and yellow stars.

Uranus: This seventh planet in the solar system signifies your seventh closest connection. Therefore, if you are termed as Uranus you are the seventh closest person to your friend.

Neptune: Neptune is the eighth and final planet in the Snapchat solar system. It symbolizes your eighth best friend. This planet’s visual representation is that of blue. It has a blue star accompanying it.

Understanding the absence of Pluto in Snapchat Planet Order

Pluto is absent from the list of Snapchat Planet Order. This is due to its reclassification as a dwarf planet in 2006. Therefore, Pluto does not feature in the Snapchat Planet Order hierarchy.

Viewing Snapchat Planet Order for free

To view your Best Friends list and access the Snapchat planets, one needs to purchase a Snapchat Plus subscription. Without this feature, accessing the planets on Snapchat is not possible. Snapchat Planet Order too will not be accessed by you. You can utilize the Snapchat Plus free trial to experience them at no cost. Here are the steps:

  1. Open Snapchat and tap on your Profile.
  2. Locate and tap on the Snapchat+ banner beneath your name.
  3. Review the details and tap Next.
  4. Select Start Free Trial.
  5. Add a payment method, as immediate payment isn’t required.
  6. Once your Snapchat+ subscription is active, relaunch the app.
  7. Go to the Chats section and open any friend’s chat.
  8. Tap on their Bitmoji icon to access their Profile.
  9. Tap on the Best Friend or Friend badge to view the planets.

This is how you can view Snapchat Planet Order for free. Please note that you can cancel your Snapchat Plus subscription before the trial ends. You should do so to avoid being charged. After the trial period, the subscription fee will automatically be deducted from your payment method.

Defining Snapchat Plus

Snapchat Plus is a monthly subscription service providing advanced features to users. This includes exclusive experimental and pre-release features. Snapchat Plus extensively offers broad customization options. This enables you to personalize the frequently used Snapchat features.

A 7-day trial is available. After this, payment is required. Pricing varies from country to country. In India, Snapchat Plus costs Rs. 49 per month. While in the United States, it’s approximately $3.99 per month.

Features of Snapchat Plus

Subscribing to Snapchat Plus means gaining access to premium compelling features alongside the Snapchat Planets order. Here’s a look at them:

  • Priority Story Replies: Your replies become more precedent over others. This ensures that creators will see them first when you respond to their stories.
  • Designation of Best Friend: You can term any friend as your best friend. Thus, you will be able to prioritize their conversations. This will lead them to appear first.
  • Custom Camera Option: Snapchat Plus has a custom camera. This features animated capture buttons. You can also shift out the standard camera button. It can be done with icons like a football, fidget spinner, or heart.
  • Chat Wallpapers: Customizing individual chat backgrounds by uploading your wallpaper or choosing from a collection of pre-made options is possible
  • Emoji for Post View: After your friends have viewed the snaps, you can select an emoji for them to view. All of this is possible if you have access to Snapchat Plus. This will lead you to explore these intriguing features.


This is what is covered in Snapchat Planet Order and its representations. The sole concept surrounding the eight planets is to highlight the bonds with Snapchat friends. Friends who are high in their snap scores get a Mercury tag. Thus, Snapchat Plus introduces various features that enhance the app’s enjoyment. A wide variety of unique photo options and improved chat comes up, too, with this.

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